Zheng Yinong in Face book announced the Ark, she said even break up, two people still love each other with the soul; Yang Dazheng said he was willing to defend the rights of farmers.

"I am proud of our love, as we have often talked about, tolerance and love will make the world a better place, very happy in the process we have no resentment and hate to produce." 」

At the beginning of this year, Music Man Zheng Yi Nong to announce his marriage with fire extinguisher lead singer Yang Dazheng. Da Zheng and Yi Nong have always been the music circle of the envy of the companion, dating nine years in 2013 married. About love, we can spend nine years in the dark to look for, but also can muddle along for a lifetime. Zheng Yinong to share her life's most important decisions in Facebook, Yang Dazheng also responded:

"We have loved each other for nine years, and this love, the future will not disappear, just no longer in the name of love, I will never forget my wedding vows" always willing to defend the right to do their own rights ", or will be the most powerful in his life backing, but also for our calm and brave proud. 」

(Photo source: Zheng Yi Farmers fan page)

I love you, I don't have to have you

There is a love called Zheng Yinong and Yang Dazheng, we do not have to force each other, do not love to blackmail each other's freedom. Love is always defending your right to be yourself. Their love is honest, Yang da is stating that after the marriage Zheng Yinong and he confessed to self-awareness of the confusion and struggle, then they get along with each moment, are constantly helping each other to face the real self: "Since that moment we have been holding hands in the face of this matter, After repeated communication and confirmation we know that the hardest days have passed and we are all very well now. "(You will like: please kindly refuse to break into the campus" anti-marriage "letter: My child is gay, I still love him )

We are very good now, then we have a clear conscience. Zheng Yi Nong and Yang Dazheng, let a person think of punk godmother Petty Smith and artist Robert Mepso. Patty and Robert from the beginning of the relationship between the lovers, to Luo Bai "discover" their comrades to, after several struggles to calm face, they always accompany each other, mutual understanding. "I know Robert no longer love Me in love, but I will love him as much as I can," says Patty in his autobiography, "Just a child." (Recommended reading:"queer notes" naked wounds and tenderness, no longer need armed Pride )

We love each other's soul is true, but love is not only a possibility of love. Thank Zheng Yinong and Yang Dazheng let us see love beautiful appearance, I always think, love the most precious meaning, is to accompany and accept. Even if the end of the world, we will defend to the life of the dear him, to become their own rights.

(Photo source: Zheng Yi Farmers fan page)

Zheng Yi Nong: We are in love with the soul

Zheng Yinong in the face writing: " thank him to the end not only choose to confess to me, or even two people can make" never abandon each other's commitment. "She spent a lot of time facing herself and settling with herself, except for a valuable companion, maybe we need a world, a world where differences are not abandoned."

Can not be defined by the love of people panic, she experienced those disturbed, the confusion of gender identity, we look forward to one day, Taiwan has a more friendly way, so that every good and unique they can eat less bitter, less the strength of self-denial, find their own version, that they can rest assured in the world's position. (Extended reading:#FreeTheNipple, all over the United States, long live a family, lust!) 2015 gender counterattack for better times lead the way)

Let us more frankly embrace, more pleasant blessings, blessings Zheng Yinong and Yang Dazheng, will find a love on the complete hobby of their people, also congratulate them, with nine years of companionship, nearly three years of marriage, in exchange for a lifetime soul confidant.

Finally, let us listen to Zheng Yi Nong's gentleness, read her true. This time, we have to be more courageous and honest love. wish we can be more patient understanding, give each other a little more time, let love free.

"Lost is also proof of your life, don't forget, yourself." 」

Zheng Yi Nong face book published in full text

To my friends who have long supported me and my great being:

First of all, for the past two years, thank you for wishing me and the great marriage at the end of 2015, we embraced each other, in a sentimental but pleasant way, decided to end our love, remove each other's identities, but we will still be together in the face of life's most important partner, is the best friend

After nearly nine years of intercourse, I have been deeply in love with the great soul. There is a great heart, and unconditional understanding and tolerance of me, this has not changed until today. But I am constantly struggling with self-awareness, after months of repeated communication, we have accepted the "I can not love his body" the fact that it is not his fault (shy, but his body is very good, really!) But because I like it, it's the girl's body.

My sexuality is really blurry from a very young age, and I've loved some great souls, but for the opposite sex, always in the body of the Declaration of failure, the body touch for me is a pressure, but because there is no way to like the girls like boys, has been attracted me, are both female characteristics and boyish girl, And this in the current Taiwan Society is rare, is a relatively no positioning of a sexual model, so what they want is what, has been no way to confirm (recommend you: Love is the same answer!) Interview HUSH: Now is 2015, I am GAY what's the problem? )

Marrying big is because we fit in the soul, the jokes and tacit understanding that only one understands in life, are very beautiful and precious things, and has always been in order to protect such beauty, but also in order to let the other party can be happy, we have paid a lot of effort, which also contains pain and depression, to later our souls are injured, And that's the least of the two of you.

Thank him very much to the end not only chose to confess to me the relative, even two people can make "never abandon each other" commitment, now we are very good, can not say, also help solve each other's problems, meet the time can be comfortable hug, but we know that it is because the soul of love, and the future, I sincerely hope that he will meet someone who can love his body and soul at the same time, that person must be a great person, because the big positive standard is very high I know (laugh), I hope he can be very happy (Gayon: when gay girlfriend 20, He Shihi: I always believe in pure Love )

As for me, I am not very impatient with love now, the most important thing is to write good songs, and Good Life

It takes a lot of courage to talk about it openly, but as a person on the stage, all of our marriages, including marriage, have always been on the table for everyone to see, because we want to let people know that creation is honest, we are not idols, not too much baggage, if we can feel the energy from our body or creation, It is a very real living thing, is the body and the various experiences of human. Today, I am together with the big and confessed to face their own sexual direction, how many will be criticized and attacked, but again, such behavior if it can bring people some positive impact, we feel that this is enough

Thank you again, and hope you can bless us, see we do not need embarrassment, because we are really okay, good! We will continue to work hard to make music, if you like all the time is our song, then please believe what you hear. Also thanks to our family and friends, along the way have their support and companionship, really is very happy things, especially our parents, originally thought to you confessed will be a tough battle, did not expect your reaction is super cool! We are always a family (recommended reading: Karen Mok, small S, May days very gay love!) Interview behind the scenes, Bruce

Finally, with the big is saying, I am proud of our love, as we often talk about, tolerance and love will make the world better, very happy in the process we do not have any resentment and hate. Dear life partner, the future also together to refuel!!