Woolf: "If you're going to write novels and poems, you'll have 500 pounds a year, with a locked room on the same door." "We want every woman to have the space to think and mind independently, and to invite you into their physical and psychological chambers." Continue into Chen Jin , Wang Yu , Yang room, women's room The fourth series came to Deng home. (same field Gayon:"Deng column" True performer, do not miss performance marks )

If you like theater, pay special attention to the show, you will know her, Deng. Nine clouds from the television to the theater, shuttling between the screen and stage, performance, not just a job, but she spoke to the world the way. Nine cloud also writes, at the desk in Fangzheng wooden table, crawls to comb out a profound fable.

A lot of people shout her small June, also occasionally take the amount of gossip to her, and nine cloud meet two hours, I can't will those label with her link, because she body absolute and trenchant, don't allow her for anything endorsement.

This day we came to nine cloud home, she lives in the space is located at the foot of the mountain, outside under the rain, orange-brown space rambling quiet to a distant stable smell. She handed out a pound cake of citrus and honey, a pot of Japanese tea, the rain is the warm space to eliminate, the kitchen in a corner, the vitality of plant plants in the balcony, such as the organs of the House breathing, a large bookcase, a small corner of the dog's treasure, and many of the white leaves. This space to stay white, do not use unwanted items, but also nine cloud temperament to people's feelings, neat, clean.

An actor's stubbornness: only for the emotional service

Nine cloud treats the space concise obstinate, like she asks herself. As an actor debut nine years, nine cloud initial into the TV circle is always not adapt, not adapt to "the eyebrow angle" than "the essence of performance" more important. She is not the undergraduate department, after the University participated in the theater to be interested in the performance, to start a model, into the entertainment, to the British performance, after a long struggle, nine cloud to find their comfortable position: "I like to be able to let the actors, give full play to their characteristics, focus on the role "(Recommended reading:" Deng column "We all have to practice a person )

She has a sharp edge, does not like the show how many things are rather than, Nine said that the actor, a lot of time in the play, and so on, and so on, and so on, it is easy to lose: "A lot of people tell you his ideas, tell you that you are not good enough, you do not." I used to meet a lot of people in the TV circle, they regard "ruthless" as a heroic, only one way to think about you, for example, they see your gossip, will be about you. 」

Nine cloud bones have a lot of not admit defeat, the more she felt that they do not adapt to the environment, it is necessary to find pain points. To see why he is uncomfortable, such discomfort, did not let her choose to adapt to the environment, but change.

Create the environment without the environment

The nine clouds went through the time of their doubts, to the British theatre, to further understand their own body, she said because the British drama requires the actors to pay attention to their bodies, she began to exercise: "I think sports saved me." You will be happy, if you really have emotional difficulties, you go to sports. If you're sad, you cry, just sit there and wait for him to pass. 」

Perhaps, nine cloud is indeed than who will wait for people, her way of dealing with emotions, not to ask themselves as soon as possible, but to accept the cyclical sadness: "With their emotions only a word, and so he used to, I have accepted that I am a cyclical mood of the people are not good." To face their own needs, no one can be more than you help yourself, even if you are not strong it does not matter, you still have the ability to help yourself. To seek out forever can not find, better choice, is created from the heart. 」

To face their own hearts, but also to society. Nine clouds look at the Taiwan Theater system, hoping that they can bring more changes to the environment. So last year she made a small theater, hoping to use the lowest cost, so that the role of monologue, operating theatre environment: "I know Taiwan's environment is really bad, I hope I can create, I am impatient, so there are small theater ideas, I like to ponder the most detailed emotions, rather than the development of a complete narrative structure, must be in the National Theater performance." 」

For her, the theatre belonged to the city, to all, and to the National Theatre without having to spend 2000 tickets: "I want good actors to be seen, good actors need good text, and as actors, I know what they like." So I wrote it myself, as a producer, I asked two or three directors to create a joint. (The same field Gayon: to subvert the theater with a comic attitude!) Shu Yiwei, Director of the Taipei Arts Festival: "Life is looking for, creating who you Are")

The art market in Taiwan needs to shorten the distance

"I am very resistant to the label, resistance to the results of the theory, the most important, should be the core and spirit of the work." 」

The nine clouds are the most cautious and logical Pisces I have ever seen. She said she observes the Taiwan Theater environment, is according to the university to read the advertisement to observe the consumer behavior, sees a phenomenon, goes to the traced, has brushed aside the intertwined: "Taiwan does not have the market, you always create the talented person, will withdraw without the income." "Compared with Hong Kong, it is a city that sees cultural consumption as the norm:" Hong Kong is too commercial and its people are very special, because the Hong Kong House is small and people have very little time to stay at home. People will continue to go out to spend, so Hong Kong singing and entering the theatre will be very low price, Hong Kong to see the play is a lifestyle, in Taiwan, it seems to be a special move out. In a mature city, art should be a part of life. 」

She expects art to become a part of Taiwanese life, art is flowing, do not need to positioning for it, nine cloud example of their own books, there have been publishers said they want to locate in the "Wenqing market", when nine clouds puzzled, why should there be such a label? Such labels can not be used to identify, but the mutual repulsion of the magnets, people and people pushed away more distance.

I am curious nine cloud has no artistic culture development ideal, she said: "This time I go to Denmark to have very deep feeling, Denmark is the art very powerful very popular place, walk in the street is the art advertisement, the child every day in inside, naturally will change." When you can't see anything today, how do you get the public into it? I think that if the government can allow enterprises to adopt advertisements and let art organizations free promote and taxes, it will benefit the city and make the arts more friendly to the people. 」

In writing and acting, the most needed is honesty.

As an actor, also as a writer, nine cloud live in the city there are many expectations, for her, regardless of writing, acting, theater, it is important to link with people: "I focus on the nature of people, writing this is a story of the angle and way." Actors and writing are complementary, if only as an actor, without writing I will be very empty, actors can not master the status of their work. The most interesting thing about writing is taking time to write and they will see it. 」

On the way to the actors, nine clouds walk a path of self-identification, and the two years began to write, and she was more assured: "I don't want to write about what the reader likes." 」

"There is not an actor that can not be replaced. --Deng

Nine clouds said after 30 years old, she understood not for others to change herself: "I often want to write need not to please the audience?" I will also face changes, change the direction of the request, then I think, I do not want to destroy my original works, I do not want to bear the fame and fortune to write. Actors also want to please the audience, I now recognize that if I want to please others will be endless, I want to do their most honest things. "(You would like:" Deng column "We are not smart enough, so do not know how to give up )

To put something in its proper position.

Honesty is the most important purpose of her life. Nine clouds are the people in the brain, there are small theater, she needs to write down, record those Pentium. I imagined her writing on this wooden table every afternoon, and continuing to turn on the orange-warm lights in the evening. She is so eager to speak out, the delicate feelings of people like to pick a fishbone general, smiling up their eyes, a root pull out.

The whole nine-cloud living space, she likes this wooden table most, she said: "I always want to big wooden table, because writing needs inspiration book, I sometimes put the table on the mess." Another is to find friends to come home, sit here and chat for dinner. I like wooden things, every piece of wood has its value, like you see this little coaster, it is hidden wood, long on the edge of the cliff, strong vitality. 」

"I like this bookcase, just moved in, with the designer for a long time, before forming the appearance of this bookcase." Originally I hoped this space all fills the bookcase, afterward thought, I really need so many furniture. "Nine clouds have been passing through a Japanese restaurant, the owner of the use of all old, hand-made media, broken utensils, the collection of waste, create space decoration." Nine clouds are very deep that life spirit, everything in the most natural way to put.

She said: "You should not reserve space to let things in, but things come, and give it position." 」

This is Deng to the space consistent attitude, not also very much like the face of life, and fate.

Nine clouds in the house. The last item we know is the couch: "I just started moving in there is no sofa, the cookie is very melancholy, the doctor said it is psychological reasons, because he was accustomed to the sofa, now he will sleep on the sofa doll dog, I like to sit on the floor reading. 」

A dog, a man, a book, a gentle afternoon.

To greet the whole year of early summer

If there is a woman in the room she can enter, nine Yun said Niki De Saint Phalle's room must be very interesting. Niki de Saint Phalle is an artist she met in Denmark to see an exhibition, Niki de Saint Phalle is a very absolute feminist, nine said she in an interview film, a photographer asked her brain problems, Niki De Saint Phalle Quarrel with him directly.

"niki De Saint Phalle must do something for the world, so leave the family began to create, at first she will shoot paint with a gun, her work is very interesting, color is very diverse, but she was young to die, I want to enter her room, her beautiful lovely very aura, like Audrey, At the same time creative full of vitality, and like to make themselves very dirty. I would like to see what she wears in her room and what she does. 」

Niki De Saint Phalle

If you want to describe your room, nine clouds will say "all year is early summer", early summer is nine clouds favorite season. I think it does look like, I like the nine cloud room flowing wood stability, and a stack of books covered with a sturdy fortress, summer, cookies will certainly lie in the window to bask in the sun, nine clouds take advantage of the sunshine, the breeze is not impatient, write a fresh story.

Early summer energetic, soft fall of the sun, as she, always curious, open the big eyes to detect the world, and then with no grandstanding words, write down the gentle thing.