Women fans and Plant Theater cooperation for a one-year "woman fan x plant Theater Drama Laboratory", The Interview "Love Sandstorm" screenwriter Wen Yufang and protagonist Koshukin, talk about the transition from youth to middle-aged love, from love to marriage, to be a wife , To be a daughter-in-law, but to be yourself. (Extended reading:"planting theater x Woman fan" Wang-kai Star team: "We have the best actor script, worth a show!" ")

Do you remember what a play was deeply touched by Taiwan TV? "Meteor Garden" has set off the popularity of the idol play, "Ruffian hero" led to the quality of television and film production system, "they graduated a day before the explosion" so that the short film and play more attention .... These years, such inspiring drama seems to be less, many people shake their heads to the television circle, and the good scenery is quite the origin, with Wang led the series of "Studio Theater", in an attempt to change the television circle of the dispirited ecology.

The first to "Love Sandstorm" lead, from youth to middle age, from the girl turned to the elderly, an outlaw in the daily necessities, we can still love? From the narrative of love to crawl out of the female life experience of the intangible and Grand, so that watching TV is not just entertainment, in the laughter after the fall, the hearts of the ripples let you from the lost in the dock. (Extended reading: walking into the scene of a love Sandstorm: quarrels and frictions, all for the sake of love )

Wen Yufang x Koshukin: "Love dust storms" from teenage girls turning to young women

This time we invited two big guests to talk about women from "love and dust storms," one of the leading writers, Wen Yufang, you may not know the name, but you must have seen her play, Wen Yufang works, from the "I in Kenting * weather fine", "Polis adults", "every day in Bud" to "Theater series-Love Sandstorm", She tried to brew a story with a small fire, and she could also fry her life with a blaze.

The other was the drama Koshukin, a middle-aged mother in the play. In the Performing arts circle, everyone shouted Koshukin, she played a living role, more than we have experienced. Kozher screen before a forthright woman's boldness, she said: "Are installed." 」

The 50-Year-old has a question mark, is it a beautiful thing?

"Forthright all is put out, that is my protection color ah." Why is that? is because I am afraid, I am timid. I think I am very not integrated into the community, so special to install a look, let people think I get along well. "Kozher said that whether women or actors are, there are too many framework baggage:" I am not a society can control, I also feel that they are not suitable for this system, so you see I rarely accept an interview, because I am not a star, I am an actor. "

The writer is particularly curious about the "Kozher" of "What is not a social trait".

"I hope everyone can be free, and now the society is that you can not survive in the crowd, there are many kinds of people in this society, ah, unmarried, divorced, single parents, not married, no matter which state we all want to have love and freedom, but it is strange that the idea of love is not free, but have, So how do you love to be free? I think that is also the script to my thinking, the ultimate love, why just possessive and desire? 」

Middle-aged defection: be a happy woman

Kozher said his role has a middle-aged extramarital affair, she actually hopes the protagonist will go out: I will feel her pathetic, reluctant. I want her to step out and not go back to her husband. I want her to develop another beautiful life. "But sometimes that defection is not necessarily socially acceptable," Mr. Wen said.

The play not only describes the mother's extramarital affairs, but also wrote the father's extramarital affairs, all from the story of the Music writers heard: "I heard a friend said, in my father's face saw a lifetime have not seen the expression, that is to a strange aunt when talking." But this expression, never happened to mother. "(Recommended reading: VCDs The feminine lust in the days of the day : The emotional exit of a man's wife cheating )

That is a man to a woman's expression, not father to mother, so our marriage, in the end, what is accomplished?

This drama's Grand View Garden, is our generation and the last generation's love miniature, collected the mother one generation's unhappiness, with the child generation's love experience, the Wen writer said: "I hope that generation can understand each other and dialogue, this is our growth experience." Although "Love Sandstorm" is the interpretation of absurd love comedy, but do not you think life is more absurd than the play? 」

Kozher said: "You betray society, is to be blamed, abuse, but we are also dependent on the survival of society." I really want her to go with the laundry boss and why don't you jump into a new experience and get into another relationship. 」

"People to 50 years old, there are question marks, is not very beautiful things?" 」

Kozher said, I and Wen writers are focused on her gaze, that moment, she is the most beautiful woman in our eyes. There is a question mark, is also the pursuit, but also to the world's desire, Kozher said this is his own from marriage to divorce very deep understanding, your life still exist I can not, could be ambiguous, is very exciting.

I'm crazy, it's no shame to miss

The writer nodded and said yes Kozher, all of you now have a forest. Kozher smile should, there is no forest I do not know, is indeed: "After the divorce, you will cherish yourself more." You didn't have too much time for yourself, a person's time is very luxurious, now my most precious time, really is after the play drive home that period of time. (same field Gayon: Solitude Aesthetics: Learn to own a person, can enjoy the plural life )

The writer appreciates Kozher's life more than anyone else: "I envy Kozher, I think women will live to this, I wish my mother can go out to play, my mother has a lot of every day to find me, because there is no life center of gravity ah, not watching Korean dramas, is with dad two stare. 」

Kozher said that he was crazy, can get to this step. She talked about a marriage, marriage is too easy to become the dead point of Love: "Life is the trivial necessities are dust, you will be too much dust cover, you can not see love." Unless you can often stop to wipe the dust. "The response of the writer, it is true that many women of our generation are like this:" Bud is like this, when I was surrounded by two of friends, married and not married. But whoever it is, I believe that everyone desires affection. 」

The writer said Kozher Love is very interesting, but his script love, or a lot of people's complex, the play has a role set "jiao jiao", people such as its name pampered, like a horror lover always want to occupy you: "In fact, everyone in love, in the heart of the Jiao jiao, you want to be with him all the time, the role of the establishment, Characters have their own personality, we can put their life experience and attitude into. 」

Asked Kozher also want to love, she shared her walk route has a uphill, every time she is her own walk that slope, look at the more than 40-year-old husband and wife each walk, and a more than 50-year-old husband and wife holding hands: "I think, damn why every time I am a person walking this slope, one day there is a man said, to accompany me to go, I suddenly feel not want, I just thought you could stop walking with me. That's it, a lot of times I'd rather eat a little hotpot alone. 」

"You respect your love, you will respect yourself." I'm crazy, so it's no pity. 」

The pain has cried, only then understands the love

Wen wrote that there is a scene in the play, she has been very deep, it may be when we were young to love to ask questions. The role is also modest in with the classmate too sister discuss love, also ask too sister: "is not we can not always love a person?" "The sister replied:" You have not loved, how do you know. (You see: " My Maiden Days" youth scene: Everyone's memory has a small lucky )

"It is a question of adolescence, but in the play, we can still see the chaos of the so-called big people," Wen wrote. We must be the better adults, the emotional anticipation from these children. 」

Kozher said youth is priceless, youth is you do wrong still have time to repair: "You must be in emotional frustration, to find the right person." The injury is to accumulate your thickness. My own daughter son, I told them to try. They always worry about that, I said, go, will hurt a certain pain, will cry must cry, but went to know. 」

You have not loved, how do you know. Left to youth or middle-aged, is such a sentence.

I often look at the interview between the writer, listen to Kozher talk about a life and continued to ask, she can't restrain the writer's character is very cute, in front of the audience, Wen writers can not expose himself. But she wrote the script, perhaps already said her temperament and sharp eyes. I feel like she's already finished with a little script when Kozher talking about her walk.

There is a good actor and a good writer in the relationship between them. Kozher always said that he was a lunatic, the writer said, you will find another psycho. These two women are not typical, warm writer with a neutral temperament, she asked is the social value, as well as a woman, we can not live so women. Kozher is like a runaway horse, no one can stop her Mercedes.


To understand the epic of a Woman's life, a script is not to be seen. But if you want to taste the fur of love, Welcome to the "Love Sandstorm", in the absurd life, find their own thinking of a place.