, a movie that doesn't exist on the map, does not know the room on the map, is less than the space of the five square feet, and is already the world of Jack and Joy .This film is not only about sexual violence, but also the violence that lives "completely taken away", leaving the room not equal to being free, but slowly, to the process reunderstanding the world (Sibling: From yourself to the world!: Light in the dark, see light (end of text)

Open your eyes, the only light source in the room is clear from the top skylight, long hair, good morning, good morning, good morning, good morning, good morning, good morning, breakfast, watch, watch TV, see a mouse, take a bath, change clothes, get in the wardrobe, mother's face, and the old Nick is a monster.

The old Nick always stepped on a lot of steps, and when he entered the door accompanied by a password, he could not sleep with her mother when he was there.This is a day of Jack's. He closes his eyes and hears the world outside of the wardrobe. Bang bang, Ma doesn't hum, and then Nick Shen, Shen, goes to sleep.

So, Mom?Her name was reduced to a single voice of Ma, and her wrist was unable to give up on the use of force. She had already thought about it, and she had failed. Now she looks at Jake and wants a piece of toast to support at least when she has enough food and clothing. Can old Nik bring more vitamins?

She was bored with her mind to create a life in the "room", such as an ice cream box that was smashed on the floor, and the flavor was melted together, kitchen, bathrooms, bedding, nursery, living room, all of which were in this room.That's a good one, Jack. She's thinking.They are the mother and child, and they have surpassed their mother and child relationships to become a kind of a community of life.Life tied them together, and they had to depend on life and couldn't be distracted.

flirting with a real sexual violence, was abducted in a room by seven years of adolescent girl Joy and became a non-voluntary mother.Sexual violence is the starting point, not the whole story.(Recommended reading: "Sexual violence is not a woman issue, but human rights issue" )

nonexistent room > is a movie about Understanding, the subject of understanding is like dust under light, and the entire room is dispersed.

How do five-year-olds understand life and the world, how to "find out" mothers outside their rooms, how to confuse the world as a result of the chaos of the world? How can they forget their mothers' identity, forget their despair, and try to understand and understand "love" (or to think about their mother's love?)How do you tell the next generation that the family of the family is actually full of pain in her body?(Recommended for you: A wound after the sexual assault: "It's OK, you're worth it." )

The video name of a room that does not exist is The Room, a room capable of carrying pain and suffering, and a life of life and a world of blossoming.

Truck, Escape, Diving, Run! Leaving the room to meet the start of another world

Truck, Escape, Diving, Run."

Leaving the "Room" series of actions, saving four words of good recitation, Jack, with her mother's hopes, with a stalemate, at that moment, he feels that he is close to death.He feels that the wind blows through the cheek, and the first time he sees the face of the sky, the sky is a whole piece of the sky, not just a single piece of the window.The sky is so blue that it will continue to spread out of sight, not like a room.Jack looked at the eyes of the sky. If the first baby was first seen in the world, his mother did not lie, and my tears fell off the other.

After leaving the room, the story is long.Good and bad will follow.I love this way of handling things, rooms and rooms, not two worlds apart from a divided world, and not a room. Everything will be automatically shuffused and you have a body or an ideal childhood. The world of the outside world is not necessarily an expected, "better" world.

The pain and life history in the room is like a ghost in the night, and it stays on the individual.It is not just the abused mother, but also the baby who grew up in the room, must use the length of life, dialogue with the pain, and grow together.until the pain becomes a body, a piece of pericab, tough.

"The world is too big, so the time must be dispersed, and the time for each place becomes very small, so everyone is in a hurry.""

Jack knows that, after leaving the room, the mother no longer only lives in a place where he is within reach, and is no longer a 24-hour-sticky life community. The mother wants her own space time and life. He also has his own personal needs.He was able to let his mother's hands go, to establish his relationship with the world, his relationship with others, and his relationship with him.(Sibling: In love with a rose: The Little Prince taught us six of our relationship issues )

Joey?Woman's name, not just mother

What about the mother?The mother's name is Joy.The woman's name should be more than his mother.Before being a mother, a woman first was a person, and there was a desire to dream that someone would dream. Can society understand such a vision?

"Have you ever thought that after the baby was born, would you ask Nick to send her child to the outside and let him live a better life?""
do I want to do this?"I
understand your hesitation, but will this kid have a better life?""
is it, Jack, I'm already there."

After leaving the room, Jack's story is not over yet, and Joy is also.In the film scene, the reporter interviewed Joey, who took the microphone to represent the society to the front and questioned why she did not give her the best choice and leave her to the next generation to let her live for you.This is a concept of terrorism and helplessness, and the problems of Joey's hearts and minds will also be a problem we face.(Recommended reading: Mother, must you be sure to build a mother's love?)

Joey was a mother, and she thanked Jack for his birth, knowing that her pain was more intense and love was stronger.But as a mother, can we just have a posture of "surrogacy," and not just "leave the best for the child"?

If you are selfish, can you be considered a mother?Why is it that after the birth of a child's container and the birth of a child, no one can remember her life?

Joy's expression of loneliness reflects a lot of women's lives, including myself.

This is not a story of violence. It's a story of violence. It's not a story of violence. It's not a story of violence. It's not a story of violence. It's not a story of violence. It's not a story of a mother.(sibling: < Mother's disease >: Don't let your parents love it, you become a pain source )

[non-existent room] coupon activity (ended)

The Room >, which is based on the New York Times Book of Ten, is a blueprint for the Austrian Abduction event, which has shaken the world.The protagonus had been trapped in a small room in prison for seven years, with the world in absolute terms, and even gave birth to a child, Jack.Each person is born to explore the world from the smallest room.Let's go to the theater, watch a movie, and get away with Jack.

Movie Information

Time: 2/23 (2) 19:30
Place: Taipei New Light and Film City (No. 36, Xining Road, Taipei, No. 36, Xinxin City, Taipei)


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