Grass East No party, at the end of 2015 in the Legacy of the birth of a large group, so that nearly full of fans together in a chorus of "Gale Blow", and the upcoming new album "Ugly Slave" tour, Taipei only a few days to sell all the light. To know the new star of the indie orchestra, to feel their love and music. (Recommended reading:"Independent Orchestra Interview" Prophet Mary-style inspirational: In order to find the light, you must first into the dark )

"I never really knew how to define indie music, but now for me, indie music is probably about what you want to sing and what you want to play without getting involved." Like I was going to sing "kill him" today, even to celebrate nuclear war. Because it is not created to resonate, it is a magical thing to get the audience to resonate. 」

This is the lead singer with no party in the grass East . Speech to think long, most of the time are noisy, smile said his dream is when "Ya house God Pig", to rent a small room, curled up in the inside for a lifetime do not interact with others, wandering in the mysterious network world. But he is also the main writer of Grass East, with the words of the grass east of the music soul, 2014 a "strong wind blowing 〉" cry ah, shout Ah, ask your mother to take you to buy toys ah . " "The banter lyrics and the Low Shen voice sang everybody's cool and uncomfortable, caused a commotion in the independent music circle, so far the song on Youtube has exceeded the rate of 200,000."

(left) bassist Xuan, lead singer Hui, guitarist build, drummer Liulicheng

The song of Grass East, muddy muddy

Many people started to know Grass east by the song, and I asked them why they thought this song could resonate so much. The four of them rushes, and the guitarist built the guitar and asked the others: "Do you think this is the best thing to hear?" Is it? "I see from her expression that she really wants to know the answer."

Hui in the noisy after the representative to speak, he said, "This song is very tasty, maybe everyone also like the kind of muddy muddy (dirty, muddy) feeling, so accidentally hit, maybe!" When the audience joined the chorus, it was really full of emotion. "〈 wind blowing on Youtube, a netizen message is so said:" Like the song of the kind of Grand, but it seems to have been beaten several boxing style! " "I think the netizen described it very accurately.

At the moment, I am curious to ask the building, why have you just kept asking others if they think it's best to listen to the wind? She said, "because there are other songs more beautiful, like my own favorite is a Taiwanese song, that song is the feeling of living in Taiwan." I pressed the name of the song, and she told me there was no name, because the song was not finished. I froze a laugh aloud, others then added that, anyway, every time I feel that has not finished is the best to listen to the first, written out and then did not like it. This is probably the music of the people. (Recommended reading: make you believe that there are Shangri-La musicians in the World: Huang )

For society and life, knocking on the big beat of grief

in my eyes, grass East music is very "social", they live in the island of Taiwan, their own life, the sense of society, all in the way of music expressed. In this respect, drummer Liulicheng said, "Music must be accompanied by society to produce, because after all, is living in this land, in the past two or three years, our life and social environment interaction, let grass can write our songs, but these are not just" our song ", but also" social song. " We have just intercepted certain segments of society and then named them. 」

The idea that is carried in the music is a link that the grass East attaches great importance to, I asked Hui where the lyrics usually come from, and where are the more often created? He said, "is at home, the head will suddenly have some words run out, I sometimes very unhappy, write songs is also a vent." "For Hui, playing music in Taiwan may be very difficult to win the mainstream market in the west, so the story and emotion in the song is more important, it is the place that can be alienated from others."

There's no party in grass east. The orchestra, in fact, was transformed by the "Grass Street party", after the transformation of members and styles to come here, Hui said, from the Grass street party to the grass East No party, is actually slowly return to their own process, at that time in the grass East street party more purposeful, want to do some disco, Electronic that makes people sound more happy music, and Grass East No party, then there is no purpose, simply return to their own creations, singing is their own heart things, music style also converted to the more sad big beat. (The same field recommendation:"Do music do not make ripples, to do stone" life of musicians Zhong Chenghu )

Music is more inclusive than faith

When it comes to returning to myself, I ask four people to talk about their relationship with music, it is not easy to keep on the road of music, especially the small market in Taiwan, the lack of audience, the orchestra to survive more difficult, I asked them, music what magic, so that they can be so firm?

Perhaps younger, bassist Xuan not much in the team, but as he describes the music in his mind, he says, "I think music and religion have a similar interdependence, like I wouldn't say I like music, I would say I rely on music, and music also relies on listeners, To keep this thing going. But music is more extensive and inclusive than religion, and for me it is not a very tangible thing, but it is more influential to others. 」

Instead of asking why, Liulicheng said, why not? Why not? "He said, Taiwan's social system now has a set of fixed patterns, as if we all have to follow the rules, people are always commenting on each other," we have to read, read books to go to work, we have to have some kind of political orientation, religion, or we do not know how to communicate with people. " But the music is completely outside the society's another set of systems, a bit like art, literature, it must have a core, the most magical things, but no one can say what it is, and in order to achieve that goal, we are willing to invest, just to find the point of agreement. 」

Music to the world Xuan is dependent, and for Liulicheng is not think of "why not?" "The choice; Hui had to listen to a wild Taiwan to sing up the fence, the same thing also happened in the building body, she used the only remaining money under the Kaohsiung, but no money to buy spring tickets, had to look at friends to enter, their ears affixed to the wall. Music, whether they are rich, have no money, want to always coexist with the existence, it is difficult to describe the specific love.

I want to play music, no hesitation

Music in the hearts of four people are not missing a part of, and they started, how and how the music met?

"began to really touch the lyrics, and so on, and so on, I found that" Oh, the original music is so ah, but as more and more in-depth, and suddenly feel "Oh, the original is far more than that," the true nature of music, the original is another infinite broad world. "This is why Liulicheng is deeply attracted to music. High school feel that should play a club, choose to join the pop music Research Club, music, the touch of the end of the things fascinated him, and went all the way to the present.

And the World Xuan Music starting point, is the father in the car play Sheng.

He said that when he was a child sitting in the car listening to music, feel very good will follow to sing, "like singing for a while, I found that just singing words will become a little selfish." "I'm a little surprised that the world Xuan used the word selfishness to describe singing, he explained that, compared with guitar playing, singing can only follow others sing, but there is a guitar, you will understand that people and the guitar is interactive, will affect each other," sometimes not to sing and play, but is to play what causes want to sing what, is mutual. " "For the world Xuan, it's a pleasure to sing your own songs on the guitar." (Recommended to you: Such a poem reminds people of Sheng song: No longer let you lonely )

Build says that I don't know what else to do except music, so I want to choose to do the music well, "20 years old, I work in musical instruments, suddenly epiphany, found that I have a skill, I can listen to something to know it is relative to what sound, the entire instrument line only I and another person has this ability." "It was then that she began to truly discover her musical talents."

and build the driving force on the road, in addition to her own 20-year-old epiphany, there is her cousin. Build said, she was very slow from the reaction, the state three that year, love playing video of the cousin of the game "Guitar Hero", he put the electric lend to build play, found that she played very rotten, laughed at her: "Not playing the guitar?" Still playing like this? "Build a laugh while talking about this memory," I thought, Wang eight eggs, I want to practice the piano to show you! "As a result, the cousin's ridicule has become the building can practice guitar power, the next time to see the building on the stage flexible appearance, don't forget in the heart thank cousin."

Do not let the construction of beauty in the former, Hui also bring out the story of cousin, he said that when he was a child, he followed his cousin to rock music, and even when he was small, he wanted to set up a band, "the country hour we want to group a few cousins, a choice of guitar, a choice of drum, a candidate keyboard, at that time did not know that there is bass this instrument I was learning drums, and later on the children, learn a study also did not become, a few cousins later also ran to dance Hot dance. "A few cousins from childhood to rock music filled with blood, and then all put into the embrace of hot dance, leaving a witch blocking a person, listen to feel very lonely, but still want to thank the cousin lead Wu plugging into the music door, we are fortunate to hear the grass East no party was born." (Recommended reading: May days from the underground orchestra to rock Mass, a name that is remembered by generations )

To listen to the grass East said: "What is Love?" 」

The music of the East, though it may sound a bit weary, a little angry, or a little indifferent, they say, all these emotions are in fact "love". They hope that in the upcoming release of the new album, "Ugly Slave" and touring, let everyone from their music to find love and empathy, and together to put these love practice into life. Listen to the love in the east of the grass, what is the shape of it.

Hui: "Love, is a projection of the ego." 」

"Like, why should I sing?" I think it all comes from love. "Love in the heart of Hui is a way of self-expression, a benign communication and interaction with human things."

Build: "Love, is to care about others." 」

Build think, love is to care about, some people only care about themselves, a better person, can care about the family and friends around, a better person, can go to help others. Her definition of love, she says, is also a kind of self hope that she will be able to give more love to the people.

The World Xuan: "Love is when you have an emotional response, dependence and desire greater than a degree." 」

Xuan said, when we say "I love you", it is actually the feelings that we can not be described as love. But sometimes this may be cheating, maybe our love is for ourselves.

Liulicheng: "Love is the complex of all emotions and actions." 」

For Liulicheng, if you beat a man to anger, to kill a person called despair or hate, then he would kiss a person, and that person is happy to talk about this kind of emotion called love, when we love a person, our emotions and behavior, will remind us that "this is Love".

Private Overweight! Grass East Ask Quick answer: if do not play music, what do you want to do?

After talking about the "love" that sounds like a more serious topic, I asked grass to think about what they would do if they didn't play music. They say they hope that the grass East can achieve good results in five years, so that they have the ability to force feedback to help them all along the way, but if there is no music to play, it can only be so ...

Hui : On the House of God Pig! I'm going to work on the production line, to maintain a basic life, and then as a House of God Pig, in the network world of freedom to soar. (for the first paragraph of this article, the King of the House of God is explained)

Build : Waiter, because I am very resistant, and I can only do stupid work. or sell fried cake slag and fried yuanxiao, the traditional method of cake residue are super delicious, and Yuanxiao rarely see someone to fry it? (Building excitement to replace a person to answer when still talking about the dregs.) )

Shi Xuan : Shoot It, I learn this. Do not do now because I feel the whole environment is not good, follow the wrong cast will be very frustrated, feel not in giving, just burning themselves, and have the feeling that they can be replaced at any time. (Hui added, there is a set of rules, but music does not ah.) )

Liulicheng : No plan for the future. (Liulicheng This word, everyone said want to go to his house squat, what is his family magic? And build said that he has a frog limb, please leave a wall of the position for her squat. )

Finally, grass east to recommend their new song "Mountain Sea", because this is in the North Arts major film Liulicheng personally director of the works, this MV picture and story sense, stunning.

Interview PostScript:

Interview Grass East This day is Taipei this year the coldest weekend, the meteorological Bureau said only 6 degrees. I came all the way to a few times, but accidentally let me get lost in the northern arts, and half of the ice and sleet fell on my coat. Met them, originally thought can be in the warm café in the interview, did not expect the shop can not table, only a few people in the outdoor seat of the shivering while talking.

This interview was once cold to we have to stop and move, they four people took the smoke, ran to the open space followed B-boy world Xuan Dance, laugh and make a fuss.

This is the most I have experienced an exclusive interview, because the weather, but also because of Grass east, the band's laugh is too unrestrained, often a smile on the rushes, stop. They are very real, very cute, only hope that the North Arts Institute will not be "closed down" (this can be said to be their deepest hope), can continue to let them in the practice of the group when the drunk to no longer practice. Hey, they promised to pick up the bottle.

Photography/Chen Yansian, Zhu Wei