"We're going to stop making rubbish," says Andy Chang x Lu Zijun , a new media interview with a woman fan, " Zhang Jiping said." The emergence of new media is to solve the problem ", this time for you to interview the founder of the reporter and the editor-in-chief of the honor, he has always believed that the new media is not great, the new media is to appear in the form of digital content, to meet the rights of citizens know. (Recommended reading: winter or Summer?) Zheng Guo Wei x Lu Zijun: "The media confusion, because the audience and the problem is not")

Four o'clock the whole, he stepped lightly carrying a backpack, came in, just sit down, he took out from the Backpack a page folder, drawn full handwritten notes to visit the outline. What an honor he was, the founder and editor-in-chief of the network Media reporter, a nonprofit depth report.

We meet to talk about the past and future of the new media, most of the time, he is particularly cautious, only to say that he clearly understand things, sincere, do not know to say that they do not have ideas, understand things without reservation.

New media for him is the form and spiritual connotation of the two-way change, the new media is not grandiose distant rivers, but the daily trickle of the disturbing times. He looked at the media with an introspective eye, and looked at his own position in the media, saying the new media was really nothing.

He sat down, sipping a sip of tea, and speaking of a little story about the reporter, the shock of the new media, which he had initially worked with young people to understand.

The new media is to satisfy citizens ' right to know

The reporter was announced on the September 1, 2015 press day, December 16 officially launched. What an honor to recall the early days of the team to organize a meeting, young reporters from the line of sight from the pen to move away, surprised to see the editor-in-chief only holding a notebook to enter the conference room.

Not only is the gap between the notebook and the pen, what an honor to sincerely say: "I left the paper media, with different age groups, different generations of members of the reporter meeting, I think that is the beginning of my real groping new media." 」

Communication software slack and pen software Hackpad with the founder of the reporter into his life, the team in an equal and open state of cooperation, each out of their power.

The form is the skin change, what honor also emphasizes, the new media is not only the change of the load, should not just paper to the network reincarnated, new media should be liberated from the traditional media's personal and personal spirit in the past, enter the social age, embody the network public sex.

Uphold the principle of publicity, dedicated to the original news of the reporter's Web site to adopt CC authorization, and open the source code, the opening of the Open-source movement. On the new media, what is the honor to put forward a relatively clear definition, the core spirit of the new media is public, the new media is to try to use digital form to meet the right of citizens to know.

"If the new media does not have a public spirit and connotation, then at best, it can only be a digital version of the traditional media." "What an honor suddenly stern up, not careless."

The soul of classical journalism, the narrative technique of multimedia

The reporter online six months, launched the first launch of the news game " Emergency Life", inviting readers to experience the congestion of the emergency room, as well as the medical system of the gap, in the near future through the sound map, graffiti creation, such as self-renovation of the Cross-border experimental works, to change the society's rigid Imagination

What kind of digital content can satisfy citizens ' right to know? "There is no standard answer, there is no end point," he said, shaking his head. From foreign times, the Guardian to the domestic new media attempts and efforts, the form of digital content should be constantly stirring and experimental process. 」

What we do know is that when most people are reading news from a mobile device, the new media must have a journalistic narrative that fits the user experience of the mobile device.

Through innovation, experimentation and running-in, the old soul of classical journalism, which emphasizes integrity, depth and truth, has the opportunity to be able to coexist with the digital narrative, and even multiply with each other. When the news ideal is put into the body that fits the action device experience, after several crashes and familiarity with the torso, the report becomes more and more flexible. (Recommended reading: emphasis on open ideas!) Old Guardian's content marketing New era experiment )

"The Emergency Life" news game for example, it conforms to the user's mobile device experience, welcomed by young people, the game design of each link, but also based on the reporters on the front lines of the real situation, in line with the reporting core. What we want is for the audience to look back at the long story after the fun of the game. 」

The experimental process of digital content is not easy, what honor even frankly experiment and agitation inevitable pain. "In the past, traditional media were dominated by text journalists, and the topic of writing came out before the digital theme was produced." The reporter is now working very hard to get all departments to participate equally, through regular multimedia collaboration meetings, writing journalists, art design, front-end engineers, back-end engineers, photography, community departments, from the outset to join the discussion. 」

From the traditional media thinking led by the journalist and the new Media action of multimedia collaboration, everyone has the right to initiate the issue and create a more equal production line through public discussion. The new media from the spirit to the practical connotation, to the content of the thinking and production process, there is a new subversion of self review.

Media positioning experiment: flow is not equal to trust is not equal to influence

The reporter is a particularly strong new media, media positioning is their innovative experiment.

Click on the report, the first article will not show the number of reading, do not let the flow, share number, according to the number of praise about the direction of coverage, but also to avoid the topic of hot heat, the cold is constant cold; second, the reporter is Taiwan's first use of " Public Welfare Foundation "the establishment of a new non-profit media, through social donations to ensure the independent media goals, the site can not find any advertising.

In the past we lamented the media being controlled, accusing the media boss of reaching into the media, intervention reports, the reporter to build a typical boss does not exist in the media may be: The only boss is a charitable foundation, the Foundation directors and all donors need to comply with three principles, do not have the media, non-intervention content, and do not collect donations.

"The existing network media game rules, to grab real-time news, digital advertising, we feel that we do not fit, Taiwan has a lot of commercial media, so we choose to go the other way." Hard, because this road is different, few people walk by. "What an honor to wry smile, the most laborious or fund-raising difficulty." At present, Taiwan's fund-raising habits are still mainly charitable and religious groups, people often ignore the media is also affecting the democratic development, multicultural core force, but good news and good journalists, are not free.

Reflecting on the media ecology, it is a great honor to point out that "the problem is not real-time news, but the production process of real-time news." Only fast and more, omit all verification, hope to grab a higher reading rate, and then change more digital ads, the sacrifice is the quality of journalism and journalists working conditions. If most of the old and new media think so, someone must jump off the rules of the game. "(Recommended to you: Facebook push the latest service" Real Time article ": Is the media an elixir or a poison? )

Not chasing traffic, nor chasing speed, choose to go a hard road, is to open a new mode of operation, so that more people in the future understand the way the media survive, not only one.

Traffic and advertising are not pointers, the reporter used time to exchange as the media should have the influence and credibility, "because the flow is not equal to trust, nor equal influence." 」

New media is not only a form of change, but also a change of human

On line six months, I ask what honor, the reporter is walking on the way originally expected?

What an honor it is to share the important goal of the reporter's creation, namely, to talk with young generations and intellectuals and summon young generations to care about public affairs. Background data show that the report's largest audience at 25-34 years old, female male ratio is 6:4, subversion "boys than women care about public affairs" gender stereotypes. (Recommended thinking:"CEO column" Women and politics, what exactly is the relationship?) )

The development of new media has also challenged and subverted past myths. What an honor to say that in the team is a double minority of gender and age, more than 20 people reported, nearly two-thirds are female workers, chief and deputy editors are women. What a pleasure. There are only three people in the report who are in grade five, the other 20 are more than seven or eight grade students.

New media set up form and spiritual innovation, the new media are equally important. What an honor to talk about the team, very often referred to serious, sincere, enthusiastic, equal key words, "I think the people in the new media, there is an important spirit of democracy and equality." There are more than 20 people in the reporting department, and everyone is equal. "The new media is very different and it also implements the imagination of human and organizational culture."

It is an honour to say that all the participants in the important decision-making meetings of the reporter, everyone is equal, have the same voice, the same vote, everyone can query the chief editor, even with the editor-in-chief of the table, has not changed.

"This I am very relieved, half a year I have been questioned by the team many times, we are constantly in the running-in gradually generated consensus." Reporter online So far, we are very young, although serious and sincere, but there are many inexperienced, performance immature time. Until now we are still trembling, the team often open a review will, the cannon rumbling, our discussions and disputes, are to directly optimize the operating mechanism, so that the quality of the news better. 」

Why can new media be considered a start-up? It is not only the subversion of form, but also the equal change of team culture and working relationship.

The challenge and opportunity of new media is the same thing

The previous discussion about whether the new media is cold or midsummer is flourishing, and the challenge and opportunity facing the new media is the same thing.

One is that the new media stand on the page of times and have the opportunity to gain more general support through the efforts and attempts of the whole community. With all kinds of new scientific and technological forms and digital narrative methods, to meet the public's right to know about environmental protection, labor, agriculture, science popularization, human rights, new immigrants and so on, and to influence more people to donate, and so on, to improve Taiwan's media environment, the aim is to promote Taiwan's democratic development, social progress, and the diversity of the media.

The second is the new media and the traditional media dialogue and cooperative relations established. What is the honor to say that the new media can work with the traditional media, on the other hand can remind and stimulate the traditional media, in addition to real-time news, there are many issues worth betting time and resources to plough.

It is expected that traditional media journalists will strive to exert their space internally and produce good qualitative changes in the process of benign interaction.

"If the new media to do the digital experiment and theme selection, can in turn affect the traditional media, so that the traditional media with more resources willing to spend time and energy to do the issue of innovation, such a benign competition for Taiwan's media environment is good, more overall to meet the rights of citizens know." Listen to the public to benefit. 」

Finally, it is affecting the younger generation and rebuilding confidence in the media. Now that the young people are accustomed to the "hour does not read, grow up as a journalist" cynicism, is it possible through the new media's overall efforts to reshape the relationship between young people and the media, and even invite more young people to enter the news industry? (same field Gayon:NCC escort Zhongtian News behind the thinking: we should expect what kind of media )

What an honor to say, "If the ideal young people do not want to come in, the news industry is hopeless." 」

The new media has its heavy responsibility, but also is to reverse the society to the traditional media credibility of the general disappointment, inject new water and kinetic energy.