Emmahuasen in 2014 #HeForShe speech: "If not me, who would it be?" If not now, when would that be? "Gender insight into the world is not the only option, but it must be one way." Women who are obsessed with the "Gender Watch" notes, with their motivational and environmental implications, will be sharing their gender-related current affairs observations from short stories. First, we'll talk about it by Emmahuasen. Written in the #HeForShe , the women's Rights reading club , Emmahuasen further in-depth dialogue with the feminist scholars. (recommend you see: who is the feminist of the big question: look forward to a flowering of gender studies )

After Emma Watson set up the feminist reading Club, she declared comeback after a year. She says she will spend more time studying herself and researching feminist reading this year. She visited feminist author Gloria Steinem (Gloria) at the center of Manchester, London, February 24. Stan can),Gloria Steinem's book "My Life on the Road" is also the first reading of Emma Watson's feminist reading Club .

In the interview process, the two men, two of whom are all important voices in the field of gender equality, chatted about the Hermione role in Harry Potter. Emma Watson says that her "Hermione" fame has been a struggle for her "self-identity": "I've spent a lot of time trying to make myself look like Hermione, and now I accept it, I'm like Hermione, and I don't have to deny it." 」

Emma Watson also shared her Feminism with Hermione when he was talking to everybody, author of the "The ' Is for", Hooks: "People like to compare me to Hermione and think we're both alike, but I didn't think so before, Often in the mind that I do not like Hermione, I like fashion, I am cooler ... and so on. But it turned out that I had a lot in common with her, so I gave up and struggled. 」

Emma Watson , in an interview with "Porter", said that she had evolved from the girl Hermione role, "the most authentic self." Emma Watson waits for Yu Jianli, but Hermione was once a part of her life. (Recommended reading:#FreeTheNipple, all over the United States, long live a family, lust! 2015 gender counterattack for better times lead the way )

Emma Watson then discusses the transition to "self-identification." She once hated her rough eyebrows, saying that popular culture shapes women "What they are" is very disturbing.

Gloria Steinem response: "The woman's body is a container rather than an ornament, we should celebrate the body has different patterns, size, shape, we have scars, wrinkles and defects are beautiful, it allows us to be who." I want every woman to go home tonight and look in the mirror and yell, "Oh my God, that's fucking great!" 」

A woman's body is a container, and the load breeds the vast power.

Gloria Steinem words, opened up a woman's eyes to their own vision. this year, the 81-year-old Gloria Steinem almost passed all the second wave of feminist battles. She did it again when the law did not allow Huihun and abortions . So far, she's still fighting the system.

Gloria Steinem and Emma Watson, one leading the 60 's and 70 's early Women's liberation movement, a leading man into the affirmative movement. Regardless of genre, to open a common dialogue, this day, we saw the feminist work together to light the spectrum.