2015 countdown to the pace near, we have introduced 2015 before the end to listen to seven songs , accompany you to embrace the courage of tomorrow, this time we selected the world and Taiwan 2015 of the most popular 100 songs, this year we have more power not to do, not to be a hero, just want to be worthy of their own life. 2015, we start with the music gorgeous, and then complete the knot with music, also leave a message to tell us your annual good song! (Recommended reading: say goodnight song!) Have a soft dream in your Me time

At the beginning of the 2015, sour and sweet as the magic Red Sugar Confession, Sugar, Yes please, Won ' t you come and put in down on me. We can't wait to show our love, we are anxious to have and lose.

The end of 2015, Adelle with hello in that Shenhou voice, warm modern shared loneliness, Hello It's me, you will know the phone that is me? At the end of the year, let's slow down and just keep the time to the few people we cherish. (Recommended reading: from 19 to 25!) Adele review the path of growth: Don't be afraid to hurt for love

How lucky, 2015 is still a year surrounded by good songs. This year the singer's bearing is more open, the genre is more pluralistic, the commemoration surf "You Again" to offer the solid miss, G.E.M "foam" sings the love tempting in the bass; Jolin Tsai's "Play I Bah" sings the time the costume and the absurd. We are so thankful for these good songs when we are partying with friends all night, zaps with my lover, and living with our own honey. (Recommended to you: Jolin Tsai's play Bah confession: The goal has no limit, dream without boundaries)

This year, Canadian singer Drake, with a stunning record of 1.8 billion-point broadcasts and 46 million music fans, topped Spotify's 2015 on-demand rate, while Rihanna won the highest-rate female vocalist after a record of over 1 billion spots and 57 million music fans. 2016 will come, Spotify selected the 2015 world and Taiwan's most popular 100 songs, we began with the music gorgeous, the music to complete the knot, to a good year salute!

Hero: We can not be heroes in the eyes of others

"I don't want to be a hero in other people's eyes, I just want to make life like everyone else." "I don ' t want to be your The big mans, just want to fight with anyone else."

American independent Folk Orchestra Family of the Year's Hero is a good song to awaken inner peace, but also the film "Young Times" film theme song and Korean drama "Never Mind, Love Ah" episode.

Like playing the guitar, say to you, we do not like to untie the hero and the snake of the opposing values, we are all yearning simple, do not have to prove to others life. The hero by others to be, I just want to live more worthy of their own life. (Recommended to you: walking through the age of youth: not our grasp of the present, but the moment to seize us)

Li Ronghao: Humming The life that will never be

"Your violent is too gentle, the feeling is painful and enjoy, if I say, do not give up to kiss you, who can force me to do." You ask me, why stubborn and single-minded, the world is too big, there are always people more appropriate than you. In fact, I think this is not worth, but there is no way to choose. When you show up, everyone else looks the same, but they will. 」

"Why Sheng Simmer" song, Li Ronghao compose singing, Hong Kong well-known as CI Huang Weiwen write words, not to be, probably the best attitude this year. From love to life, we no longer compromise, we do not like politics as bargaining chips, we are no longer afraid to fight against ugly power, we do not accept the imperfect world, we do not linger bad people.

Life does not have to do, why muddle along, may wish to live in the atmosphere candid.

Female also herstory: The broad world of female voice annotation

"It is very difficult to write a song to who, because it is impossible to express the complete expression between people, too esoteric." Every song has my own, there are others, have you ever heard of androgynous? --Ashin

All those good songs came back all of a sudden.

Linyilian Rebel Gentle "Midsummer Light Years", the commemoration of beautiful psychedelic youth, Xu Jiaying clean clear "Suddenly good miss You", every drop of tears should be cherished ; Ai Yiliang Husky vicissitudes of "such as smoke", we can be scarred but also to the world naïve question? "I don't want you to be alone," the jazz aphrodisiac. Thinking about the possibility of not being alone ;10 songs 10 Kinds of women worry, as if see through, our life is really like this, refused to single rigid appearance, to cry and laugh, and crazy and serious to go this absurd life.

2015 to pass, let a song for you to make knot, which song can represent your year? (same field Gayon:2015 Seven songs to listen to before the end!) Jolin Tsai, Lin Tai Jia, Tianfu Veltzke, soda Green to accompany you to embrace the courage of Tomorrow)