Have you celebrated your heart? Take a look at celebrating a better life in psychology , practice applause for yourself , and do your own first audience. Celebration is to commemorate our moment here, and not give up for ourselves to become a better person. (Recommended reading:2015 to listen to seven songs before the end!) Jolin Tsai, Lin Tai Jia, Tianfu Veltzke, soda Green to accompany you to embrace the courage of Tomorrow )

Come to the end of the year, you have a little regret in your heart, embrace a lot of Thanksgiving ready to stride over the years. You begin to tidy up the room, send away everything that you don't want, and deeply thank you for staying. You made an appointment with an old friend. Cross year, do not want to squeeze people, only in the wine House quiet to spend your time; you're ready for Christmas and you want to give a warm new year to your dear. You will light a candle for yourself, close your eyes, make a wish, Celebrating their growing up. (Recommended reading:2015 Popular song list: Life does not have to do, live to their own life )

Whether you are crossing an old butt or not, there are many festivals that have been rotated, please remember to celebrate. There are 365 days in a year we worry about material life, a day to leave 365 seconds for themselves to celebrate and commemorate a little luxury. To share with you the three reasons for celebrating, let's applaud ourselves.

Inspire you to be a better person

"Once you know you are the fountain of your happiness, and others are the fountain of his own happiness, you can share your happiness, but that is another thing that you do not depend on, so you can share, you can together Celebrating , that is the meaning of love: Together Celebrating , to share, not to desire anything from others, not to exploit others. "-- Osho 's" the beginning of yoga "

Celebration is to remember the important moment, living and living time axis is not stop running forward, you have to stop, feel the life of a moment of precious. Remember these moments, and the celebration will be a reminder to help motivate yourself forward in the days to come! (same field Gayon: cultivate the ability to thank "ordinary day", do not miss the life of the wonderful moment )

Celebrations are also designed for themselves in short and long-range work goals, or small or large. A big order is successful, give yourself a single vacation vacation a week, complete a proposal, brew a cup of good coffee. Celebration is a ritual, you need to stay for yourself a period of time, a seat in the heart of space, so that the meaning and direction of life, create positive emotions, happiness will make you to the pursuit of progress more mission!

Second, learn to relax the pressure management

"When I closed my eyes and sang, it was a long time before I found that a lot of people stood beside them, and many of them embraced each other, and a lot of people were holding hands, many of whom had a good eye." --chan

The act of celebration provides a steady stream of power to build a better life, savor details, celebrate the peace of mind, find its own frequency in the daily flow, and have the ability to heal itself in the emptiness of regular busyness and confusion.

Rollin Mccraty, an expert in American mind Research, explains that love, gratitude, contentment and other emotions can trigger oxytocin secretion, allowing the nervous system to relax and defuse stress. The action of celebration embraces the above elements, keeps the stability, lets oneself move slowly forward, every progress a little, do not forget to be your first audience to applaud well. Do not mean to reward all the good, more timely to relieve the pressure, you can have an attempt to heart, but do not ignore the growth of life, stop, can be a good view of their own, to see their original constantly walking in the hope of that road. See the direction of the heart is no longer wandering. (same field Gayon: a letter to Sanmao: Every woman has a stray gene )

Third, happiness needs restudying

"Happiness is repetition. Every day with his favorite people, telephone, travel, repeat a promise and dream, listen to him for the 28th time to mention childhood events, and he celebrated his birthday every year, Valentine's Day, Christmas, New Year's Eve, and he spent. Even quarrel is repeated, for some trivial quarrel, then the Cold War, crazy miss each other, finally and good. --Zhang Xiaoxian

The meaning of life needs to be endowed by itself! The same is a dinner, can eat tasteless, also can inject meaning into a feast to celebrate! A glass of wine can drink discard, can also take a toast to the moment of the moment of gathering. Celebrate the fulfillment and feeling of being loved that brings more life.

Celebration is also to weave good luck! Every wish brings a new expectation. celebrating is a gesture of gratitude for life, said University of the University of California at Davis (California-davis) psychology Robert Emmons, who says that people who are thankful will not be overly concerned with their own pain and problems, and they can quickly realize that There is no absolute dilemma in life, and the heart of good makes friends, family and social circles support them. (Recommended reading: maturity is not sophistication, but no matter how bad the world is, you still believe in Goodness )

Celebration is for yourself to stay, is ready to go to the future process. As long as something good happens in the senior intern, there will be someone to cheer the bell, everyone to stop at hand with applause, every applause is kinetic energy, remind us not to surrender easily; mother like to light candles for her baby, bless the growth of the desire to shine in the firelight flashing; we are celebrating the first anniversary of our profound coming. Because each step is so not easy, can laugh how rare.

Celebration is to commemorate our moment here, and not give up for ourselves to become a better person.

2015 reasons why you should celebrate yourself.

1. You've finished reading an abstruse novel.
2. You graduated from a relationship.
3. You finish a marathon.
4. You know your favorite new friend.
5. You've learned new skills at work.
6. You did a great deed.

Welcome to the 2016 celebration of inspiration

1. Have dinner with my dear old friend
2. Embrace the family you love the most
3. Go to a favorite café to spend the holiday afternoon
4. Listen to a good Live singing
5. Write a letter to your dear self
6. Plan a trip for one person