Women fans have done a series of media interviews in 2016: The reporter's editor-in-chief He Rongju , Andy Chang and Lu Zijun 's new media talk .... Women fans of the media interview program, a closer look at the direction of the new media in Asia, this is a reader, as a new media workers should not miss a lesson! This time we want to look at the hard foundation of the paper Media and invite Wang Congwei, editor-in-chief of the United Literary journal, to talk about how we can be ourselves from reading. (recommend you see: Interview "joint literature magazine" Editor-in-Chief Wang Congwei: Do like things, why leave the retreat )

When Wang Congwei into a woman's fan, she came in with a gray color, a woman is fascinated with the lively and active floor space, in the frequency of his breathing calm down, he is a particularly stable and sensitive people, while looking at the environment, as if he has been thinking about the two or three steps beyond the present-the space to do what, this company how to revenue.

"Do you have to rent on the third floor, when we earn enough money to come." "He laughs hearty, with a lot of sincerity, we start from the magazine and the new media dialogue, preparation and content planning." interview editor-in-chief of the mood, in his willingness to communicate in the open, please benefit from the editor of the History of blood, let me Deeply "United Literature magazine" shape how to get difficult.

Wang Congwei Editor-in-Chief of the "FHM Men's Magazine" editor, "RALPH" magazine Vice President, "Marie Claire Beautiful" magazine vice president, until now, he in the "United Literature magazine" Seven years in chief editor , the classic play ingenuity.

"Literature makes you different, and writing makes you unique." "This is the United Literature magazine" consistent philosophy, the United Literature August cover, a girl holding a "Norwegian forest" cover attracted many literary people's dissatisfaction, do "Village Spring Tree Girl's Literary Enlightenment Reader", attracted many literary guard people's concern. "This cover is too commercial, not literature", "Too maiden, this cover is like fashion magazine" ... Always concerned, Wang Congwei chief editor only said: "If the literature has to be restricted to freedom, it is sad." "(Recommended reading: The Life View in literature: We read all the way, we reap it )

Literature, the Practical Handbook of life: What kind of words to read, to become what kind of person

"Every summer, we will do the literary enlightenment of high school students, the simplest way is to open a book, this operation is very boring, we hope that the magazine to do interesting." Literary enlightenment, not only the enlightenment of knowledge, you read literature, you out of the age of sleep, can become another way. You can imagine, Murakami, Sanmao, Ernest Hemingway, how they live, through imitation, to become a person who knows what they want. 」

literature, perhaps you can see a couple in the roadside quarrel, think of the "Pride and Prejudice" of romance; maybe it's pasta, you think of the scent of the spaghetti in the spring tree in the Spring Bird chronology. Literature is a gesture of reading and imagining life (recommended reading: You read the word, decide what kind of person you are: 20,30,40 's life book List )

"Literature is a practical handbook of life, and it makes you a different person. "So there is not only a reader in the book, there are high school students to adult books," United Literature Magazine, "The age span is very large, from high school students, just out of society, to 40-year-old readers, no matter what age you should be able to be literary enlightenment, is the" United Literature magazine "concept.

"So we use a real person to imagine the cover, if you like Murakami, what kind of people would you be?" Through literature, you will have a way of choosing your life. If you like the writer, you may live like him. How can literature be combined with life? It's not about reading, it's about making him a part of your life, that's the real way of literature. 」

discard the rules and do a literary magazine beyond the Classics

In the past, the magazine of the United Literature has been the cover of a female girl in the north and the cover of a girl in Zhongshan. Speaking of the reader's response to the girl's cover, Wang Congwei is not surprised that the United Literature magazine often causes discussion, that is, readers think it is "not enough literature."

seems literary Magazine as long as put a very classical photo of the writer, it will be regarded as canon, so the breakthrough of the literary magazine is not understand the canon, as if the literary people should be wearing black frame glasses, wearing simple and simple clothes. Literary magazines need to go forward, Congwei chief editor said sadly, because we have a narrow view of literature bias, hindered it to advance.

"I think the best thing about the Journal of combined literature is to move forward with these limitations." 」

to do a magazine this matter, to consider may be different from literature, Congwei editor-in-chief find it difficult is not planning, not content, but talent: "For literary magazine, the magazine is very scarce." Most of the practitioners of literary magazines are literary people, and the concept of magazines is conservative and crude. Public awareness of the magazine carrier is also insufficient, not a major department in the training of print magazine education. Taiwan's literary publishing has grown rapidly over the past decade, with beautiful covers and typography, but the magazine has been slow to make progress. You see the cover of a maiden to cause so much discussion, I think this is a very common thing, literary people's heart seems to be very fragile, can not accept a literary magazine possibility. "

there is no canon in literary magazines, reading is not high or low!

Congwei Editor-in-Chief said: "Many parents will feel that we should not do erotic, gay subjects, for me, literature is very inclusive, it has not always been a problem." When we do magazines, as far as possible in the direction of unrestricted, I am a literary man, but also a magazine, if you ask me whether I can do a very different literary magazine throughout the year, I may also feel bored, this and the style of the magazine and taste. 」

Does a literary man and a magazine man not conflict? He thinks that the only question is "enough literature": "You want to organize a magazine, like the appearance of literature is not the same, the magazine is a lot of people do, to consider photography, illustrations, typesetting ..." The issue of the magazine is to solve the problem in literature, if you want to do pure literature, be a writer or reader. 99% said the "United Literature magazine" does not conform to the literary impression of the people, have not really read the contents, like this cover notice, many people said it must be very superficial, in fact, the magazine has not come out. 」

I'm curious about Wang Congwei's chief editor's view of the distinction between reading and cutting. He replied: "There is an old saying that there is no first in the text, no second in Wu." Do the text, there is no first, it is open to be commented, it is difficult to dispute who is the best, just like you can not say Ernest Hemingway and the village of the spring tree who is the best. It's just that we're going to react very quickly. Light fiction, romance seems to be relatively poor, pure literature looks more noble, war to go to the war is these. For example, you said that a, Peter Su is worse why? If you ask me, some books have no depth of skill to contend with serious novels, but this is very old-fashioned and class-style, and in contrast to these books, it satisfies more needs, and the book is parallel in the position of satisfying the mind. "(Recommended reading: interview Peter su:" cry not because of weakness, but because of strong too long ")

Reading is like every person in the community, there is a need for its existence, Wang Congwei editor-in-chief that if reading also have discrimination is as terrible as the Nazis, from the need to meet the needs of the soul to read, there is no difference in reading.

If we were to be cut by the class, where else would we be free? The reason why reading is precious, whether poor or poor, young or old, as long as you are willing to read, willing to understand, you can find their own side of the world.

a good literary magazine, not just introduction classics, but also let all people may through the work, let real life ripple, or so try to live a little better. in the Journal of Joint Literature, it is a gesture of being different. Because of the conflict, because of breaking the pattern, they are particularly good-looking in this era .

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