Women are obsessed with the new unit. Gender Syriac, gender-selected Classics, monthly selected books, re-interpreting classical literature from a modern gender perspective. Take our collection of books, such as a key, to open up your mind different from the contemporary imagination. This week to explore the issue of the child, the original, not born to the son in the Han Dynasty is determined by the skills of men's room . To the Sui and Tang only gradually become a woman's responsibility, such a historical change, until today, so that women still bear the " to be a good mother " pressure. (same field Gayon: When a mother is a choice, not an obligation: A woman who doesn't want to have a baby doesn't have to explain to society )

May gender Syriac, to Li Shende "Women's History of Chinese Medicine," a book on motherhood. Last week introduced a father-in-law in order to give birth daughter-in-law please come to midwifery, can be seen even life around a lot of women died in childbirth, but women are still in the road to give birth to children efforts. (You will like:"Sex Syriac" when ancient women are "gentle production")

What happens if it doesn't come out?

When I was asked to read the "Women's History of Chinese Medicine", I wondered if modern people still needed to read "Begging for children" in order to reconstruct the ancient perspective.

In fact, the pressure of the son is not "in ancient times will happen." This book tells us that the focus of the son is to beg the son, survival male, survival good man. In contemporary society, infertility clinics are always overcrowded, and the temple of the son is still the peak of incense. Science and technology more progress, so we do not come out, in addition to traditional Chinese medicine and religious treatment, but also to calculate the safe period, to play ovulation needles, do test-tube baby. (Extended reading: Facebook and Apple's "Frozen egg" benefits behind: Does a woman have the right to decide her career? )

If we open the Ptt Marriage Edition, we will find that many women still face the pressure of having a boy. Remember when I was a child, my mother asked a few children in the market to answer only one, will always change a meaningful smile: it must be a son. And when she leads me to the market, she will face "should have a son at home?" "," How not to give birth to one more question.

and prenatal music, Mother's fetal education curriculum, is still the popular fiery red industry.

Originally, today's people, still difficult to escape from the son, the survival of men, to survive a good man's expectations, which makes the female between Han and Tang how to obtain a child, and we no longer so distance.

Ask son once is a man's pressure, not a woman's?!

A woman's History of Chinese Medicine explores the question of women's asking for children, from the Sui and Tang dynasties a large number of treatment of women without a child of the prescription has been traced back, impressively found early to the Han Dynasty, can be born to meet the family expectations of the outstanding boys, not a woman to take medicine, not a good prenatal education, but rely on men "good intercourse", which is called

Think of the room in the surgery, our imagination may be training men's sexual skills and sexual ability, one night even the royal seven women or Yin Yang of the operation. But in the Han Dynasty, in addition to the pursuit of personal ability to strive for excellence and longevity, but also decided to be able to give birth to the family intelligent handsome heir.

Li Shende, author of the book, tells us that in terms of the existing materials, the Han Dynasty's intercourse needs attention to many. For example, at that time, people believed that women would be able to have a son three days after the end of an expert room. In addition, some specific dates and directions, but also in intercourse must abide by the norms, climate, geography, people and indispensable. If the weather is bad or the place is wrong, it is not suitable for intercourse. If the fetus is born with any defects, it must be because the parents in bad weather, unsuitable environment "create people." (Recommended to you: love to do: Seven questions about menstruation and intercourse )

In order to give birth to a good next generation, you must pay attention to avoid the end of menstruation, couples have wounds or are sick time. From this point of view, the book in the room is also a great focus on protecting the physical health of ancient women.

From the book in the room, the man is really very hard, incredibly even the hour of the discharge of the fine should also try to control. According to Fangzheng's suggestion, the hour must be matched with the weather and the woman's physiological response, appropriate to vent. Because the climax of both sexes will determine the sex of the fetus, men must pay attention to pleasing his wife, "appropriate to the truth, with their happiness", so as to produce a lively and healthy children.

Therefore, the Han men want to give birth to a good son, must first pay attention to "don't let the wife unhappy" it.

Is it a woman's fault to have no children?

"The age of Women's sexual bliss" unfortunately passed. After the Sui and Tang dynasties, doctors are not only concerned about women's ability to produce smoothly, but to explore a specific set of physiological cycles of women, the menstrual cycle as an important condition for conception or not.

Tang Dynasty famous doctor Sun-Sun also put forward a set of women's treatment and men different way of saying, he said: Women's disease than men are 10 times times more difficult to cure. The reason is that women each month's physiological period makes a woman very heavy humidity, hurt the organ, also damaged the appearance. A woman may also have to accept her husband for pleasure before the wound is repaired, so the pain is hard to find. And the way women go to the toilet makes them more susceptible to cold intrusion.

What's worse, women's psychological factors are different from men, women pay attention to all aspects of the desire, but also easy to have emotional ups and downs, so once the disease is more difficult to cure. (You'll like: Women's aromatherapy!) Balance the relationship between self and the world

All these are constructed in the "female and male innate difference" on the premise of the medical discussion. And since the women's body cycle is all around the menstrual cycle, then the monthly water, once shun, the pregnancy is not a problem.

When this set of discussion gradually set, become we now familiar with "regulate menstruation to see Chinese medicine", the pressure of the son is also firmly placed in the female body.

Witness the son, ask for men, to ask for a good man's responsibility to change, and then reflect on the status quo, we can not help but become a self-proclaimed progress of our mother, there is no more tolerant. Therefore, the summary of Li Shende in the end of the article, which is placed in contemporary society, still has the value of thinking deeply:

"Childbirth is a major event in the life of women and has a profound impact on women." In terms of gender roles, the ability to reproduce is certain that she is a normal, no problem woman; In the context of social roles, childbirth (especially the birth of a son) allows women to establish their status in the family. Multi-child-grandchild is a symbol of the prosperity of the patriarchal family in traditional society, and encouraging the generation of interest is the population policy of successive governments. Therefore, regardless of the subjective will or the objective situation, the birth becomes the female "Bounden duty". In the face of heavy pressure and great responsibility, women in traditional Chinese society, in addition to worshipping deities, turning to a witch, and wearing herbs, also have a medical treatment. After Fifth century, the woman does not stand on one side, the doctor in addition to help women to seek pregnancy, but also to ensure the success of pregnancy prescription, to induction alchemy and nourishing drugs for men and seek good men. The medical side is regarded as a loving, jealous and offers woman who is pregnant, trembling, cautious, or healthy for herself, or praying for her flesh and blood to be safe. Fetal education is to give women the hope of "virtuous mother and child", and the scholar doctor, also do not forget to remind "the sons have the stupid flaws, its name is in its mother also." In this way, the fertility of women is not limited to the birth of a broken birth. "(Recommended to you: from prenatal anxiety to postpartum incontinence: Five" mother "problems you don't know about)

Today, the guilt of miscarriage or fetal imperfection is still on the mother's shoulders, and the primary responsibility for parenting is more than the women in the family. If the pressure is too large to collapse or irritability, still unavoidably "girls are emotional" accusations. At this time, reread "Women's History of Chinese Medicine" unavoidably a more distracted.

Even if the social mainstream value cannot be changed in a short time, but at least by rereading history, as women, we ourselves can understand that the responsibilities that we are given today, whether for the son, the fetus, the unborn child, or the child-rearing, are not a matter of course since ancient times, but are gradually constructed in the torrent of history.

And since it is constructed, nature can also be deconstruct.

Poetic love: A love song with no son deserted

After reading the chapter "Women's History of Chinese medicine, seeking for the son of medicine and the origin of gynecology", although for the child responsibility gradually transferred from the man to the woman has a preliminary understanding, but in fact, it is difficult to imagine a woman without children in the ancient society of real life situation.

Luckily, we have poetry. (same field Gayon:"read Poems for You" infinitely more Love Yourself )

"From the bosom of the heart, sighing through the rooster." Vibration can not sleep, carefree in the vestibule.

Hesitated also into the room, the sound of the curtain, 搴 hangings more tape, Fu Su-zheng.

Generosity is echoes, and it is sad and clear. Long sigh of tears, why negative God?

Why should spring and summer be the cream dew? The night is a good truth, and peace be with you. 」

--Excerpts from the Three Kingdoms of Wei Zhi Cao (deserted poems)

This is the deserted poem written by Cao Zhi, a famous poet in the Three Kingdoms era, describing a woman who was divorced because she had no children. The poem focused on the last night before the woman left her home, full of sadness and sleep, all the way out of the house until dawn. Maybe she's looking forward to her husband's retention? Perhaps she finally gazed at the place she had thought was home. Family ownership, a smooth life, because she did not have children and vanished.

Dawn, she eventually walked back to the house, the room is very quiet, only hear the sound of the curtain. How lonely was she in the last night? The woman plays the zither, the music is full of sadness, seems to pass through the strings of the tremors to the listener's heart. Such a talented woman, and did not get happiness, compared to her flexible and graceful hands, perhaps the in-laws more expect her to bear the rich and lush fruit.

She told herself not to cry when she had finished playing. Finally left to miss the husband a blessing: the growth of crops need to experience the winter wind and frost, which has a certain early harvest it? Relatively late harvest, is the better food, I hope you henceforth, everything is OK.

I wish you a sweet fragrance with your youngest son in your arms. It's just that it has nothing to do with me.

Cao Zhi depicts a woman who, although he is about to be abandoned, is still an elegant amplifier, and the pain of the heart into a gentle blessing. However, perhaps in the historical torrent, there are more deserted, struggling, resentful, crying, despair, finally band into a not for the traditional system to bring any burden of a beautiful deserted image. (You will like: not born is domineering!) Hollywood actress: "Women do not have children to prove their integrity")

From the transformation of the responsibility of the son, we can see how the evolution of history makes the social function a vocation. Similar situations also arise in breastfeeding issues. Many people should have heard that breast milk is good for children, mother should be fed such a statement, but in fact, in ancient society, no identity of the poor home to their own milk children!

Next week sex Syriac, let's take a look at the ancient women's lactation topic!

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