Read the foreign media along with the women fans! This week the Huffington Post released the film "48 women must have heard in their lifetime," through the mouth of little girls and grandmothers, to allow the viewer to experience the potential oppression of society against women's bodies and minds. Women fans want to say that the gender oppression is not only a single gender, a better society should be: You can not know me this person, not just judge my sex? (Recommended reading: men experience a day as a woman, the result will be ...

"Little girl, don't be so good." bossy! 」

"Hey, he's teasing you because he likes you."

"Did he do that to you?" You must have been dressed very casually that night.

"Aren't you always so sensitive and emotional? 」

"You only eat so much?" Lose weight bird stomach ah? 」

"Oh, so you're a feminist?" 」

These words you are familiar with, from small to large, as a girl this matter, there are always some people can't wait to give you advice. From your looks to your dress, to wear makeup and skirts, remember not to show your underwear, to your demeanor and career planning, you often feel that you have only limited freedom.

This is a "female" growth thread that we are not unfamiliar with, people assume that you must be emotional, when you pull up your face people say you are too bossy, people encourage you to weigh your family and career, and despise you as a stay-at-home mother, or ridicule you for not having a child will die alone. We're still talking about whether girls can Have it all. (Recommended reading: "female leaders" under social vision)

The Huffington Post invites girls of all ages, from young girls to grandmothers, to take pictures of the 48 of words they have heard from small to large, which may come from strangers, relatives, friends or the most intimate people who urbanite experience the social oppression of girls from small to large. Every joke and ridicule behind, are hidden in women's body, mind, career control.

"Do you wear this to school to distract boys?" he asked. 」

"Oh, you're going to travel by yourself, is that what you girls call" Enjoy, a man's trip "thing? 」

"You don't want children?" Don't you worry about what's missing in life? 」

"Are you dating a man younger than you?" You have a pretty good set. "

"It's very kind of you to feel grateful to have people flirting with you in the street at your age."

Could you know me, not just my sex?

You know, these words are not just about you, but about your gender community. Society to women have the same model of expectation, when you escape from the control of the community, the community began to panic, everyone under the community feel that they are qualified to criticize your actions.

But I am more convinced that in the mechanism of gender stereotypes, men from small to large experience more or less comfortable speech treatment, such as "What The Boy Cry Cry", "the man is supposed to protect women", "you do not think the wife earns more than you, you are embarrassed?" "And many men have been deeply disturbed. (same field Gayon:"Do you have a man with a child?" "It is society that does not fit the dignity of men."

Why boys can't cry, girls can not be vegetarian Yan Street? Why do boys become family husband, female career woman will be criticized or askance? Gender stereotypes, oppression is never just a woman of this sex, both sides are victims.

"What we are striving for is not women's rights, but the freedom of both sexes," Emmahuasen said in a 2014 U.N. speech. "We want both sexes to be free, and we have to be unable to be categorized by the" gender "framework, and are also proud of their unique lives. Gender is not a binary, gender is the spectrum and proportion, everyone can find their own position. (Recommended reading: Emmahuasen The full text of the United Nations speech )

when we have only one expectation of sex or "not male or female", we lose the possibility of knowing a person well. So, can we try to treat each other as people, not just judge him by his sex?

I believe that when we begin to do this, it will be the most authentic and forceful feminist practice. What we want is not antagonism or venting hatred, we are not pursuing the overall victory of the gender, we want a more mobile sex imagination, everyone can live for themselves, we want to life planning can be put back to everyone's hands, we want a world without standard answers and single values. (same field Gayon: Harvard's policy on gender pronouns!) The sex bar is no longer just a choice question )

To this end, we must continue to work hard.