Arctic and Antarctica , is the furthest distance in the world. Because of global warming, a polar bear who wants to drink the world's finest coffee meets a lone penguin who wants to learn to fly. So they became partners in each other's dreams and formally embarked on their Adventures . Every week, we follow their footsteps to know the world. (Classic review:"World Adventure Week" live to please others, we should be responsible for ourselves )

November 23 Miley Sheila Happy Birthday

The seemingly deserted way behind the action, in fact, is constructed from a number of ideas.

The 11-year-old Disney Photo Album "Menghanna" selected, Miley Sheila Sunshine image, was cast fancy, hope she starred in the Menghanna corner. Since then, the drama and singing of the two-Habitat little diva life. After finishing Disney's showbiz life, she was finally able to leave the "Menghanna" baggage and return to "Miley Sheila". Some people say she "broke", "Can't Go back", but she is still a singing country girl, just choose to use their own way to complete the dream of saving the world. What do you see in my chest? Miley is the only country girl who wants to be her own

November 24 Happy birthday of Wu Kang Ren

"No, no, not good enough, the next time will be better." "Is the evaluation that Wu Yuenen has given after seeing his theatrical performance.

Never mind to play man two, with the Admiralty Award for supporting the role of the Mini actor award of the strength of his "acting" adherence. Not trained, all the way to stumble, with a puzzled forward let him never stingy more to give something: "Even if the enthusiasm is constantly being hit, still have to give, rather than give more and not less." Once you have less, you don't know where your limits are. "(lucky to be abused by the show!) an interview with Wu Kang Ren: "Harmony is the way, lack of angle to let you succeed")

From the process of continuous giving, he learned that not necessarily want to think with who just applauded, as long as the best of their own, is enough.

November 25 International Day for the Elimination of violence against women

Do you know that 35% of women and girls around the world have experienced physical or some form of sexual violence throughout their lives? Do you know that 133 million girls worldwide have been circumcised? Do you know that more than 700 million women in the world are only children when they are married, and 250 million of them are married before the age of 15?

These different forms of violence against women should be banned. Since 1960, Domincan Rep. 's Mirabal politician, three sisters, was viciously killed by the Trujillo regime. It was not until 1979, when the United Nations adopted the Convention on the Elimination of all discrimination against women, that women's issues received formal attention.

This year, the United Nations Secretary-General launched the " Orange campaign " from November 25 to December 10, saying no to violence against women and girls.

"Break the silence, and when you witness violence against women or girls, do not sit idly by, please take action!" 」

November 26 Rock Queen Tina Turner Happy Birthday

After the Streep, Tina Turner in 2013 at the age of 73 first ascended the Vogue cover, elegant interpretation of the mature woman from within the "minimalist perfect."

As a more than 50-year career, the Tina Turner's glow was sealed as "Rock Queen", whether it was with his ex-husband, the Ike & Tina Turner Vocal Group, or the success of solo after family violence. "We don't need another hero, we need more heroes like you," she says of her bravery, the talk show queen Oprah. You let me be proud to call myself a-woman. 」

November 27 love song Queen na ying Happy Birthday

"That's how you conquer/cut off all the retreat/my mood is strong/My decision is Hu Tu-" Conquest "-Na Ying

A "Conquest", Na Ying with a strong penetration of the treble, singing women love to the desperate. The northeast satisfies the descent, the Lara individuality in "The good voice of China" as a mentor, glance. Dares to love dares to hate the individuality, lets her walk in the affection road bumps, but also therefore can master the love song in the Delicate and unconstrained. She said that a person's character can not be installed, as the voice of the sincere expression. It is no wonder that Na Ying's love songs are always particularly touching.

November 28 May Day monster Winchang Happy Birthday

"You will say go outing us to play guitar singing, but you won't say we go outing to the piano and sing." "The reason that the monster learns guitar is so simple."

Once the music was refused to the door, in the country to participate in the chorus selection, singing only two tones were brushed off. Monsters turn to the same musical dream in different ways. In addition to the creation of many popular songs in the May Day, but also for many singers across the knife creation. In 2014, Winchang starred in the film "Reversal of Victory", the film soundtrack, singing song "Nineth Ball", the outside looks like the results of the bright eye, he smiled said to try to take root in a lot of places. There is no time to be lost, because you have to strive for more possibilities.

"I never know what is lost, because I have been searching." 」

Happy Birthday November 29

In the modelling world, she started the latest, but she was famous in Asia; she has a unique breath, sweet voice, with great intelligence. Relying on the response of high EQ and humble attitude, deeply loved by everyone, everyone called her "Zhi Ling sister", is a proud girl in Taiwan.

"Time is fair, age is going to keep adding one after another, but women can keep up with the times, has been slowly growing with such time." Maybe we lost some youth, but become more mature, intelligent, and more round, calm. 」

Many people like to ask 40-Year-old Zhi Ling: "When are you going to get married?" But she only calmly said: "Do yourself, Love will have come." (Interview with Lin Chi-ling: Love is not all trust!) Be the reason to be happy for yourself )