These years, Chenxue from the reader very close, she said she is a marginal person, did not think of their own troubles, but also everyone's. Open oneself will not be hurt, is the reader let her know oneself also have gentleness of possibility.

At the age of 25, Chenxue surrendered the "Wicked Woman Book", in the turbulent 90 years, the writing desire of the naked, the flow of identity, love and can not love the loss, she was alone in the present, leaving the extraterritorial most straightforward provocation.

The same woman and the Virgin then along the path she wrote to identify themselves, "butterfly", "Children on the Bridge", "Chen Spring", "demon" in the confusion of the city, the devil is different and beautiful, looking for their own shadow.

And Chenxue all the way to write, 2011, Chenxue and Breakfast in the news, she unloaded sharp, in face book Knock man Wife Diary, the diary reveals the most docile reactionary, chenxue more gentle comfortable up, like flap feathers, touch and warm society fragile core.

"You know, once upon a time, I hardly thought I would be such a warm person." "Chenxue in front of me with a smile, she extended her young hand to the world, like a newborn, to embrace this strange world."

The diary of a man and wife changed me, so I can be gentle

Change, starting with The diary of a man's wife , is the reader who makes her understand that she can be gentle.

The former Chenxue, the written form of rejection of novels, the only identity of the novelist; 09, Chenxue and Breakfast in the witness of a friend to marry, one year, like a switch suddenly gently twist open, she in the face book serial Marriage and Cohabitation life, known as the Wife Diary.

"Write the Book of Evil Women, I am a half public out of the Ark writer, gay identity does not bother me." But I suddenly think that the novel shows the struggle of the gay community, sadness, conflict, but the life of the comrades? I want to write so ordinary me, so ordinary us. 」

She opened the real life of the comrades and let the light through. "It's really hard to be a novice wife," he said. You and another person so seriously become a partner, day and night cohabitation, learning running-in, I as a diary to write, what happened to remember. Chenxue's face book poured into many unfamiliar faces, Shiraz, girls, gays and heterosexuals, and the reading was wider.

"At that time, I was on a tour with the breakfast people, a couple, in the 12 Taiwan time and space, seems to be a rare thing." I see a lot of readers who are not obsessed with literature, or even very few bookstores, willing to take her companion together, like to come out and know where to find a companion. "Chenxue very seriously," I think it changed me, so I can do something other than write a novel. 」

The former Chenxue, from the group of life, very little willing to contact with the outside world, the man's wife Diary turned out, like to find the chain wiring with the rest of the world, let her go closer with the people, walk more intimate, penetrate each other's temperature.

She found herself with the breakfast-man, and became a little softer. "The original, moderately open to the world itself, will not be imagined so much harm." "Chenxue smiled very shyly," and will get the power he has never thought of. (The same field Gayon: the righteous love!) Interview Gushinyi: "We finally, did not become that dead comrade")

From a man's wife to a flawed lover: the universal Problem of love

Write "The diary of a man's wife", Chenxue from life, the details of marriage and cohabitation, panic in the firm footsteps; two years later, "Love Class", she light show love visual keywords, self inquiry, confidence, also try to answer the reader's emotional difficulties; recently published We are riddled with holes in the lovers, love laugh anger, pain, but also to love, the more love the more they know themselves. Is that she has changed a very complete comb in recent years, close to herself, close to life.

I ask her, write real life, feel naked? Chenxue look naïve, "I do not feel exposed, I just write me out, the real is there ah." I took the line with the crowd and did not spoil my peace with the breakfast man. I write it out, someone needs me, I'm willing to pay for her time, and this pay is also helpful to me, why not? 」

In addition to the novelist's identity, Chenxue accidentally became a chenxue teacher, not a sense of mission, but also to know that he had the same way to go scarred, able to accompany, also willing to accompany. "I gradually feel that many of the problems of love are universal." 」

"I used to think that I was not particularly unlucky, or where I did something wrong, to meet these problems, but I began to write 40 years old, found that more than 20-year-old girl and I experienced the same thing, which gave me a lot of shock." 」

Chenxue said that his readers are very cute, will designate a partner or friends to read, cooked women and different men pull over, "You know, I once thought that they are incompatible with the society of the marginal people ah, did not think of my distress, but also the general people's distress." It made me more humble, but I used to think that I was unique and arrogant. 」

I think of Chenxue in the "We are all riddled with love" book wrote, "No matter what kind of people, regardless of how the past, are eligible to go to a lover." Stop hurting yourself. "No one is born soft, and the pain of overlapping thorns, the pain of mutual reflection, love from the thorn inside long out, strong and good-natured." (Recommended reading: Chenxue "We are all riddled with lovers": former? The unfinished type of love )

No one should be labeled: We are not the same, every love is

Regarded as a contemporary representative of women's literature, Chenxue said he was unavoidably uncomfortable.

"I have always felt that my blood is not pure, I love women also love men, not pure lesbian." I am very receptive to the fact that I write women's literature, but I do not specifically define myself as a woman of the same literature, but I did not think so much when I wrote it. "Chenxue scratches scratching. (Recommended to you: after losing Chiuxin, who else can we love?) Five filling of lesbian love and Daily Book list )

"Generally speaking, I write is" impotent ", regardless of sexual orientation, birth, class, family or lust, a person can not love, in the end is for what, can not love, he became what kind of person. 」

To write a woman with the situation famous, in the past Chenxue has also been tested identity, she in "Only Love Strangers" write their own and strange men of the same bed experience, was also questioned in public "you are not a lesbian?" 」

Chenxue doesn't understand, she thought, maybe the world is too dependent on classification. "I don't think I can only love a gender, just go the same way, I can't only belong to one group." 」

She tilted her head and thought, "I don't mean to say I'm like you, but we're all different." No one should be particularly labelled. Affection is also, has been classified I feel boring, just convenient to talk about, but everyone is unique, every love is also. "(The same field Gayon:"live straight hit "Never completed the" Love Class "credits: In the pain of gentle growth )

Sometimes we are riddled with flaws, not all because of love

"Perhaps we are not ready to fall in love, we are in love." We also generally do not know that we will encounter any harm, we have been hurt by love. 」

Most of the time, our imagination of love comes from the relationship with the native family.

If you are a child who grew up under the control of parental blackmail, if you are in a relationship of extreme love and deprivation, it will be particularly easy to replicate this relationship when you grow up. You know, sometimes we are riddled with flaws, not all because of love. (Recommended reading: spiritual mentor Raipexia: "Parents give their children the best gift, is to let him down hate")

"Love Hurts, is a mirror, every injury is a hint, let you see your own problems." Whether it's a matter of past or present relations. This wound prompts you for an unfinished growth, an injury that has not yet healed, and the difficulty of being resolved. 」

Chenxue says, in any case, the hurt in love is meaningful. "Even if it does not look like love, like hate, it is born of love, with the mark of Love." So in the future, even if that love becomes unbearable, you can still identify with the signs that you were in love. 」

We bear the pain, is because of care, those scars, is our life and human rings, and I recall, love has always been the chenxue of the writing core, she possessed the writing, demon different writing, pain writing, soft writing, has not changed. (same field Gayon: love, IS has the courage to hurt )

"Love is our best," explained the pipe of our own. It is because of love, it will be with no blood relationship, no relationship between the people, so close, close enough to see themselves and each other vulnerable places. 」

Chenxue Gills, exposing the girl look, we have to fight for gender rights, but also to return to love itself, otherwise hold power, will not love how to do? "I want young children to have a lot of direction to learn about love at a younger age, not just a stereotype," he said. If more and more people pay more attention to the ability of love, we will live in one months to have the ability to love the environment. 」

"We are riddled with holes in the lovers" is a guide to learning, and gently pointed to the society's long-term disregard of the emotional education, we are a person with injuries, uneconomical wound when the light comes in, life will thus bright, so can freely say, I can go to love.

Love is freedom, the nearest distance also has the most independent space

Cohabitation for seven years, Chenxue birthday, and breakfast people to the account of the office, Chenxue in the face write "Love is free, even in the nearest distance, there is the most independent space." "The weight of seven years is lightly situated in each other's lives.

Photo Source: chenxue Face book (photographer: Raixiao)

On the day of the interview, I asked her what is the study of the breakfast people at this stage? "We have overcome a lot, running-in also for many years, and now there are margin to talk about something other than the feelings of two people." We are lovers and travel companions, and the degree of intimacy becomes more extensive, independent and intimate than the scope of the conversation. 」

Language finish, Chenxue embarrassed spit tongue vindicate, oneself still is not very good life travel companions, life ability is very poor, still trying to think how to become themselves, and not let people living together.

"Busy without affecting intimacy, but also learning ah." I am a busy and very dedicated people, breakfast people often teach me, often remind me to mind. In fact, there is a person around is really good, I live alone, may be a mess of it. 」

Workaholic Chenxue with breakfast people agreed to get up every morning five minutes of chat time, come back at night, she will wait for her totally wreck totally wreck back, busy time, two people just lay together, talk freely, enjoy the luxury of love.

"Breakfast people think I'm obsessive about my work and have to remind me to put love in your work list," he said. "The same as workaholic, we can't help laugh." "Because of love, still need to get along, need irrigation, not put in there will grow their own." "(same field Gayon: condition is temporary, get along with is a lifetime)

I said, I would like to write a list of love to the workaholic, I and Chenxue agreed that in the future she must write.

The fate of writing: Touch is over, it is not taboo

"A novelist is a person living in times, or near or far, or before or after." Sometimes we go ahead of the times and sometimes we write contemporary. I think the novels I wrote when I was young were always a little earlier than what happened in the present, and so I met with more censure. I feel like I just happened to be in contact earlier than anyone else, but I've touched it and it's not so taboo. 」

Writing novels, like the fate of Chenxue, but also her love for fate. Novelists draw outward, dig inward, and discipline the muscles of the soul. The new book is published, Chenxue has begun to conceive the next long, she will write the contemporary, write this boiling society, is about to change but want to vibration weak.

"We have no way to imagine that we can live in a better state of life, often desperate, often powerless, feel the pressure of social boiling." Random homicide, Qingsha, family suicide, low wages, no money to buy a house, this era is too worth writing. 」

Novelist Chenxue, the accession to the WTO also was born. She studies more contemporary narratives while staring at American dramas, and retains the solitude time that novelists need. I always feel that her pen is not a stab weapon, but her warm organs, is the heart of the living jump, is the face of the world bear the scars of the body, her words go forward, so the world is no longer full of taboo.

Mighty chatted for 1.5 hours, the subject of love is dense, chenxue with 15 in the spirit of do not finish, I mean to ask her, and love is what, Chenxue said, "I think love should bring freedom, and freedom to love." It's difficult, but I want to pursue it. (Recommended reading: single diary: I have, you spend a whole youth for me )

Chenxue left the woman to pull my hand, her hands and stature are so small, and her spirit is huge, gentle and sonorous.