A single diary is a new unit for women, with 500 words written tempting's single mind. "Tokyo Love Story" is 20 years later, you still love the VCDs. How you wish you had the heart of Li Xiang, so that love has become the body forever warm memories, single you look at the VCDs, know that they can always be strong, lonely like a star, a group of people with you together to look at. (Recommended reading: single diary: The so-called Love, as long as the beginning of meaning)

"If I call you at the top of Himalaya Mountain, will you pick me up?" 」
"Pick it up now!" 」
"What if I want you to bring a hot black wheel?" 」
"Will take a mountain so much Oh!" 」

The beginning of love, we would like to do two fools. VCDs "Tokyo Love Story", the first time after the end of the treatment with the red name Li Xiang Implicit vindicate, as long as you want, I will try to reach yo. Like the phone on the other side I want to see you, to hug you, gently sweet, like the warm sun in winter. Our world is not the same, but we can bask in the sun, how good.

The end of love, is Li Xiang to go, after the cure but said not export to her to stay. Feelings like the tea, mixed too much suspicion and too little confession, the core of love gradually light , even oneself also do not understand what the truth is. Li Xiang and the end of a good call preparation, together backward, Li Xiang cried three times after the name of the rule, through tears, can leave, can go without his world. Love is not responsible for anyone.

When single, especially like to see love story, not intentional self abuse, but in VCDs find oneself once loved appearance, once convinced oneself have the ability to love, the future is also worth to love or be loved.

Single people always have a strong and independent look, exudes everything I can come to the gas field, but not willing to casually let people share your loneliness. Your loneliness is left to the night, a glimmer of light, like the stars.

"There must be a lot of people as lonely as I am, but looking at the same starry sky."

Li Xiang turned her eyes, Li Xiang looked at the sky, Li Xiang fell on the bed shouting "first runway, red Li Xiang" look, you have too much to remember.