January 16, the presidential election , we elect the president, cast a party vote and a legislator vote, and we also hope to be closer to the future that we want.Women's fans of political observation. Today we talk about the unnecessary sex attack in the political speech. Why is it that women's appearance is more of a concern than political opinions?Why is it so hard to ask women politicians to take part in politics? Why is so difficult to ask women politicians to take part in ?(Recommended reading: [CEO column] What is the relationship between women and politics?)

In the first month of election, I saw the avaricious and gender minerary of political parties attacking each other, and the gender and gender traits have always been a new era for both camps and supporters to smear each other's new era.

week, New Party Chairman Tsai Ing-wen: "She's single, she's more dangerous than Chen Shui-bian." Lin Yu-fang says, "The hair is longer than the woman, the psychology is not normal.""

This chart is from Lin Chang Z-Face Book

this week, the Blue camp distributed a flyer of Hsiao Mei-chin ' nude film, implying that Tsai Ing-wen's mother was a North American woman. The Green Camp's supporters weren't even better off. The KUSO election communique wrote the "only codling, codling, first" in the article 15.

At first glance, it's funny, but I'm sorry I can't laugh.As a woman, I can't smile, I can't smile as a person who cares about gender issues, and I can't smile as a person who lives in the 21st century.

Why do we still think that women and sex are the attacks right now?Why do we have to use the word "sex" for female politicians (to let the cockey do the home of the family, or to cry for the cold treatment of me, isn't it harassment)?Why are the characteristics of women, such as hair growth and mother's, often carrying negative implications?

Women's political figures have been attacked in a very similar fashion, with no "masculinity", "single status" and "age"; male politicians have no "masculinity" to be contaminated. Gender issues have never been the same as cyan, gender, and political issues have been a very low political circle, and gender has been repeatedly humiliated.

I don't understand why our political field treats women like what?

"Women politicians don't want to be too beautiful, and don't want to be too ugly"

I remembered at the end of last year that I had asked Chou Chih-hsuan, a candidate for the Free Taiwan Party, for a few months of her career in politics. She mentioned that a female candidate for her was a candidate who would be commenting on her appearance in a second.

This time, when Chou Chi-hsuan was on the television debate of the general debate, many people left a message and discussed it enthusiastically on the PPT, but not on her political views. Instead, she left a message saying "I can," "simply Zhi Ling-ling."Chou Chi-hsuan shook her head and said she was not angry, and then she was angry. The label would still be automatically pasted. " But I am not the beauty of the beauty, and the voters elect a political agent.I would rather comment on the attitude of my speech and my political views. I am more happy." (Recommended reading: What do women really want to do?An Interview with Chou Chi-hsuan: "Society is going to be more likely to receive gender and sexual desires" )

This is not a case. In the middle of last year, the first fan of the women's fan politics at the Bay Lecture invited the Social Democratic Party legislators Miao Boya and Lu Hsing-jie.When Lu Hsin-chieh shared and the vegetable market was sweeping the streets, her mother and her mother often asked her to say, "This is a beautiful place. It will be chosen."She smiles in tears, and most people's first focus on women's political figures is outward appearance.(Siblon: [Deskside] Woman's first political salon: and one of your beers of beer. )

Women's politicians "are too beautiful" or "too ugly" to say that they have the right to speak. Some have suggested that the SPD's Venn be changed to a good old country, and that some skillful and skilful thinking is a weakness of the Kuomintang, and its own will is weak, and it is a discourse to the partners who believe in fairness and justice.

Most of the time, women politicians can only share this type of layout.There are always people who care more about her appearance than she does.

present stage, there are guaranteed quotas for women to participate in politics, so that women's voices can be heard at least under the protection of their rightsWe are very far away from the next step, without environmental protection and the smooth participation of women in politics.Because most people use two sets of standards to look at male political figures and female politicians, the invisible marginalization of women in politics.(Recommended thinking: Sister marketing, is it good or bad for politics?)

Why are women supposed to be hurt by sex?

Tsai Ing-wen's mother is a liquor girl, Xiao Mei-chin has a sex film, Chen uses the real party emblem of the design, and we are no stranger to such attacks and so on.After Chou Chih-hsuan made seven gender-related political views at the Pink, she also attracted a message from Netizen Song. "For those bitchly shameless bitches, I really want them to taste the taste of" unmarried pregnancy. "

"Sex" is often used as a powerful bargaining chip for threatening women, using repeated words and behaviors to add, express and implied to women, your physical and sexual desires do not belong to you in my hand.Sung Kangi's words reveal the potential gender violence, "as long as I think I can let you get pregnant at any time," the male supremacy of the supremacy.

And more people think that your political path will be difficult as long as women politicians are exposed to the picture of sex and sexual desire, as you spill over the imagination of "women politicians", so you have to spend more effort explaining to you that you are a "good woman."

Thus, when Tsai Ing-wen's cousin, "She is very good and very good, has no relationship with the wine woman" dialectic, while she can terminate sex with her mother, she always makes people feel strange.What is the relationship between sex films, breast-bursting, and mother's daughters and women's political figures and political opinions?

Why do we often assume "sex" hurts women?Why is it that "dyed yellow" has been a powerful way to get hurt from the old?Is it because the "female politicians" in our eyes are always a clean object, and must be on the bright side and be in the best context of all women?

Politics is a game of men?Indentation and banishment of the negative character

Finally, the feminine character of both indents and banishment.The negative traits have been belitless in the leadership field, not to mention in the political circle.Women's politicians have been asked to make their own negative traits, playing "men's games" in the political sphere, and it is best to be a "female Han" to stand on the same table with men.

And when a male politician is labeled "feminine", it is a clear attack.

, Lin Yu-fang has been able to attack Lin Chang-tsu, her hair is longer than the woman's length, so she doesn't like Ma Ying-jeou's people can attack him. He says that he is a "special relationship" with King Pu-tsung.(Recommended reading: "King Pu-tsung's special relationship?"" Gay people in front of the spotlight )

Why is the negative character glori-positive in the political field, while the positive qualities are glorisitive?Why is it that politicians must avoid the negative characteristics of the negative?When the negative traits continue to be demeaning in the political circle, no matter whether we have a "female" president, there is no possibility of greater attention being paid to it.

A few days ago, a student in Hong Kong visited a female fan. When asked if Tsai Ing-wen was the first female presidential candidate in Taiwan, would she take it for granted that she would support her?

I say, it's never more of a gender issue to be concerned about gender issues.Today, we are sure that Tsai Ing-wen has broken through patriarchal status in her capacity as a woman. In the political circle, however, if there are male candidates who are concerned about gender issues and make good political views, we also want to be happy.What we choose is not a gender. Politics never should have been just a game of gender.(Laughter) (Exclusive: Exclusive] Tsai Ing-wen's speech: "Fails to stand up again, Reverve back to Taiwan's Rebels and Strong" )

What I look forward to is that the feminine character can be seen in both the leadership and the political circle, and that the gentle ingredients can be seen; what day I look forward to, I no longer hear politics being a man's game, because the political impact is not just a sex life.

Opening the newspapers to read the news above is actually heartbreaking.I don't know how many people, like me, have been struggling to activate their teeth. I don't know why women are always degrading. We are always protected by social, beauty and body, age is magnified, and we have to shout loudly for the sound.

I don't think it should be like this, and our heartbreak can be strong.In writing this article is not an attack, the attack will not make anyone of noble character. I hope everyone will think together about the lack of a framework and framework for the political circle. There are many more places in Taiwan that can be more hard-to-be.

Gender politics is more important than we think.Otherwise, female candidates will always be able to choose between the "female" and "beautiful baby", and female voters will always be labeled as not interested in politics.(Recommended reading: Make your husband the first gentleman from the President!Christina: Argentina's first democratically elected woman, Christina)

Gender-neutral is an important role in influencing politics and the future.From now on, we practice don't easily dance with gender, pay more attention to the gender implications of media and presentations, in addition to voting , every person must make minor to change, which is a way to change politics.