Tsai Yi-lin 's confession at the World Tour recital at the World Tour shows her tears streaming down her network, and she says she is vulnerable.Listen to Tsai Yi-lin's 16-year journey, she is not a loser , so she is proud of her; she challenges her limit, so she transcend herself .(Recommended reading: After Tsai Yi-lin's concerts: Everyone needs the courage to himself )

In 2012 Tsai Yi-lin 's informative video at the world tour, it seems to be the first time that we saw Cai Yilin as undisguised as this, she disarmed and said that she was vulnerable. At the scene, Tsai was listening to her daughter's candor, and she cried in tears, and she had to go through the road. Now, no one would doubt Tsai's strength, and that she had made her hard work for 16 years.

Let's listen to the inspiring words of Cai Yilin:

If you are not critical of your people, you may not succeed

Tsai Yi-lin's three characters have many controversial points, and since the passage of the passage, different numbers have been on me. I like my people as much as I hate my people. I know this very well, so I have all my unheard voices locked up in my practice.I am very proud that my own willpower is very strong. I am also very glad that I have made my body know how to express my body. After I learned gymnastics, I actually felt that that was a major turning point in my life.

Now we may almost forget that in 1999, Tsai was rated by two top singers as "ten rotten singers." She was sneered by media netizens in a number of years. She broke up with Jay Chou for years.

Tsai Yi-lin finally won the best female singer at the 18th Golden Meloth Award, and she thanked all those who had not been optimistic about her at the time.Tsai Yi-lin was such a stubborn man, recalling the old smear of the public opinion on her, and she did not explain it.With all the emotions in the spotlight, Tsai Yi-lin is both facing and suffering, and the suffering of the pain has become a result of the slow fire.(Recommended reading: Success People's Favorite!Five TEDTalks make you a strong yourself

From dancing to the queen, Tsai Yi-lin has no limit.

Or someone who won the Golden Meloquin Award, they thought it was a gymnast.At that moment, I really had no self-confidence. I never shared my negative stuff with everyone, because I felt my responsibility was to bring joy to everyone, but I am now proud to share, and I have now left that self-confident, unconfident myself behind my head.No matter how the outside world looks at me, I still want to sing my song and dance my dance.Then I wanted to thank my family, no matter how they commented on me, they still made me proud.

Tsai Yilin, Amroomey

Tsai Yi-lin's efforts to win the best of her 18th Golden Meloquin Award for her best youth and her ability to jump on a horse, jump, jump, jump, and Vooking, and from dancing to dancing, " she's a challenge to limit, he says.Later, we saw her professional dancers practicing the 10-year ballet whip (rotating 20 consecutive times), and completing the tender performance with a band of colored bands without force.(Recommended reading: It's not good to grow!(Cai Yilin: If I fail, I am sure I am not working hard enough )

Tsai Yi-lin had no limit, and she had to walk through those years of special force, and now she started herself as if she had water.At the new album, Tsai Yi-lin was bolder to social issues. From comrades, rose youth, and transgender teachers to modern people's blind image, all the marginal people appeared in the mainstream of the Tsai Yi-lin.She doesn't look like a protagonist in this album, much more like a third person who looks at the big wave, and has more wisdom and experience in life, writing about her life's humor and its grand significance.

What we're seeing now is a self-described spit, and she no longer needs to be a novelty of novelty, her singing, dancing details, thoughts, and training for all of them.

Sittfully, selflessly share the full "I"

Every time I read the lyrics, I would tell myself not to be lost on the stage, because it feels like anesthesia, and when you're very hard to perform, I don't know what it's like to be happy. I forget to share it with my family, what I want, but when I cross it, I'm willing to share it with you.

(Photo Source: Cai Yilin Pink Team )

Don't get lost on the dance bench, it's Tsai Yi-lin's untying himself to herself.We saw her start falling in love, and she was riding a bicycle with her lover in the night market; she was learning about the candy, and it was more serious than any other people thought.She was more willing to share her life because she knew that she could not be critique as usual.No matter whether it is on the Taiwan side or in the United States, Tsai Yi-lin's words are even more. She started to say that she had struggled for years ago, and she said that she had done 130 points, and that she would be able to get 100 points for the people.

contrast to the hysteria of tyranny, she no longer needed an award to prove that she won, the first person in the concert, the first woman singer, the media fan, and the media fan's impeccable live performance.(In the same place: Tsai Yi-lin's Rosy Youth: Ye Yonglin: At the end of the world, Ye will die, but there are more leaves in the world. )

Make yourself proud!Like you don't fear other people hate you.

I especially want to thank all my teams, but I have a lot of pressure, and they have a lot of pressure, and they don't have any good work.I will not take all the great care of myself, because I would not stand here without them, so I would like to thank all my colleagues who have worked and thank you for your contribution to me.It's really hard to sing, but it's hard to dance, but it's harder to talk about yourself, it's harder for me, and I usually have to arm myself, and I'm standing in front of you.I hope that everyone in the future will think of me as the strongest.I want to sing this song and give it to myself.

Former Japanese She's the South Korean annual event Mnet's Asian Music Awards (MAMA) for a group of 140 million views, and she became South hot search " and everyone was shocked by the Taiwanese and dancer

At the Choy Lin concert this year, her fans wore a strange dress, saying, " : You know I like it differently, Be brave to do what you want to do, Be proud of yourself !" We understand that Tsai Yilin liked himself more than he was in the last few years. The once-top is a dreadfully arrogance, and we know that Cai Yilin is a clean, clean and undisguised pride in his life.

(Picture Source: Tsai Yilin Pink )

From a shooter to J woman, special task J, spit, and Tsai Yi-lin, once again, she flipped himself, and he tore others off to define her label.Tsai Yi-lin used 16 years to collect all negative reviews and make critical criticism of his role in the dance platform. She eventually returned to herself. " When I took off my mascara, I was able to stand tall, and if I had fewer applause, I was able to laugh, stop singing and dancing, and I was important.(Laughter) ( Tsai Yi-lin's recital re-read: You don't know how much courage you need to do )

Tsai Yilin hopes to remove her armed forces, remove her high-heeled shoes, and leave her with courage and determination. Now, we stop to hear her sing this song.

When a day becomes
and who
me, I'm not good enough to hug me
Who's the strange cheeks
Who am I? I
a real fake

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