A single diary is a new unit for women, with 500 words written tempting's single mind. This weekend, read the " Hate married family ". In the play, everyone has different opinions about marriage, some people say that marriage is a business, some people say that marriage is from a family to another family, some people say marriage is to the former revenge, some say, marriage, but a joke. (Extended reading:"love life" to how small to love you, like my Love law?) )

"Don't Say You Love me, love is like this." 」

"Hate married family" in the four sister marriage, much like we will experience the daily necessities. Before marriage two people only focus on each other's good, after marriage to see each other's shortcomings, feelings of love muddy dirty, to later blame you can not give me the day I want to panic. Even if you love me, I will repay you with hate.

Four sister very want to go, every time to go, the crying too good-looking man tears, tell her: "I love you, I can not without you." I will change, I will change. She was always stranded in tears, four sister very sympathetic to him, but little sympathy for themselves. She pretended to be naïve in front of her family and said, "My man, he's good to me." "This scene also must play to oneself to see, always cannot let the person see the joke, the young she from a hell, marries to another hell."

Our self-esteem in love, in fact, is very cheap. The idea that you can change a person always teaches us something. The best love, do not need to save each other, do not wait for repent. You finally understand, those who always in front of you in tears, but did not understand your sad people, those who claim to love you, but never hurt you, in fact, only love themselves.

From hysteria Roar "Why Don't You Love Me" to "Don't Say You Love Me", four sister came. Don't be tempted, for him an uncertain look, don't heartache, for his free fall forever; don't be heartbroken, for a man who can't understand the truth of your mask.

All hate, comes from the desire, really say good-bye, don't say sorry, thank that person taught us such a thing.