Arctic and Antarctica , is the furthest distance in the world. Because of global warming, a polar bear who wants to drink the world's finest coffee meets a lone penguin who wants to learn to fly. So they became partners in each other's dreams and formally embarked on their Adventures . Every week, we follow their footsteps to know the world. (Classic review:"World Adventure Week" With Love, Understanding Love )

December 7 Super Lyrics man Lin Xi Happy Birthday

Speaking of Hong Kong writer Lin Xi, you will first think of his work? Is the way to do all miss the "red beans", or the momentum to break through the torrent of the "straight to the point", or tempting words of the "agreement"?

Liang Weiwen, the 1980 's initial cry, opened his lyrics career. The Chinese University of Hong Kong, he began to like to write poetry as a professional lyrics, he began to understand the reader to become listeners, he said: "More easily understand the text to write words, to make a song to say the story more appealing." 」

Perhaps it is because of this change that we can always find ourselves in the words of Lin Xi, who do not want to be seen. (Singing belongs to our youth: youth from cassette to CD: Every age has its own song )

December 8 Carina Lau Happy Birthday

Hong Kong famous film actress, she is the Hong Kong Film Awards, Chinese film Rooster, French Nantes three continents Film Festival's best actress winner.

From the small role, Carina Lau's acting is not because of language or role of the cover-up, "new brother" a play as the heroine began to become popular. Then she hopes to break through herself, try various roles, whether it is amorous feelings of the county magistrate Lady, like the female Comrade red card, or mother and wife have superb performance.

"I often talk to myself in the mirror and ask myself how it is," she said. Speak your mind to yourself. This will make it easier to see yourself. "(the necessity of living with oneself: learn to live alone!) Leave time for the white Solitude aesthetics

December 9 Forever M lady Judy Dan Happy Birthday

Love to Watch "007" series of movies, you will never forget her. Although Ezra Pound and Ezra Pound were always different, it was Mrs. M. Titanchi, who had been unchanged for a long time. (You can't miss the classics: atypical classic Movies!) "007: Demon await" film review )

Julia Titanchi, who won the World Entertainment Contribution award last year, said in a speech on stage: "A lot of people ask me," When are you going to retire? "I thought if I stopped it would be like a car with no oil and overturned." I don't think I'll do that. 」

Despite the macular degeneration, the 80-year-old has been blinded by her eyesight, and health problems have made her career difficult. But the spirit that aggregates the soul, the power, and the beauty of the pointer will always be in our hearts.

December 10 international human Rights Day

The new United Nations Commission on Human Rights in 1948 received worldwide attention. Under the leadership of President Franklin D. Roosevelt, the active chairman and the widow of President Roosevelt, he began drafting the copy. To commemorate the adoption of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights on December 10, 1948, the United Nations has set a yearly December 10 as the international human Rights Day.

"The World Human Rights Day reminds us of the continuing human rights problems in our community and around the world," said Koffianan, a former UN secretary general. To enable the implementation of human rights throughout the world, we must also rely on our efforts. 」

December 11 Haley Stanfield Happy Birthday

Do you remember the Bella legacy──emily in the voice of Praise 2? She's a new generation actress, Haley Stanfield. 18 years old, she entered the showbiz decade, in 2011 because of playing "true courage" in Mattie Ross, shortlisted for the best supporting actress Oscar.

Young fame plus itinerary, so she always like a "newcomer" at school, so she chose to self-study at home. For this unconventional road, Haley admits it's hard, but it's a good chance to have a good friend's support so she can go on.

December 12 Jennifer Connery Happy Birthday

Jennifer Connery, majoring in drama and English Literature at Yale University, had an ad at the age of 10. The 1986 movie "The Devil Maze," let her shine, but also accompanied by a series of silence.

She began to decide the challenge is different from the previous pure role of the performance, whether it is "campus conflict" in the lesbian female students, "nightmare elegy" in the drug-addicted heroine, or "beautiful realm" of the genius mathematician's wife, the wider play won praise. In 2001 also won the Oscar for best supporting actress affirmation.

December 13 Little Diva Taylor Happy Birthday

In 2015, Teles became the youngest individual to be selected as the most influential woman in the magazine, and ranked 65th in the annual list.

2006, the country music, gradually expand the genre of music, into hip-hop and pop music elements. From her lyrics, it is found that the teen mood, social status and her personal emotional story are the inspiration for her work.

There's a lot of criticism on the web about her ex-boyfriend's story in the song, but she said: "For a woman who describes her feelings, being described as a bit sticky, crazy, desperate to get you to marry her and have a son, I think it might be a celebration--a way for women to write about their feelings. is to get rid of it, flip it, and wrap it around something that's frankly sexist. "(What's wrong with putting your ex-boyfriend in a song?) "All women are sick", there are traces of disgust