When you are lost , please remember the first time in the arms of your own angular. Grow up on the road, you will face more loss of principles, love, Lose yourself. Leave your focus to yourself and share with you the five of words that are written to your inner child, wishing you the strength to move forward bravely. (same field Gayon: return to 20 years old, finally understand the five life reason )

Lindayang said, gentle and kind-hearted people are doomed to hurt, that is good and valuable place. Many times, we live as adults, but more vexatious, we wear adult's suit, than children also care about grudges, we read more than 20 years of books, to social or only in front of the snow, we share Adler psychology, in the Face book reprinted good articles, but never read. Hey, who the hell do we live for?

This is a fake, you should leave your focus to yourself. The more turbulent the world, the more you have to listen to the heart, some movies, you see the Valley of life, some people still desperately shed tears flashing light tin top hope. To share with you the five words of a movie that is written to your inner life, let's hope you throw away more restrictions and look at yourself in a larger perspective. (same field Gayon:2015 classic movie quotes: Grow up not terrible, terrible is forgotten )

Animal Side City: People live only once, become what you want to be

"Anyone can be what he wants to be." ("Anyone can be anything.") )-Animal Side city

Judy had just stepped into the animal city, Zoo looked at the fresh city, good buildings, good tide of passers-by, a good free city. Many of us also embrace such novelty, came to the "dream of practice" of the city. Unfortunately the city, the most easy to raise a bad ambition.

Confused days, you like cunning Fox, with the impression of people to wrap themselves, you grow up, must be more round, to abandon some principles, accept the world for granted. You are like the rabbit, in many dead of night, hear the neighbor's chirping, think of many people tell you "you do not" mouth type together with the muscles of the canthus zoom in slow motion.

Perhaps the growth will let us slow down, we will be more thoughtful, seek to set and move, but sometimes, it is the shares of thinking, only to the right forward stupidity peculiar rash, is a valuable reason for people. You can become what you want to be, ten years later, 20 years later, should be worthy of the first step into the city full of dreams of their own. (same field Gayon:"Animal City": The more understanding, the more distinctive )

Loyal dog kill order: Kindness is not performance, dark accompanied by light

"Every terrible thing needs your love." --The faithful dog-hunting order (the German poet, Rilke)

This is 2015 of the film, it happens to be in the days of current events, let me meet. Then Hagen became a stray dog's perspective, shaking the lens to see Hagen was violently trained as a fighting dog, how to be cold forced to the desperate, the claws of the people to fight back to the base of life. Again and again by the cruel human whip, destruction, the original eye of goodness, by human nature spent.

The oppression of the people's habitual communities is not only about animal rights and human rights, but the right to life. We shake the good flag, kindness to become a showcase. Face book and red VIP clock, but big hug fur, to roadside stray dog sneer at; Upload charity donation receipt show Big Love, but for mental illness, the weak people spit.

When we criticize social affairs with our normal and superior, it is difficult to remember who is crowding out the edge, who creates the illusion of happiness, who makes the so-called "terrible monster". Every monster is raised by a social indifference toxin. In the film, is the human with the knife to kill a head of animals, one day, we will not row open each other's fur, step on the end of a pool of blood. What is Love? When everyone asks you to stay away from the dark lair, you choose to be near and in the dark, to accompany the monsters to know the dark. (You will like: the hands of the undifferentiated attacks: gender roles and the oppression of successful definitions )

The final curtain of the film, humans and animals down together, all sentient beings are equal to stare at each other

Happiness knocks on the door again: you always have the power to love

"I will not love. 」
"But you've loved."

Pain, will make people want to be loved, and afraid of being loved. Do you remember how you grew up and what the impact of your native family was? The years are getting older, and the loved ones are passing away. Everyone has a tolerance in the heart of the injury, no matter how many love will be lost, to live well. Rarely do we face the wounds and see that we need to be vulnerable.

The heroine in the growth, because of the loss of her father Shen Pain, can no longer easily trust "love", she dare not easily touch the relationship, afraid of provoke to leave. Each banished their own people have shouted in the heart: "Sorry, sorry, sorry, I also very much wish to live a normal life, but I do not know why I have been like this." 」

"I will not love. "Perhaps you thought so at a moment of disappointment." Your experience tells you: "All the people I love will get hurt and will leave me." "You've got all the blame for the past," he said. Hey, don't be a victim of fate, don't really wait for the hero of Life to save you, always believe that you have the ability to love, and learn to accept the ups and downs of life, all the passers-by, deeply into the heart. If you always cross the "past", understand yourself, forgive yourself, and talk to the "wrong" in the past, you will have the first step in your heart. (Recommended reading:14 movies with you identify yourself: Fear is the Treasure of Life )

Farewell, then! Youth Bird: Wandering 30 years old, think of their own

"Don't lose courage, sing in your mouth, have the sun in your heart--farewell!" Young Birds (Germans Cäsar flaischlen〈 have the sun in their hearts)

What would it look like when you were 15 years old and you met the 30-year-old? 15-year-olds have the most severe problems at the time, and 30-year-old children have to struggle with their teeth. In the background of the high school choir, music teachers from Tokyo to Nagasaki Islands summon their children to face the courage of life with a paper towel ~ Bai to 15 years old.

"I'm dying, I want to disappear in the world." "The youth will have the melancholy idea, in the adult eye looks like how laughable, but those pain all is the real existence." But the big people, has the strong heart wall, in the wall, but also is dilapidated. (Extended reading: for the 20-year-old youth sheet: Please allow us to be stupid again )

What would you say to your present self, 15 years old? "I hope you are happy, not wasting my youthful loneliness." 」

When the music starts, you have to move on.

Shore trip: Let go of Miss, fly in a better direction

"Well, we'll see you later," he said. 」

Director Hezeqing to Mystical Awakening ghosts, let a person in the road of an afterlife. This is a story to say goodbye, very much like life. Goodbye is the eternal proposition, go to school and mom and dad say good-bye, grow up home afraid to turn back, and first love can not say goodbye to miss, a friend from your life to graduate

In the face of farewell, but also more humble repentance. I like the implication of the shore, everyone in the sea, but to the other side of the death, people say all the highest realm in the other side, only the strong will to arrive. In the movie, the other side, also exists for the living person. In the face of loss, often sentimentally attached to the people do not let the story go away, we regret, remorse, gift hate, they dragged themselves, but also worried about the other side, those who should go, will go more.

We are always curious about the people who leave, how they think of "me", perhaps those thoughts are not important. If you love again, or early or late to see, after leaving, the things in the river, is behind the matter. The film to say goodbye to the people to good bye, if you can, we do not wait until the white, with Thanksgiving, hoarse, give all, say the existence of pain ambiguous, heart will be light, you will be better in the direction of flying.

Five movies, write to Your heart is also lost in a corner, may you in the deep darkness, there are more waiting for patience, I wish you on the road of life, live back to their ideals.