Which book do you most want to read when you have a good day? With the woman fan editor put down the chores, read yourself in the pages.

Have more not be work, lover, dinner occupy moment, let us leave more stability for ourselves, greedy time alone, open a good book, is a new good year. Weekdays to run hundred meters speed reading information, but for a long time did not quiet down to read the book of the Woman fan editor, have opened hoarding XXL books of the private bookcase: see half of the old books, has not opened the new book ... together to see, this new year, they want to read the two preferred! (same field Gayon: lucky to meet a book: seven independent bookstores let you find a place in the city)

Audrey, editor of the Women's mystery

"The festival is suitable for me to read long books. Finally wait for a moment to bang, must take up a thick book on the lap, let the age slowly up, take oneself to others do not need to struggle to find the distant side. 」

Zhang Yixian: " Farewell book: In the time of my absence "

"I really intend to destroy all my memories when I was 43 years old," he said. ---------------farewell book: In my Absence

I like Zhang Yixian's "Love Soon", French Nantes, lesbians love heterosexual men, clear this is love, complex as a pure dream of love. And last year published this novel I have not read, may not be no time, but the heart is vague fear, afraid of too deep in that era, can not go out, so to keep a kind of aloof safe distance, self-protection, with a restless thought, I am in fact happy.

"Farewell book: In my absence of the Times," the book says, this is a story of Love, Write love story, are not out of pain. Along with the girl's eyes and growth footprint, with the democratic movement of Taiwan's memory, his earnest words for the organs, stripped of the gender and the nation's coat, in the face of the crowd looking for the same.

"The book's attempt is still a kind of sadness, a serious echo of" I'm Here ". "Zhang Yixian said so. I always feel that such a book and atmosphere, also very suitable for the new Year AH.

Chen and Jin: " quasi-Taipei people "

"If my mother had any dreams, it would be to build a circle of cement for the back of our house, to grow flowers, to buy a new fridge, to find a job that doesn't work too long, to wash the sheets tomorrow and not to rain ..." Chen Jin

Last time I saw the quasi-Taipei people, I was on the high speed rail, ready to go home. The last moment to buy the high-speed rail free seat, with the passengers next to crowds, pressure with no freedom. Almost angrily opened the quasi-Taipei, Chen Jin Works of Taipei Good Damp, the father in the rainy day to pick up the tattered, can't bear to toaster, others do not want is his rare treasures, Chen and Jin said "Discard things" is the process of domestication in Taipei. Let go of what can become worldly uniform.

"That year I was 19 years old, he was 77 years old." In the future I am 30 years old, he is still 77 years old--this distance will only shorten and not prolong . But as time grew, I could catch up with the old man. "

Chen and Jin write memory, memory is the verb to chase, memory is the living and the last gentle pull of the deceased. This is a call home memories of the book, suitable for the way home to read, staggered to miss the hometown of those vague faces, these years you all good? Memories of us, still grinning like a grin. (Recommended reading: The gorgeous turn of the maiden Kublai Khan!) Chen Jin and the quasi-Taipei people: I am not a person, I am myself .

"Farewell book: In My Absence", "quasi-Taipei" two books are about memory, not docile and mulled memory, damp and stretches of memory, the festival is so suitable for the memory, whether the past now or future.

Finally, I want to read the letter of the Ming Dynasty, you do not have a better fate.

Blush Red Edit Shanni

" There are many ways to explore lust, and the mixed in words is my most submerged place." Originally wanted to take advantage of a long vacation to catch up with a few wonderful new works, but think for a while, but choose dust-laden in the bookcase has been old books. I do not know why, but the rare long vacation, seems to be so suitable and old books of good dialogue, just like watching the body of a lover, there are people want to pan tears of faint passion. "

Shijing: "The third dancer "

I've been a fan of Shijing for a long time. Read his words, will let me think of a child when listening to Tiger Aunt legend tapes, like a person in the corner of the room holding a quilt trembling. The tigress would bite my little finger, and my whole body, my little head, was filled with fear, but it was like being scratched to the itch, and you never wanted to walk away when the pain mixed.

So he indulged in the moment, listening to the story and the moment of being confused by the story.

After seeing so many of Locke's army, he omitted the early novel. "Dance" For me is a publicity, to vent also to perform, or he did not know that he is performing, are the viewer's own explanation.

"The first dancer told the story of his 60-year-old lonely Womb, the second dancer who said a single mother-daughter incest sexual intercourse ..."

What about the third dancer?

Thought there was no answer, and if you had pain and contentment in his words, only to fall again into the forest of physical desires and fantasies, and keep circling and getting lost.

Ding Ling: The Diary of Ms. Sophia

Ms. Sophia is a more than 20-year-old schoolgirl who stays in an apartment in Beijing to recuperate from lung disease. Sally fly to write a diary, in her pen has two men, one is to her infatuation unceasingly Reed younger brother, another is the appearance is outstanding but the temperament pompous ling.

To me, watching a person's diary is like constantly digging his heart. You feel his sticky emotions in the whisper of words, his uneasiness, ecstasy, but you do not have to be responsible for this kind of toss, you almost like in his body in the chaos and once again ravaged.

Sophia understand Reed brother's infatuation, but only compassion for him, although she felt ling of the mind vulgar, but also for his appearance and physical fascination. She wrote in her diary of her struggles and sufferings tied to lust, and she kept talking, pushing bursting her sink and consciousness with words.

But to me, watching a person's diary is like looking at his own heart, you know how naked he is, so he knows how aloof and weak he is.

Woman obsessed edit Ab

"Spring Festival can not help but think of a lot of old taste, there are several books, let people recall once in the heart of the annihilation of the true." Growth in the shape of my face those words, like a new cotton-padded jacket, warm and thick back. 」

Jian Zhen: who is in the silver glittering place, waits for you: the old age writing and the withering illusion

Jian Zhen Prose "seven seasons of People's Roll" Valentine's four: "If you insist on the northwest side Roar, I want to weave a rainbow in the southeast." "Let me begin to read the poem, but also to weave a leading to the bridge of words." It was the words that the mother had read, and the faded cover, and fell upon my palm. Like the Imperial seal, let the mother's emotions rubbing in my memory.

me to Jane 媜 A kind of old-fashioned obsession, I like from her refined soul to the female life landscape exploration, realize the woman's life has latitude and longitude. Written in "Daughter of Red":"for women, staring at their own nudity is like browsing the diary, see the time this horse how to call the mountains and rivers, foot into a river, from a mysterious and splendid jungle world." "To the woman's body, the body became a magnificent garden, at that age, these words like boiling hot water, anxious hearts, and then cool convergence of spirit."

2013 "Who in the silver glittering place, waits for you: the old age writing and the Withered Illusion" publishes, is still delicate soft, but takes the destiny more perseverance. One's life first experience expansion, then atrophy, our torso follows time to wither :"The complete life should be the mixed emotions, and do not exclude black and blue." She has the scars of her bearing, admirable. Let go, finally must make oneself walk into nothing, that is Jane媜 and Life Koushou answer.

"The youth of the past is so pure, is true, today in the Swamp jungle fighting so sincere, also is true." 」

Mythic:" the magician on the bridge "

The university script teacher repeatedly asked us to read this book to see a living attitude towards the humble person of life. I realized now that he wanted us to see not the story, but the man. Every story is started by people. That year we were anxious about how to build a script, set a character, and develop a complete narrative. Dogma succeeded in conquering my imagination of people, the role of shaping, mostly from the film literature copied from.

Human spirituality is not imitated, I began to understand that the most precious is always those who stand in front of the dialogue, because people have love.

Mythic in the word, in my case is magical realism, scenery is virtual, emotional truth. "The Magician on the Bridge" in 10 short stories to deal with the reader's universe, as if neon cross flashing, you want to sing in the stage of life on the line. Write the Chinese market-a dead age, the cheap oracleof palm, noodle king, Sanqi suit number called the Lost collective memory. Perhaps also created a Chinese shopping mall, spanning generations to rooting in everyone's goodness.

Little one, you know, there are some things in the world that will never be known. People's eyes see things that are not unique. ........ Because sometimes the things you remember all your life are not the things your eyes see.

"The Magician on the Bridge"

"There are too many things in the world that can't be opened with keys," he said. But I have always believed that once a key is struck out, it may one day find something he should have started. 」

The writing of the Times or the memory of individual life, each book, promote our dialogue, communication, understanding. Spring season, Time is right, wake up also wash bulky thinking. Do you also have books that you like when women are obsessed with editing private bookcases? Welcome message with us to share your annual leave book! Have a long time to read the annual leave.