Christmas on the eve of Black Santa Black Santa Claus Santa are quietly activated!They went to the streets, embraced and coats on the streets, and they that they wanted to loot the north of the city, and let love be laid, and they reminded us that kindness was never difficult.(Recommended reading: A letter written by a young girl to convince you that there is Santa Claus in the world

Christmas is getting closer and closer, people are taking pictures of Christmas trees on the streets, thinking about what they want to buy for Christmas, and the city is lit up, and it's all over the place. It's a Christmas that we usually know.It's warm and warm.(Recommended reading: Global 10 hottest Christmas tree editors )

But there are also people who are more colder than usual. When the lights lit up the city, they forget the warm streets of the street. His days are still a piece of rubble paper and a broken scarf. They are still dumbfounded in the dark corners of the city. They look at people who travel to the rave.

Their best wishes for Christmas may be a bowl of hot soup, a thick jacket, a hug, perhaps not the same as us.It is more likely that they will not remember which day is Christmas.

The Taiwanese team, named Black Santa Black Santa, decided to have a different Christmas.They don't break into warm homes, and they're going to go down the cold street corners, they don't have much, but they want to share, and they want to use their own way to deliver love and go to a different Christmas.

As long as you have the ability to love, as long as you are willing to love, as long as you are not stingy, you can be a black Santa Claus.Their plan is to loot the city, and they want to loot hatred and indifference and let love be covered.

First Platforms Beat Station: People who are living on the streets of the street

First stop, they choose to take action at the perimeter of the North Car Station.They wear black sunglasses, wear black sunglasses, and have your impressions of Santa's beard, with a wide range of warm clothing, a sandwich with American cuisine, and an unstingy hug. Their Christmas present is full of good intentions.

As a result, people who have been swarmed by the streets have been thinking about me in this warm festival.

Second Station-Mengchia-Mengchia-park: Love is the winter day. I'm afraid you are cold

At the end of the weekend, some friends in the Mengchia park curled in the corner and colder in the cold.Under the principle of not disturbing sleeping, the material is delivered out quickly and the work of simple cleaning is carried out.— — Black Santa Black

The second stop, they ransacked Wanhua with love.What was love?Love is the way I walk into your life, but I don't want to disturb you; love is the winter day. I worry about your cold. Love is a gently laid sandwich box; love is capable and also wanted; love is that I want more people to have enough to eat, eat, and eat like me.

Black Santa with a Good Splash

Black Santa at private page writes that PEACE UNITY LOVE AND HAVE FUN tells us what HIPHOP tells us.They talked and talked and practiced how to exercise goodwill to a stranger, a young generation of faces, a crazy, kind of kind-hearted person.

On the eve of Christmas, they had a well-intentioned revelry, and they swept away the streets because they knew it was also home to many homeless people, convinced that it was what Christmas was like for Taiwan.Their actions let me see how much warmth can be found in the northern landscape, how proud young generations can be, and how tolerant they can be.(Recommended reading: Behind the prosperity of Hong Kong, have you ever heard of cage homes in Hong Kong?)

They reminded me of goodness and never hard.