What is the world under discussion for this week?In the last two weeks, we listened to the fat girls' confess: My husband was not wrongdoing with . Last week, we saw the 48 women's growth in the Hefcake Post. This week, we talked about the common anxiety about success in the workplace and young people, and the most recent hot topic on the Medium topic: "You're only 23 years old, stop chasing your life."(Recommended reading: Twenty-year-old, lost at a time: Don't give up for any lost answers )

The world is full of predictions of success and early hailing.

the age of 20, Mark Zuckbeck, a 25-year-old Japanese, created softank Softbank and Ma Yun when he was at the age of 24. " I said, 'I said,' I said, 'if the people in the 70s are still innovating,' all the pressure and hope are young, happy and heavy. '

You look down at yourself, reflect yourself too slowly, grow too fast, grow too fast, and don't make any effort again. You have to waste your golden years of great power, and you have lost your arms.What is this is a time of success and a different era; this is an age that is not an excuse; it is a time of fear that it cannot be luminous.(Recommended to you: Why are our young people lost?)

A recent article on Medium caused extensive discussion, and the author of the work in the United States, Susie Pan, wrote a reflection: "You're only 23 years old, stop chasing life," and another logical thought, and listen to what she says.

Today, I asked the CEO: " How can I do better?He looked at me and said, "This is the fourth question I've asked him this month."He was sure that I would always be willing to change myself, and to make myself more determined, and he told me at the same time that I needed to give up some time.In the past, when I asked him to give me advice, he often told me, "I've done enough, and if I keep insisting on it, I'll be fine.""

At that time, I thought it was the worst feedback in the world.I don't want to be "nice", I want excellence, I want outstanding, I want to be different, I want to be different, I want to be different from others."It's good" for me, because it sounds super-mediocre.

One of my personal goals is to hope that I will be the dumbest person in the company and that I can grow again. I can learn from my surrounding, smart and crazy person, so I will grow as fast as I can.And in doing so, I can't avoid comparing with people around them.

The company's CEO, at the age of 28, sold the company hundreds of millions of dollars; the company's product manager, at the age of 25, created several companies with a good idea.When I was around them, I couldn't help but ask myself: What did I do? I had only a few years of disparity between them. When I was the age, what was I able to do?

Listen to the achievements of other young people in their 20s, from Mark Zuckles, Bill Gates to Gabe , and their success stories ring in our ears and urge us to work harder. This is our golden age, and we have become the most ambitious, what we want to be millennials.all-too-amphious-millenial-wantreprereneurs

Many fables tell us that there is no more important time than it is now.When you're young, you leave school, you don't miss it.Don't wait until there's a house, a loan, a responsibility, and a desperate need.For "now" anxiety, I am no longer willing to wait for growth, and I want to create value for myself immediately.

I want to achieve my goals faster, and I want to be better tomorrow, and I want to learn everything, so I can create value immediately.We all have 24 hours, and I'm forcing myself to force myself to use extreme chemistry every second.I had breakfast at the same time, I looked at the periodical articles, I listened to the radio, I waited for the bus, and I read the article in Pocket while I was waiting.If I didn't do that, I felt like I was behind this moment.

Many people told me that if I wanted to work in the technology circle, I'd better go to Silicon Valley.There are more opportunities, more resources, more talent, more growth.It sounds reasonable.We've all been popular like this, and want to go to Los Angeles and want to be a new startup or technology industry in San Francisco.I told myself, if I didn't go, did I fall behind?I almost had to make an immediate payment and set out immediately.

Later, I started thinking more.Why do I want to move to San Francisco so badly?Is that really what I want?I realized that this was important, and that my family, my friends and my personal life and interests were also very important.When I came back from San Francisco, I even started to feel very guilty about "I want to have a living breathing space."This is my golden age, and I'm not supposed to maximize my output, so that I can get closer to "success"?(Sibling: Life's biggest goal is not success, but people share your happiness )

One more time, I feel guilty about myself having a life.But it is wrong.

The efficiency-oriented culture and young people's desire for success has led me to come to such a conclusion.I work in science, technology, market and scale, and this is the core of our timeless concern.To survive in this area, if I wasn't fast enough, I wasn't competitive at all.

So I tell myself that I have to be faster and better, and my golden years are passing, and I am afraid I have a life beyond my own work.

And just now, after I was working, I spent three hours reading a book, and I turned it over on page one page.I barely remember the last time I looked at a book with my heart and without any purpose.It turned out to be so good to read. I've forgotten how wonderful it is to be in a book.I told myself that I wanted to finish reading this book, even if I knew that there were 1,000 items that needed to be troubled.(Recommended for you: 10 minutes a day to find the courage to face life )

And guess what?Slowdown, it's actually very good.

Is this productive?It is worth discussing!Is this a waste of time?Not at all.Will I be the founder of a company in the next two to three years?I don't know.But even if I don't know, there is nothing to do with it.As long as I continue to learn, as long as I have made a difference in the life of a person, even if I do not conform to the "success" of the others, it will be a good day.

I was 23 years old, and I left a quarter of my life, but I still have three quarters of my time to continue to learn and to create value for myself.I have 657,000 hours, and I can live my life.

I want to say to myself, "Hey, stop chasing your life!"

Anxiety of young people: How far am I from success?

Susie Pan's comments have sparked a heated debate on Medium, and some reflect on the admiration of global culture for success. Some people think that we really have no reason to slow down, and some people agree that it should not be blindly searching for success and forgetting what you want.

When I translated the words that Susie Pan wrote down, I also remembered my life.At the age of 25, I often had constant anxiety and didn't work hard. I was going to be old. Now it's time for me to insist on my own life for one thing."Now" I am afraid of wasting my life and time.

A common anxiety that belongs to young people is that we don't know how far away we are from success.And we are not so sure that we may not succeed. The definition of success clearly makes people feel anxious. If we don't catch up, does it mean that we abstain from voting on people?

Maybe Susie Pan is right, and it's not wrong to oppose what he says, and it's time to work hard, because your starting point is zero, you don't miss it, and you just go forward.But the people who fought hard when they were young didn't mean that they grew up, and that they wouldn't work hard when they didn't succeed.After their 20-year-old, we still have enough time to continue to believe in the value of our belief. That would be the 30, 40, and fifty-year-olds who still believe in us.

Young is not an excuse for not trying hard, and young is not a reason for not working hard.

I think the so-called success has never been the creation and selling of several companies, but of the value you have created for your own life.There is more value, no change in gold.I also wrote down my reflection and share it with you.

  1. determine your life's important sort of ordering: To pursue a "life" without guilt, love work, and not apologize, and be responsible for yourself.

  2. Embrace life is a dynamic balance: Enjoy staying up late for the night and knowing that you don't have to love work every minute.In a dynamically balanced life, there is room for learning.

  3. Find goals that are worth working and don't regret: the most fear is not to work hard, but not to target.When your goal is there, trying and trying is a natural thing to do.You are not a success, not to be accountable, but to live up to what I have believed.

  4. Efforts are not young or young-defined: Each stage of a person's life is set at a different target, and the 20-year-old has his own path of effort, 30 years of age, and his own efforts at the age of 40.

  5. It's not that only the workplace can give you the job: Don't just want to get promoted, you have to create long-term value for your own life.In the workplace, there are also achievements in the family.

  6. Don't be an efficient but no fun person: efficiency is of course important, but not inertia rating everything on a scale that is time-based.For some people or certain things in life, you should have the right to be eccentrically biased.

I was lucky to see this article and discussion at the age of 20.The anxiety and perplexing to the 20-year-old, if there is another person who makes you look up, the life you want to live, the goals that you're looking for, we will not live with it.(Recommended for you: The gentle philosophy of the woman: Listen to the CEO and the editor talk about work )

Sometimes we have to learn to let bullets fly.