2015 this year is coming to an end, what significant progress has the world made in gender over the years? The 2015 Gender Equality Report released by the World Economic Forum (WEF) shows that 118 years from now, men and women are expected to pay equal wages , compared with the average salary paid by men ten years ago. (Recommended thinking:"audio and video" pay gap between men and women is poor?) Listen to talk show host wonderful answer)

After the "2008 of the economy, the unequal pay of men and women has stagnated until 118 years later, when we have a chance to live in a world of equal pay for men and women. 」

World Economic Forum Economic Forum recently presented a Global Gender report on gender in different countries in the "health", "education", "Economy", " The political participation force "four subcategories, whether to have equal rights and opportunities, and according to the status of different countries to give rating scores." (Recommended thinking:700 years later, Hollywood will be gender equality )

Comprehensive report collation, at 2015 Countdown can give us more gender reminders.

The top 10 of the global Inequality Index: Rwanda and the Philippines are also on the list!

"Iceland is the first country in the world to guarantee equal inheritance, elected the first female prime minister, Vigdis Finboadotir, in the 1980 and enacted legislation to protect parental maternity rights in 2000." (Recommended reading: in Iceland, politics is a woman's world )

Iceland received a 0.881 gender equality index in the WEF report in 2015, and Iceland has been the country with the smallest gender gap for the seventh consecutive year, while the rest of the Nordic countries, including Norway, Finland and Sweden, have also been proposing political reforms in recent years, with emphasis on gender-related work and maternity rights protection. (Recommended reading: domineering Please two months maternity leave!) Mark Zoberg proved himself to be a face book executive long and also a father)

Rwanda, the Philippines, Switzerland, Slovenia after, few people know that the Rwandan Parliament more women than men, is the current wage equality rights and interests of the fastest-growing countries. Slovenia currently accounts for more than 44% of women, and has the world's second-longest maternity leave guarantee.

WEF spokesman Saadia Zahidi said: "While the Gender equality index figures appear optimistic, they also say that none of the 145 countries have achieved the ideal of gender equality." 」

Women are working in the workplace, and the average salary level is ten years before men.

2015 more women are openly vocal about workplace inequality. The Academy Awards ceremony, the best supporting actress in Patricia. Equit: "Now is the time for women to have equal pay and equal rights!" "Subsequently, due to Hollywood, a number of female stars, including Jennifer, Gorney silk." Patlolans, Kate Blanche and all come forward to wake up Hollywood inequality in pay. (Recommended reading: What men take more?) Bladley Coupery, Jennifer's sex manifesto.

"I was so angry that I was too early to compromise and forgot to plead loudly for my rights." Now I understand that we have to do everything we can to fight for ourselves, otherwise the world will never change--Jennifer Rollens (more details:"I blame myself for not being able to fight for"─ Jennifer learns to fight the good image, to stand up for women's rights)

"How long do we have to worry about this nonsense?" This is not only a problem for the film industry, it is a subject that all industries must face. Equal pay for Equal work is so simple! --Kate Blanche

WEF's chart also shows that since 2006, the global increase of 250 million women into the workplace, but the average female income is the average male salary of ten years before the level (2006), and the United States in any industry sector, women receive far less than men.

Women's right to be educated has increased dramatically, but not reflected in the corresponding career promotion

Of the four subcategories, countries have made the most significant progress on the "education" level. In 98 countries, the number of women in universities has soared or even surpassed that of men, and women's right to education has come a long way in First century. (same field Gayon:101 years ago today!) The beginning of Asian women's right to higher education

Even if the number of women educated has increased dramatically, women's career advancement in areas such as "business", "politics" and "public service" still has a long way to go. WEF's data show that only three of the world's women occupy more leadership positions than men, namely the Philippines, Fiji and Colombia .

WEF's spokesman, Saadia Zahidi, particularly praised Saudi Arabia's efforts: "Saudi Arabia has grown markedly in the last decade and the Ministry of Labour has formulated a fairly clear policy to allow more women in Saudi Arabia to enter the career leadership ladder." 」

Full promotion of political participation: an equal-power cabinet is no longer just empty talk

2015, Canada's new prime Minister Justin Trudeau, the main Zhangpingquan cabinet (parity Cabinet), the cabinet is half of the women, is the first time in Canada the Cabinet of men and women parity. When asked about the need for an affirmative-action cabinet, Trudeau shrugged and said, "because it is 2015," gender parity has been implemented by the Government.

The Botswana, in southern Africa, was also particularly drawn out for discussion. The political clout of the Secretary-General of the Labour and Immigration Department, Pearl Matome, has contributed to the growing gap between men and women in Botswana, which is below 5%, and is an encouraging figure, compared with the 15-20% of neighboring South African countries. The data also show that there should be more female vocal channels in the public and government units, so that the practice of gender equality can be more comprehensive.

According to the WEF scale, more than half of the countries currently have female heads, and the number of Cabinet members has grown considerably compared to the past decade, even though there is still much room for effort in half of the ideals. (Recommended thinking: the husband from the president into the first gentleman!) Argentina's first elected female President Christina)

Women's contributions are also valued! Implementation of gender equality implications

WEF's CEO Klaus Schwab stressed that the meaning of gender equality lies in defending human rights and building a more rapid and progressive society, "we should live in a world where women are no longer a model, and women's contributions are valued by the world." 」

WEF the world's current gender process, shuffling our judgement standards and imaginations for the "advanced" and backward countries, and clearly marks the direction of future efforts. On the road of gender rights and interests, many countries have gone beyond the media of the advanced countries, in the era of economic command, we should remind ourselves not to disregard the gender rights.

Despite the current WEF digital scale, it is impossible to verify Taiwan's gender equality performance, but we also aspire to Taiwan's continuing efforts in the four subcategories of "health", "education", "economy" and "political participation", and we look forward to the time when Taiwan will be able to shout out "affirmative cabinet" practice? When will there be more women in the leadership class that we can admire? Since we live less than 118 years later, we are deeply authorized to live faster in a better time.