Chan from 1998 to 2016, from the "Let me think" to "Time Song", as early as in the media in pursuit of her little fresh Goddess before, her song has been accompanied and soothe us for a long time. Beginning in July 2016, Chan will open a creative exhibition in Huashan, the concept of "moving room", inviting fans to join her in the ranks of artistic creation. Looking back over the years we have heard together , each song has a little bit of our living shadow, she gave the world a more gentle possibility. Chan (Same field Gayon: A woman like Chan: "Freedom is to do the things you like, to let the things you like have value.") ")

I still remember the first Chan I heard, sentimental kills, who sang with such a sweet voice, maybe I am a freak.

At that time Chan has not left an elegant curly hair, not wearing a symbolic flying cap, she is still a seemingly childish watermelon head, a pair of eyes blink, she said hey I am not you look forward to the girl singer Oh. (same field Gayon: Zhang Hang, chan, Wei!) Eight reasons to fall in love with an independent woman )

Her first album called, "Let me think about it," she was all unformed, uncertain and mobile, so she said, "At first, I just wanted to sing in strange places, like Taiwanese cabbage on a safe island, and a way to take root on the ground." 」

Singing is to settle down, so every song of hers becomes an organism and grows in a diffuse way. At that time Chan, in the conservative Taiwan, like a freak, as soon as she opened her mouth, the world seemed to be more open, people no longer so afraid of crossing the norms of the line, will be shattered.

Chinese media said Chan behind the story of Taiwan's xiaoqing generation, who knows, Chan rebel early in the distant 1998 years. She's been singing all the way from 1998 to 2016, from "Let me Think" to "Song of Time", she let us know, love us to experience a song time, is a romantic and pragmatic thing. Everyone's psychology, should have a Chan, accompany you to experience the most desolate rebel years.

Point a favorite Chan of each period, to commemorate their living shadow, all the way to the present.

Too clever: The gentle rebellion of the Maiden

"Just afraid of my own heart to bury, I began to regret should not be too clever show, just afraid of my own heart to bury"

I often feel that the early songs of Chan must have been written for young girls. "Too clever" is the Proud girl's confession song, for you I can not be clever; "Child" is soft girl snuggle bedside to ask you how much love me, "Little cool You" catch girls skimmed over pretending not to care. Those who were rejected, was labeled "petty" of the girl's feelings, are put into the song, justly Sing out.

Chan called for an invincible Girl Regiment, the girl's rebellion is gentle, with a soft voice to ask the world, "you listen to the most popular music, saw the most box-office movie, you dare to do and others do not the same thing?" "(Recommended to you: maiden love, how glorious )

"Lying in your closet": intimacy is more intimate.

"Your body followed me home, and I put it at my bedside, and it had been temporarily lent to whom you had, and it was now quietly lying in my closet. 」

"Lying in your closet" is included in the "Groupies guitarist" album, this song is very intimate, this is Chan first talk about sex songs, wardrobe as warm and generous as the uterus, the deepest passion is quiet, hug each other, do not have to talk, to sneak you into the womb.

Chan's song is very negative, recorded by love tingling and warm feeling of love, she is not very good at or respond to the world to her excessive expectations, the so-called "Chan phenomenon" noun, and she has no relationship. She always said with a faint smile, "can not meet the expectations of all people, complete the flattery of everyone." 」

About creation She is always very firm, a lot of things are not negotiable, "if the song does not pass through life, can not write out, each song is to use life to complete a concept, but also with the past of their own dialogue." "She used a pair of philosophers eyes, and constantly want to farther away, I suddenly think of interview Zhong Chenghu, he said do not do music do not care about the ripples, to do struggling stone, to this era throw something." (Recommended reading:"Do music do not make ripples, to do stone" the music of the Lifetime Zhong Chenghu )

Flower gesture: Living with the world with the gesture you like

"My flowers let me wear, my flowers let me wear, you have your, I have my blooming, I have my posture." 」

In the 03, Chan left the record company, walked the independent music Road, no trace to follow, so the road to go tortuous and strong. "Gorgeous Adventure" album, there are many reign and then the taste of life, like a pat on the shoulder, hug you, said nothing to fear.

When you are sad, I will listen to the "flower Posture", this song Let me feel understood, can forgive themselves, "many buds do not open will be cut some, let it focus on a flower, like people, must give up some, so that their only thing can bloom." 」

No matter how long the debut, she followed the same guitar, that is her most unwilling to give up the brand name. Chan can always use the illogical way to make people understand that they are understood and trusted. To the world, there is nothing to compare or sorry ah, we each blossom, each have their own posture, each fall. (Recommended to you: girl, you don't need to say sorry to the world )

Sun: A reflection of his loneliness

"I am ... Weary wandering of the sun. Unable for himself, unable for who, still down. 」

So surely the dazzling sun that is being watched has the right to be alone? Is there a possibility of self-doubt? The Sun is written in the lonely atmosphere of the song, but the loneliness is not bad, no one in the world is not lonely, so will be so hard to identify the same kind, we because a book or a song easily shed tears, because smell a similar breath.

Chan's song is like a mirror, reflecting lonely and riddled with holes, everyone is like this, but if we can see the sun, maybe we ourselves are the sun. (Recommended reading: find the same in a desolate generation!) Zhu Tianwen talk about transtextuality Niang: "Everyone has their own lonely situation")

Chance and coincidence: the kindness to pass the life

"is trying to fly, as do not know, stars and candles, who will first extinguished, if beautiful everything, always looks distant, dear, do not sad, happiness is not in his side." 」

2005, Chan in the Freshwater Zoo recordings, 2008, she came to Taipei Station Hall recordings, 2014, single (coincidence and coincidences) in the Daan Forest Park station Recordings, MRT Sound, children's frolic, gently cough, her music is close to life.

I thought of Chan in the interview and said, "My song wants to convey a kind of kindness." "I've been thinking, what does that mean?" A little older, I realized that good is very complicated, how to continue to believe after the disappointing? (Recommended reading:"Female leadership column" Don't be afraid to be the light because the world is dark. )

At this time will think of Chan Song, think of her gentle to sing the world No absolute answer, doubt, anger, tears, lost, lonely, choice is a good thing, it is her to people and the world of absolute goodwill.

So all the way along with Chan to 2017, we have changed a lot, but also a lot of unchanged.