A single diary is a new unit for women, with 500 words written tempting's single mind. "Zhi Ming and Chun Jiao," the film said, people's lives who have not loved a few slag? But you love bad man is sincere, you believe you love when the feelings are true, if there is next life, you are not afraid to love him once again, this is your last stubborn will. (Recommended reading: from girls to women, we must have met the five kinds of bad men )

It was a very hard relationship you had to talk about.

He mulled the light of your youth, like a firewood, and the years of your life. You stared at his brow and knew that he was a moth, but he did not mind. You covet the warmth with him, your body soft, your eyes gentle, he let you remember that he is still alive, will love will hurt.

Therefore, your self-esteem do not, your stubborn do not, your rules do not, you are willing to renounce his defense of the city, and finally he said don't you. You are the abandoned child, no one will be willing to coax you.

The day that he walked, you do not cry not to make trouble, meet that day, you have already foreseen your result.

The friend reads you, you so rational person, also has the love to confusion the time, he is a notorious scum, no one is his homeward journey. Longing for the soul of the people, are doomed to endure hardship.

In fact, you know better than anyone in the heart, falling flower and the love of water. You are willing to do his transition, you escort each other a ride, you do not really want to be everlasting, just too reluctant to miss such a person.

You've always known that his words of words are valid only in the present time. He said love you every moment is true, the future, later.

Although he has added several collector to your youth, although in the future you may laugh at your own stupidity, but you can't stop yourself, you can't love him. When you meet him, you must love him.

When your sea, do not care that you do not have the shore.

Jinmingshin "Next Life"

If there is a next life, you have to be determined to do his sea, still no grudge to love.