From the "outing to the" actor Lambech and "outing, the winding lesbian creation footprint," editor-in-chief Chen Weixian's gay secret party, understanding the possibility of gender imagination.

In the past few years, we have shouted marriage equality, multiple families, and the dawn of equal Love is near. However, to trace back to the gay culture, it seems only to remember that the millennium began a parade of comrades, not to mention how the cultural context of lesbians is rooted.

2004 "Outing to Skin touching" in the third female festival intimacy staged, at that time Taiwanese people are not accustomed to such a happy view of lesbian culture, lesbians as if how much should be by the Chiuxin pen depression growth, "outing go" but frivolous and playful hum, love, is so sweet and delicious.

Last year, Shakespeare's sisters of the troupe repeat "outing to go", such a focus on female comrades life experience of the play, involving the people of lesbian culture imagination, lesbians have their own life fields? The drama actor Lambech took up the "outing, the winding female comrade Creation footprint" special book birth, also leads to the Taiwanese lesbian in the same movement, the theater, the literature, the music becomes a lattice life appearance. (recommended you see: can women's literature write straight? Chenxue, Chiuxin, Zhang Yixian, women's literature landscape

They have already marked a mark on the Taiwan gay context, marking the history, location and lifestyle of lesbians. This day, I came to the women's bookstore, to see "outing to" actor Lambech and "outing; the winding female comrade creation footprint" editor-in-chief Chen Weixian. Embrace a history of the mood. A lecture, a person interviewed, have established the identity and language belonging to this culture. The two people who are laughing and talking in front of me now are the invisible hands that drive the gay process.

Talk about feminism

She works in the theater, she arranges the director, also the policy exhibition, if the Taiwan Theater's erotic performances, can not miss Lambech. She is the Taiwanese initiator of vagina monologue, the producer and director of the Chinese version. When she was in college in the United States and understood the feminist theatre, Becky was influenced by the open-pants troupe: "Their performance and style are both pleasurable and sexy, and their privacy is exciting." That energy inspires me to create. The first practice for me is a vaginal monologue, a comedy that tells a subject. 」


Wei Chi, a freelance writer who was a journalist in "Broken Weekly", was concerned about social transport and gender-related cultural studies. I would like to ask whether this book is a feminist and negative culture between the attribution, Wei Chi said that all return to the class bar. An identity that indicates who you want to speak for. The names of these disciplines are responsive to human needs. No matter what genre we are, we also care about justice.

Chen Weixian

Becky agrees: "Feminism should see the relationship between oppression and oppression, an interdisciplinary way of thinking, a thinking tool, and I never felt that feminism was about gender, and he saw different power relationships and disadvantaged people." 」

Talking about the lesbian culture: The secret gathering of pheromones in the leap

Xu Ying Director 2004 to find a play "outing to Go", then Pui-chi to "outing to go" full of excitement: "Read the play, I think this is a thing that has never been done, too excited!" Just after 2000 years, different areas of lesbians are in their own professional, want to confirm identity and identity, this squeeze out a discussion space. 」

Wei Chi, who entered the comedy as a student, said: "At the beginning of the 2000-year sex movement flourished, I wanted to do all the gender related things." So I knew the director Xu Ying, so I went into the theater. At that time there is a kind of atmosphere is like a witch in the Secret party, before the experience of lesbians are more sad, we do not so happy to touch their own gender identity, very much like the entire space is the pheromone in the leap. 」

Two or 11 years after the performance, what do they think? Becky smiled: "11 years apart, of course, is old ah." In a lot of the drama of the pondering on relatively more life experience, like me in the pheromones miss the monologue, now play will produce a link with their own life, can give the show more. I used to feel like the play was fun and sexy, but now I'm going to have some sadness in that section. "(The same field Gayon: Longing for the subject of Sarah )

"The first time we had sex that night, he pressed on me. I feel very strange, good light and light, like a piece of white paper weight, a young feather surplus bright Angel, I will be afraid. But, until we were 10 seconds later, the piece of paper quickly burned into a fire. "Lambech monologue," Outing to "," Zhao Ping flat-Miss Fei-chi

Life to a certain stage, the past seems to live the love of youth, also seems not simple. 11 years apart, Becky also no longer interprets teacher-student love in the "life", reactionary become "division" role. More want to reject also welcome, more moths to the flame.

Wei Chi said watching the play, like the challenge of a taboo, in addition to: "04 years of performance space, we have to walk a very narrow staircase downstairs, like secretly to attend the party." In the 15, there was a big difference in the external environment, and many gender movements were floating in the stage. The play is more of a reminder that this group of actors and theater workers have been doing it for a long time, with a kind of announcement. Now from last year's play to the publication of the new book, it also attempts to create a broader space and vision, not just a sneak party, to bring community discussions and links. 」

To make a book is to let the reader and the world communicate

For them, the book "outing" published, such as the Secret Party of the Witch, invited anyone to join the lesbian culture of the intimate carnival. Becky agrees with Wei Chi that the book is more about creating community Links: "Play repeat do not be warm to each other, we do a lot of seminars, only to find that this book is a lot of 1985 after the reader, we are out of this book, anxiety this book will not sell, fortunately, with the rain Chen and Wei Chi join, but also find ways to communicate with the reader. 」

Wei Chi said it is an honor to do this book, for her, this group of people is the creation of history, in their play to learn nutrients growth: "Those nutrients not only for women and culture, Taiwan in fact, there are many types of culture is not well remembered." You will find that there are many directors in the book who are talking about other people's stories, their own version of life. "Can crawl the history of similar identity, at least in the survival of the more in the spirit of the courage to go down."

For them, the book has a group of 85 readers is an accident, but also found that everyone needs to find their own identity.

"We want you to meet real, intimate lesbians," she said. In fact, many times when the mainstream culture appears as a female symbol, I think he has a distance with me. --Lambech

Leave the edge story a position

Although this book is intended to create more links, but the object is not the public, but the need for people. Wei Chi felt that the faces of the public were always vague, so they held a tour of the whole Taiwan, to Taichung, to Kaohsiung, to Yilan, to Jiayi, to see more lesbian or non lesbian life: "After a few seminars, I found that almost none of the last ones was lesbians." Some people on the surface of the identity is a different man, but he actually has a lot of things in the heart of the stir. There was also a man who looked like a different man, who said he had a little girl and an old man living in his heart. He is very much like living in a 90 years of lesbian culture, book to use a book purse, he will see some BL, these people, not lesbians, but in here to find a speech space and position. (Recommended reading: Love is the same answer!) Interview HUSH: Now is 2015, I am GAY what's the problem? )

Becky says the book attempts to flow through dialogue: "If we are accustomed to these subculture, we can raise more possibilities." What we expect is that he has a different state of life and we don't have to create a role for lesbians. 」

"We didn't take the public apart to see it. I think it's wonderful to create a space for people who live on the surface in a generational rule, but who are at the edge of the heart. --Chen Weixian

How to become a lesbian? Culture of the set point game

Lesbian culture is not seeking a more advantageous position, but let the equal communication. Lesbians are not invisible in the shadow of the ghosts, not the sad news report, they have their own language, they are in the PTT, BBS looking for a "solid lesbian" appearance, in the "Crocodile Notes", "Love of the Free type" to confirm their love's desire and is no different form.

"Lesbian culture is really too low-key, even broken," said Becky. "Just want to Chen Yino in the meandering Book of growth to find identity, like the collection of" lesbian points ", such as participation in the lesbian will pay attention to the film festival, after the discussion, into the comrades, public prostitutes parade," become a lesbian ", seems to become a very insecure emotional attachment. (Extended reading: the righteous love!) Interview Gushinyi: "We finally, did not become that dead comrade")

Wei Chi response to such a rupture: "04 years later, many lesbian creations stopped here." The world becomes very joyful, the network, the global consumption makes everybody looks very free, the woman Country Party, the LEZs magazine, many faces to the populace female gay movie appears, but the lesbian culture, but seems to be lonely. 」

After the gay parade, the term "gay" has become the object of observation by social observers, creating a number of "lesbian images of positive landscapes". Perhaps it was because I had seen so many lesbian plots that lesbians didn't agree with me, so they were determined to do the same thing-to find a place where lesbians ' cultural identity could be focused. The first step, that is, "outing; the winding female comrades ' creation footprint".

To you who haven't grown up to be lesbians

This book contains the creators of several modern Taiwanese gay culture. Wei Chi said: "This book is the starting point, never before a starting point." When we decided to find out who to write, we turned over a lot of research papers and found that there was no one to talk about the production of lesbian culture in Taiwan. Instead of skipping a lot of stages, write a couple of multiple family. 」

"To every one of you who has grown up to be a lesbian, to those who have not yet grown into lesbians." --Chen Weixian

It also said that when looking for respondents, they also encountered a lot of difficulties: "We are looking for respondents, there are many" out of the closet problem ", it is a sign and identity. Also let us start to think, talk about lesbian people, must be put on the lesbian label? The people in this book are not entirely lesbians. 」

What is the connection between the creator and the lesbian? Wei Chi For example in the visit to Chenxue, Chenxue would have hesitated. Her entire 20 years of creation and this identity have a lot of resistance, tug of war, like firewood, he was given a lot of anticipation under this status. As if as a lesbian, a smile in the eyes, all refers to what is involved. We live in a roll-mark generation, and take an overly hostage position to look at an author, perhaps losing the freedom of thought.

Hey, it's easy for me to feel Love

We look forward to "outing" a book more clearly speak the language of lesbians, we look forward to Chiuxin, there are more people to love. I think this book is the departure, let people on the way to pick up our lost girlfriends-Zhou Miling's movie symbols, Wei Yingjuan, Zhouhuiling, Fu Yuhui Theater games, female and artist writers of the gender politics.

Becky finally borrowed "outing go" in the monologue, dedicated to the lesbian: "Now I am easy to feel love." 」

No matter what kind of love, should be seen. Let us not sneak into any metaphor, let us more free touch, let us feel love.