The women's fan #Weloveher unit, who introduces you to the women who are in love with us.There was a name, and at the fast pace of Hollywood, he always kept his way forward, and turned to win the Grand Slam.You rarely see her play the same role, she's not stereotyped, she has no tricks, she has a red hair and graceful growth with the years. She is Julian Moore Julanne Moore. (Recommended to you: Julie Moore: " One person is brave, you have to experience fear first)

You can't love this woman, Julianne Moore.

This is Julie Moore's 26 years in Hollywood, and she has been praised for her grand slam at the Cannes Film Festival, the Berlin Film Festival, and the Venice Film Festival. She is a linguist who misses me with Alzheimer's. She is a housewife who is a skeptical housewife at the time. She is a gay detective who's holding justice.(Recommended to you: From the )

She has never been able to play a role in her role, and she can interpret any role, and she is also herself.In a recent interview with The Talkks, Julian Moore, 55, said she was willing to be more honest and to be herself.

Let's start with her childhood.

Write a story set for your freckles: "You are you, and you don't have to impress people"

When you think of Julianne Moore, people remember the red hair that she swooped and the freckles of happiness.Few people know that such a strong memory point has caused a lot of nuisance to her when she was little, and her classmates pointed at her as a freckle strawberry face, Freckleface Strawberry.

Juliamore, who was deeply troubled by the time, made a beautiful counterattack when she grew up: she wrote down her own stories of growing up with freckles, and published stories, large and square, right, and I was Freckleface Strawberry.

Juliamore said, "I was so young and I wanted to get rid of freckles and grow up, and I knew something wasn't going to be hard, and life always had more important things to worry about.""

When she grew up, she had a long life, and she didn't fall in love with her freckles. Instead, she found a way to live with freckles.She wrote the book to encourage children with the same self-identity, and you are you, and you don't have to please other people, and the New York Times has chosen to be the best-selling book.(Sibling: Don't say "How do I teach children": five queer kids with a smile on their children's mind )

Later, the story of Frecklace Strawberry was moved into a musical, with many children seeing themselves in the presence of freckles and strawberries, so that no one should be the same.

The show is free!Each act is a learning point.

more than 20 years, Julie Moore was more comfortable when she started acting, and she understood that actors were also free businesses, and that no matter of course was taken for granted." The career of an actor is likely to disappear in an instant.She doesn't worry, she does everything she can in every single role she plays.

Asked if she was tired of her career, she laughed and said, "The best thing to play in acting is that every time I think it's enough, new things will come out forever.""

Each play is a learning point for Julie Moore." I could learn a new accent, a new language, a new skill, every single act.One time I had to get a car chase after the tail."

play was always fun for her and seemed to be exhausted and new, as she said in 2015 that she had no "best actress" in the world, and that only female performers who had continued to evolve were the best actress.(In the same place: "They held the first Taiwanese actress went on to dance on the show" )

empathy, the most important characteristic of an actor

Actors need to be very focused, and they need to be able to have a distraction.You have to focus on your own role, and you're aware of where the camera is, and you don't forget about the context in which you're in.

Julie Moore says that, in addition to concentrating, empathy is the most important characteristic of an actor." You have to make yourself feel and feel the world, and this is always the most important thing."

"I played Laurel Hester in" The End of Cancer, " and she was a cancer detective at the end of the cancer, trying to transfer the pension to her same-sex partner, Stacie Andree. The fact that Stacie in real life took me into her house and shared their stories with me, and I value this opportunity, and people send me their emotions, and let me become this person." (Recommended to you: Brave not a generational term for comrades!)Alan Paye: We make ourselves a trend )

Moore doesn't look for inspiration in her own experience, but looks outward, and she knows what life she plays, and she wants to tell stories with her own body.

"People always like to discuss strong female roles, but what an actor really matters is that she must be strong."You don't need to be a strong man, even if you're going to be Superman or Superman.You just have to feel the role, and she has the flesh.And every time you have this opportunity to feel it, it's a good opportunity." (Think about it: Ten years wait until a woman director!Oskar is too "Yang Gang" controversy: to let more women enter the film industry

Remember how you feel!When I was a year older, I wanted to be

She is also a minority of the actors who talk about old age. Old age is not terrible, but it's a mark of your life. Julian Moore says, " People go to middle age, you know, you've been through life for half your life." (Recommended for you: Airfield Super!Carmen Dell ’ the world's most senior model model, 83 years )

"The days you go forward are not as much as your back days."But when I was growing up, I was becoming more and more of myself."

It is not a task of self-acceptance, it is to accept all of its status, and to live in peace with it.Feel the world, but not forget to feel it.

Juliamore said it was too important to feel, " We read the reason why we entered the movie theater because we wanted to go to amusement parks because we wanted to breathe life into our existing lives, and we wanted to feel it again."

We read her life and remind yourself, freckles, or years old, is not scary. If you know exactly who you are, don't forget to feel when you don't know what to do.(Recommended reading: Freedom to be yourself )

We like her to take the job as a lifelong learning, and like to inspire more children with her own stories. She likes her to slow down in this rapidly changing era, and to live by feeling.