Arctic and Antarctica , is the furthest distance in the world. Because of global warming, a polar bear who wants to drink the world's finest coffee meets a lone penguin who wants to learn to fly. So they became partners in each other's dreams and formally embarked on their Adventures . Every week, we follow their footsteps to know the world. (Classic review:"World Adventure Week" Do Yourself, Love will come )

November 30 Gongqi Kwai Happy Birthday

At the age of 4, the mother "left a memory" for the reason, let Okazaki sporadic guest drama, photography Plane magazine. It was not until the 14-year-old film "That Summer" that officially opened the road to Okazaki's actors.

Filming a number of films, TV dramas, numerous awards, recognized as the Japanese film Young actress in the "Acting faction leader", she said modestly that she can enter the situation so quickly is everyone's efforts.

Whether it is the youngest in the live river drama Dare to Love to hate the legendary female Benedict, yellow elephants in the ethereal wife son, "NANA" in the love of the small Sonnainay, Okazaki, the thousand kind of appearance, "strength actress" title deserved. (Recommended to you: the perfect contemporary interpretation of the story of Japanese Legends: the film "Kester")

December 1 World AIDS Day

The World Health Organization (WHO) has announced December 1 every year as an international AIDS Day in 1988, and this year's theme is "Back to" 0 "points", which means 0 discrimination against AIDS, 0 infections and a 0 death wish. The symbol of World AIDS Day is the red ribbon, which expresses the care and acceptance of HIV-positive people and their common people, and unite against AIDS.

AIDS is a transliteration of acquired immune deficiency syndrome, which results from a retrovirus infection caused by human immunodeficiency, which causes the immune system to disintegrate. HIV virus is very fragile, exposed in the air will lose its appeal, only through bodily fluids, such as sealing the death through the environment transmission, have an appeal.

At present, although no drugs or vaccines can effectively cure AIDS, as this year's theme: back to 0, let us use 0 of discrimination, hope that the future 0 infection and 0 death wish can be achieved. (Forgotten sad story: aids is not a sin!) Three sad stories abandoned by the world: "He is not a monster, he is the one I Love")

December 2, Oriental Pearl Liu Happy Birthday

In the few Oriental faces of Hollywood, you must be familiar with Liu.

Liu's success stems from her difference from traditional strength and self-confidence. She does not want to play in love with Western men's gentle Oriental woman, she prefers to use an enterprising character to show themselves. In an environment of race and sex discrimination, she would bravely fight for the same fee as a Western woman.

As the second generation of American immigrants, she said: "I do not use race or descent to determine whether you are my friend, I only value your attitude towards life." It's amazing when you find that there are people in the world who understand the meaning of life and love life the same way you do. "(no race, only light: who says only the White Swan?) Ballet Misty Copeland Dance to break your stereotype )

Not only in the dramatic performance of the outstanding, Liu Life is also very own attitude. A while ago, she posted on her personal Twitter message that she had officially become a mother in the form of surrogate motherhood. Spontaneous, free and easy character, let her in Hollywood many female star unique, become the real pearl of the Orient.

December 3 Grand slam actress Julia Ann Moore Happy Birthday

Not to say you may not know, winning the Berlin Film Festival, the Cannes Film Festival and the Venice Film Festival, the British Oscars, the Golden Globes and the Oscar-winning actress made Julian Moore the only one to win a Grand Slam movie award for the world's most important film awards. (Acting, like what: a regular actress Julie Ammole: "A person to be brave, you must first experience fear")

Once in a soap opera a person is divided into two corners, let her realize: "What I really love, what I really crave, and the most exciting, is being able to play with another actor, and getting familiar with it, feeling that intimacy, excitement, and agitation." That's why I've come back to acting again and again. 」

Julian Moore's light not only in showbiz, she turned her childhood experience into a red-freckled little girl, "Strawberry Freckles" series of children's book, Subversion adults feel that children do not have the ability to solve stereotypes.

December 4 Yang Youying Happy Birthday

"Don't just care about people who are bad for you, but ignore the people who love you," Tao Crystal said in his face book.

From the "college students did not" to the image of wacky Beauty, the name Peng Xinyi Yang Ying, advertising endorsement, screen performance, but in April 21, 2015 because of the network bullying pressure, choose to commit suicide.

Advances in science and technology bring convenience as well as attendant dangers. The anonymous speaking mechanism protects the privacy of the individual, but in some ways makes the speaker exempt from responsibility. Words, language and any form of content are full of weight, and everything, let us be prudent and prudent. We should not only take the initiative to avoid accidents, but also face the words of others, not easily shaken, because the people who love you all the time. (The weight of the text: network generation of bullying culture: a praise, may kill a person?) )

To my dear Cindy, I hope you can always smile like an angel.

December 5 Happy birthday of Mickey Mouse's father Walt Disney

One of the world's most famous filmmakers, directors, playwrights, voice performers and animators, the world's most Oscar-winning people.

He created the "Snow White", "Pinocchio" and many other well-known films, and the most famous Mickey Mouse animated characters, but also he let the fairy tale become possible, founder of the Disneyland Kingdom (Walt Disney World), with many children's childhood, dedicated to bring happiness to the rest of the globe. (Dream maker:"Big Dreamer" to bring happiness to the world of Walt Disney )

December 6, Taiwan's Rock and Roll Sky Group, Happy Birthday to the singer

Chen Xinhong, you may be more familiar with his other name, a letter.

The singer and soul of the May day of the Taiwanese rock and roll group was thought to represent the six grade students. The lyrics pointed to the people, singing to life, to the dream, the delicate observation of society, Taiwan's first day of the title of the regiment, but also achieved how many can not complete the music dream. (some names will not be forgotten: May days from the underground orchestra to rock Mass, a name that is remembered by generations )

About the dream, a letter is actually very practical, he said as long as you catch a closest to you, and slowly make it bigger.

We thought he was born to write. He said: "In my heart is not living a genius, but I believe that my heart absolutely live in hundreds of ordinary people, I continue to train them, cultivate them, let them take turns to do the protagonist, let them speak their own words." 」