A single diary is a new unit for women, with 500 words written tempting's single mind. You don't know where you're hurting? Always in the days of feeling dull pain, Miss or regret or, the original root can not be found. Love is not a pure, but not afraid of dirty. (now hot: single diary: Thank you for a moment, you only exist to stare at me )

Part of life is not loved by love contour. You seek approval for success , there is no love without imitation, vanity will spoil you. You are blind to the shadow of the day, there is a lump in the heart, such as the small glass into the fingers, touch not through where hurt.

"Who do I deserve to love?" So when I asked myself, in order to stop making false assumptions, I had to flee to another place farther from myself. With a pair of unfamiliar hands to erase the memory of the familiar body temperature; a cup of hot wine for a sleepless night; with a hot kiss pretend a perfect play.

Why can't we be alone? whatever you resist will last. It's better to be a person who is facing pain.

Pain comes from your interpretation of things, every time you fall into the deepest emotions, try to be safe and dark, in that black hole, no one will hurt you, you are completely alone, only your emotions and refusal will hurt yourself. Fear, anger, sadness are the natural flow of life energy , they will come, they will go.

The sober face of the past, the turbid, the dirty, what once made you vulnerable is the way you are invincible.

Facing the most cruel winter, the most do not want to remember the sorry.

At that time, he is not not love, but to play a trick on people
I'm sorry to say I'm not the only young enough to be brave
Fortunately you waste a good man, he can really happy
Leaving a thorn in the sticky love, now lonely very comfortable

Love sugar eat too much will decay, do not expect a person to appear in life, from now on no longer lonely.
Loneliness is necessary, may you do your own gentleness.

"My winter is coming." 」