In the 7/26 night, the first time in the women's Paradise held Ui/ux Taipei, designers gathered together, sharing the design experience of each other. This night, we found that the designer of the user's care is like the beginning of love, from friends when, the intentions of business, and finally become a treasure each other rose. (same field Gayon: Chepey x Designer kid to talk: When you find faith, you will forget hard )

Ui/ux Taipei, formerly known as Ui/ux Night, is a group of Ui/ux designers to launch the community activities, by women fans, Chocolabs, Piccollage, Sudo monthly rotation in their own offices, through the sharing of design works, easy-to-use tools, learning resources, Do Ui/ux and experience, also know other ui/ux designers, and then achieve the purpose of communication and sharing.

Here, I would like to share with you how to open a relationship with the user three things, I hope you can in love (with the user) to find the way forward.

Strange we, how close to each other?

User experience, starting from relationship management

The friendly user experience (friendly) begins with a simple interaction.

As founder and Acer UX advisor Lin Guan Greg said: "And users as friends, put all the online access to the interface, as the" friend " Dialogue ", because become a friend, is the simplest and simple interaction of the beginning, if a brain plug to the user a lot of data, the other side will be scared.

Greg gave an example of the app service, and when the user touches the new app, the app splits its functionality into a step-by-step way to build awareness and familiarity with the other 1.1 points. If you list all the functions at one breath, it will scare people away and create a psychological resistance.

In addition to reducing the cognitive threshold, there are several noteworthy areas:

  • The sense of trust: timely let the other party know, when you can find you, the emergence of "something will be given to you" trust.
  • Speak to each other in common language: If you are doing a professional app today, you must understand the professional jargon (terminology) and create a professional image in the other's mind so that experts in the field want to use it.
  • Take the other person's heart: For each other's sake, all the small things are assured, for example, do not let users in the loading when they feel empty and so on

For an example of everyday life, when you go to the breakfast shop and get ready to start a new day, ask the clerk, "What are you going to eat today?" "To" Today is also shrimp fort plus half ripe eggs? "I've helped you get ready!" , you can feel that the difference between the product and the customer's service is whether you are selling breakfast or preparing a friend for breakfast.

User experience, is a relationship between the operation, how much thought, care about each other how deep and shallow, are honest reactions in each other's emotional links. (same field Gayon: to be everyone's warm pillar: Woman fan reading app)

User-centric is the beginning of innovation

And how to make users moved to produce feelings of products?

Greg cited an example of a hamburger without mayonnaise, and knew that friends used to eat hamburgers without mayonnaise, so every time he helped to get a hamburger, he asked the clerk not to add mayonnaise. This is the details of the user's habits, in order to protect the relationship between the efforts of the details to impress each other, and then began to produce feelings.

Whether it's a bi-diamond design process (double Diamond process) [ Note 1] or design thinking (designing thinking), all the design methods are the same ultimate goal: "To solve the difficulties in life, Provide a better experience ". (same field Gayon: Designer Observation Notes: Did you ever hear design thinking before criticizing the commemorative stamps of Nie Yongjin?) )

Lilian, vice director of design and creativity, through a real insurance service innovation case, and share the implementation of the project process, how to identify the user's habits and pain points, and then make users want to use the product.

UX design is interesting in that, in addition to the design of the perception and perspective, but also in-depth understanding of the user's own needs, like doctors in addition to observing the patient's symptoms, but also through the stethoscope, pulse and so on, from the body clues to find the real cause, and then the right remedy.

Take the user as the center, can understand the real demand, then find the innovation method.

From the understanding of user background, work status, clarifying role related to the object interview, through the user's use of the journey, we can find out the location of product services (or pain point). In the interview process, the other side will not necessarily be the deep heart of the needs of honest expression, but often those who do not say that the export is the most direct feedback, so listen to the user's overtones, mining users the deepest, honest ideas, need to rely on experience or objective data. (same field Gayon: for the lost wisdom of the elderly to create exclusive tableware! Yao Yanji: "Design is always done to others")

Not only to solve the real needs, but also to design a great effort to "extend the function of the image to the value level", "to find the core value of the customer", the service can be used, easy to use, but also let each other "want to use" to provide more convenient, intuitive functional services, and has "high efficiency", "trust", " Professionalism "is innovation, here Lilian also stressed:

"The reality of innovation, is the real innovation." 」

To get to know each other without prejudice.

Before you get along with the other person, don't rush to speculate on your partner's behavior or ideas with your own established impressions.

This applies to the relationship between people, but also to the user design, Greg shared a film about Tom's truth, and it turns out that we've been deeply rooted in the minds of African refugee children who are poor, poor, and without a stereotype of shoe wear, and Tom's catching on to the selling point, Makes people want to buy Tom's shoes and help children in third world countries. But are they really that pathetic?

In fact, we think of the established impression and the business operation of the "false issue", but seriously affect the livelihoods of local shoe stores in Africa, so that stores have been closed down.

How to understand the user without prejudice?

We can use the "empathy map" to crawl the user's "problem", "motivation", "behavior" and "look forward", and then more accurate to understand the user, will not be due to the impression of the wrong table, wrong way, finally lost and the other side of the emotional link.

How to let you meet me, for which I have begged for 500 years before the Buddha

After listening to the predecessors of the sharing, feel that designers do UX design is a well-designed, want to let their products and users to talk about a gentle love, from the sake of the user set up, to reduce the use of friction and adapt to discomfort. A vigorous and passionate love is good, the lingering or not, how to let the element never met each other, on the table is the user chose the product, the back of the designer is full of kungfu and care, like the teacher of the sentence Murong " How to let you meet me in my most beautiful moment, For this reason I have begged for 500 years before the Buddha.

Easy to use and intimate products, invisible, is behind a team's efforts to pay AH. (same field Gayon: Workplace notes: You have to work very hard to look effortless)

And the woman fan is also uphold the spirit of love with the reader, in every aspect of service efforts, we and the reader to maintain a relationship like the little Prince and Rose. I would like to work in a woman is happy, because love the reader, on the heart of every one he and she and he, St. Matthew said: There is only one real luxury, that is the relationship between people. And the time we spend on roses makes the roses so important. "(same field Gayon: love a Rose of Caprice, the Little Prince teaches us six relations topic )

Through a series of sharing and exchanges, this night's intersection, I believe that for many people is a meaningful activity. I have always believed that designers have love, whether it is embodied in the design of the passion, the product of gentleness, or the user put himself in the shoes.

I thank you for such a big night, and look forward to the next Ui/ux Taipei party, and also look forward to the next one in the women's Paradise event !

[ Note 1] The Design Council of the United Kingdom Counci the design of innovative services by summarizing and naming the double Diamond design Process (double Diamond process) with four stages (1) Discovery (Disc Over), (2) definition (Define), (3) development (develop), (4) execution (Deliver) abbreviation 4D ( in)

Design Council (2005). Eleven lessons-managing Design the eleven global brands:the design process.

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