5/28 Good times are coming, for you select our big woman's TED speech , she is Zhongshufen, the advertising godmother, Ogilvy Greater China Vice Chairman, she was the Asian version of rich people called Women in the Mix, she was expected to be the deputy mayor of Taipei City. Zhongshufen stood on the TED stage, she said that all the places she earned, life can be very complex can be very simple, like things flourish, do not like things to change. (same field Gayon:6 TED Speeches, let you see your power )

Life is a long corridor with many doors on both sides of the corridor. Some doors you can't open, some doors need keys, some doors to push the door. Usually opening the door will have two simple situations, like and dislike. If it is me, like the things I will try to carry forward; don't like, if I can't stand, I will change it. --Senior advertising man Zhongshufen

After 30 years in Austria, Zhongshufen stood on the TED stage in what the industry calls the "advertising queen." She shared her first most wanted to do is journalism, journalism refused her, let her knock open the door of advertising, she in the name of English assistant into the advertising industry, from the conference room, printing factory to see proofing, paste the magazine's fragrance stickers began, Went to the Austrian-American vice chairman of Greater China.

She said she is an ordinary person, life after many setbacks, but she still willing to life in the corridor, Non-stop to knock. If the world makes you dissatisfied, then start to transform it, in her body, we saw the age of the great woman bearing. 15 minutes of TED sharing, organizing three points for you! (same field Gayon:Mark Zuckerberg: "When you find what you want to do, you are changing the World")

The ideal is full, the beginning of the reality very bone feeling

"My life has experienced a total of three global recessions, and 12 years I have been to China to work and have suffered many setbacks," he said. And my first tumble, is the student era, when the family financial crisis, I almost dropped out, so I forced myself to get scholarships, to work to earn living, there is a saying "ideal is full, the reality is very bone." "I think I know it when I'm 18 years old," he said. 」

Many people think that Zhongshufen is rich second generation, but her youth is actually working, subsidizing the family, to support themselves spent. Her starting point in the workplace is to change three jobs a year, only to realize that she has to choose the things she likes, she was rejected by the news industry, from the most basic point of view advertising industry. She was an English assistant and an advertising girl who never ran away from ads that no one wanted to do. (Recommended reading:"I'm afraid I'm too comfortable to learn anything anymore" interview Century Ogilvy founder Ding )

In 1985, she came to Taiwan, Austria and the United States, 1990, to London, Austria and the United States, she met the slump in London, avoided layoffs. She learned of the importance of independent life, in 2003, she transferred to work in mainland China, SARS outbreak, in addition to the best-selling masks, lost the lockout. The world financial tsunami erupted again in 2009.

Zhongshufen joked that the management master Peter Ferdinand Drucker once said: "Life must go through three times the global recession, to be mature", according to this theory, I think I am almost ripe.

"In the face of any job, even small, do not refuse, because you do not know the opportunities behind each small job, face any challenges, do not shrink, because difficult things, can expand your overall energy." 」

In the cave where you least dare to tread, hide the treasure you are looking for, the things you fear, the one you have never known. (same field Gayon:14 Movies take you to know yourself, no longer live in the expectations of others )

The future has come, just not yet popular

Kevin Kelly, founder editor of Wired magazine, Zhongshufen said: "The future has come, but it is not yet popular." "The new era will face the challenges of a new era. She encourages young people with her own experience, not to belittle themselves because of difficulties, because time is always on the young side.

"Do you think of a big country as a prime minister or a small country as a king?" 」

She throws out questions that young students have thought about, "should I work for a big company, or a small company to hone even my own business?" "There may be a lot of people who will give you advice, but there should never be a standard answer." (Recommended to you: work in a new venture, you get more than just a paycheck )

We must see ourselves standing on the page of the Times, and our choices are shaping the shape of the Times. When technology forces the industry to transform, what we can do is to know more than ever what we are after.

A great country is a prime minister, a small country is a king, and it is a good thing if you do what you want, what you desire, what others need, and what you are capable of doing. With a job, we are able to build our own span, height and depth, and have a more solid life.

The ATM of your life: Taking into account the span, height and depth of the three-dimensional life

How to live a span, height, depth of the three-dimensional life? Zhongshufen gave three keywords, ATM, representing and highly linked, target high jump to see the goal, weight also heavy quality, M has the character followed by the brand value.

A:and height link, let either Or abdicate

Zhongshufen share, Jobs in the autobiography of Rare Humility to write: "Many things I am not the original, I am the things I know linked together to create new possibilities." "The advent of the digital age, please let yourself, link all dot line, do a link and cross-border integration of the master."

There is no longer a black-and-white imagination, you can expand your span by multiplying and thinking through and.

T:target high jump to see target, weight also heavy quality

"The amount of growth of such things, a double stare, there is or no number there, and the quality of ascension is endless." Quality must be equal, never complacent. --Zhongshufen

Zhongshufen led the company to achieve the goal of three times times growth, and let Ogilvy China become the world's third largest office, behind the simple words: When you improve the goal, you will be able to jump higher. Go for Extra Miles Zhongshufen said that he cared about the value of the amount, to maintain the height of the volume, let us look farther, at the same time to build the depth of quality, forcing their own efforts. (Recommended to you:"What those movies teach Me" tie your life to goals, not love )

M:morals character is more important than anything.

"The character of Man is formed when others cannot see it." 」

There is a ruler in everyone's heart that will guide your brand. Zhongshufen share, Li de meritorious work, virtue is the root of doing things, have the moral character you are upright people, if meritorious action celebrated not to establish virtue as the basis, that is mirage, cannot be lasting. We should all know where our bottom line is, something is not, and sometimes what you choose not to do is more important than what you have done.

Zhongshufen finally said, "I don't know how many doors there are in my life corridor, but I still want to knock bravely, I want to knock at the door, change life." 」

Perhaps we often think of life too difficult, put down the arrogance, put down the obsession, put aside others to your expectations, we should do is to seriously put into doing things like, and strive to change the things that do not like, that is all. (same field Gayon: success is not a crash course!) 23-Year-old Girl to the world's confession: stop blindly chasing your life.

To our long corridor life.