There is a Mr. Darcy in the heart of everyone.Not necessarily the one in arrogance and bigotry, but enough to make want love to be a possibility.The actor Corinfors has been shaping a changing screen image for twenty years, with a different identity background, and has always been a charming feature of elegance self-restraint .The five classic characters, which one is your favorite, Mr. Darcy?(Sibling: Non-irresistiable gentleman's business!The classic suit in the movie )

In 1995, the BBC filmed the "Pride and Prejudice" adaptation of Jane Austen's novel, which created the man who was the man of the world's 20-year-old man, Corinfors.

He is Mr. Darcy, who is a "arrogant and bigotry", a "good boy" and a "good boy". He is the king of "The Good Boys". He is the king of the King George VI, who is a black umbrella, a pair of glasses, and a "good man".

In an interview with the British "Mirror >", Collins rated him as a famous person by the time he was interviewed by the British magazine:

What I did was just standing in the room, making people feel like I hated it.This is a repulsary character. I still don't understand it for 20 years, so why do you love him so much?

In fact, Kirin does not understand that we love Mr. Darcy, who is not his arrogant personality, but his indifference and poison, not his indifference and indifference, but his unspoken and alienation, but rather a corner in his living room, but with the most intense and intense gaze at the glimsy-sounding board of the body.(You would like: What type of lover are you?< Pride and Prejudice > Psycho: Love you before I love you on your way )

From this perspective, 20 years ago, we looked at Corinfors to shape the shape of Mr. Darcy, who might be different from the background, but the charming and charming character of elegance has always been the same.Five different types of "Mr. Darcy", which is a thousand species of Corinfors, what is the favorite, Mr. Darcy?

Pride and Prejudice: Classic Edition, Mr. Daisy.

If you want to thank me at all, then thank me for it.The family did not owe me anything, but I respected them, but I did all that for it.

Mr. Darcy, who speaks of arrogance and prejudice, recalls that he was wearing a white shirt, a classic picture of the water, and his most splendid smile after the wedding, and then kissed the female lead, Elizabeth, and made an impressive impression.However, in my mind the most interesting picture is that the interaction between Mr and the uncle of Elizabeth's uncle, Elizabeth's uncle, can best reflect the charming character of his repressive and deep feelings.


play goes far beyond the family of Elizabeth by the upbringing, class, and wealth, so he has always scoffed at the protagoness of the protagonally.However, when he was refused marriage, he once again met with Elizabeth. He chose to treat her family with his family, her uncle, and her aunt to introduce her to the family, and to introduce her to the family and hope that they would live in harmony.Even when Elizabeth's sister ran away from her husband, he was not far from finding them, sponsoring their marriage expenses, safeguarding her sister's reputation, and not giving up on them.(Recommended reading: speak for love!The World's Gender-specific Photography Set )

Faced with a flattered expression of gratitude, he degenerated himself, broke his own rules, and even played the leading role of the heroine, and downplayed the words, "I'm just about the same.""

I originally liked a person who would care to care about her family.Corinfors said Mr. Darcy was a proud and unsavory character, but he was so proud of him that it was the strength of the feeling that she felt when she was a member of the family, who was less dignified and less decent.

: Modern Magdalassey

Oh, the good boy will kiss like this

\fnCronos i) What is Mr. Darcy who's in love with?As well as being solemn and formal, it should be like Mark Darcy's interest!

This novel is a modern image of author Helen Fritn's "Pride and Prejudice", which in turn does not have much to do with Mr. Darcy's marriage. This is true at the .

As opposed to the first episode of the story, the second episode began to reveal Mr. Darcy after the romance.It was a warm and cold shell that was melting in love.Mark Darcy's love was first in the morning, and the news that he was talking about was not yet reported. He returned to his body to say that he wanted you."I have a very high rate of assessment of the fat meat of the state, and it's time for us to meet again," he said in a bed.He did not say "I am disappointed, disappointed that I can't take home now," he said.(You would like to: Aesthetics: Moving From BJ Single Diary to Danni Bitch Stall )

He is still elegant and elegant, still difficult to be close to, yet unclung to the fact that one half of his life in life gives her love, care and even longing for Brie.Even if I misunderstand that Brigie and the old man are out of work, he still runs out of relationships, doesn't stop sleeping and goes to Thailand, and takes the innocent to her by his side.At that moment, he was in a cold eye for Briggy to cry, "Mark Darcy really doesn't love me anymore," but in the back he has done his best to be gentle and caring.

If Mr. Darcy is in love, that's how it works, in the light of the quiet life.(You would like: I dare to be alone in your mind!)Liu Ruoying: "Marriage is not ordinary to me" )

< Water Bottle Girl >: Rockdown Henry, Duke of Hishwood.

Who are you?What did you do to my Henry?I want my Henry back.

If Mr. Darcy is alive today?It's like Elizabeth, who can be unconstrained by the secular limitations, and he's probably going to be a rock and rock, Henry, Henry.

Before the girl from a foreign country came to him and called him a father, the Duke of Henry, the Duke of Henry, had accepted that life was such a noble and uninteresting, graceful and uninteresting life.Perhaps many people are able to enjoy the elegant life of the upper class, but for the young Henry, it is a stifler constraint.(Extended reading: Work notes: life is so short, don't live without pain )

The unrestrained young lady crossed the Atlantic and came to him from the United States before he knew that there was no unfinished relationship between the end of the year and the end of the love.With this unconscious-born daughter, he reexperiences the possible changes and madness in life, and resigns his passion and desire for life.

He then found that it was not a man's desire to be an appropriately qualified and well-behareborn member of the people who were acting in a proper manner.

When he rewore his pants, picked up his guitar, and fiancée panicked it was not my fiancé, but he looked at the mirror with a mockery of laughs: Actually, it wasn't until now that I found my real.(Sibling: Six Questions for Me: Self-identification, a Journey to a lifetime )

If Mr. Darcy is living in modern times, he will still love the former wife who has run away from his guitar case, not just who loves who loves it, but rather a kind of resonance and longing for life.

Mr. Darcy values the anachronistic value of the old times.

< Don't believe in anyone >: A Dangerous lover, Ben Rucus.

If you suspect someone closest to me, who invented a world for you, who else can you believe?

If Mr. Darcy is a terrorist lover?Approximately like Ben Rucus, the calm under calm implies the insaniation of the heart.

After watching < Don't believe in anyone, I can't help wondering: How much are you willing to sacrifice for the people you love?

For Ben Rucas, he is willing to occupy all the memories of love and marriage, change his own name and background, and repeat the forgotten life day after day, just to deceive a woman who remembers the memory of her every day.

The heroine Christine woke up every morning in her 20-year-old, in fact, 40 years old because she suffered a severe head injury.At the beginning of the story, her husband had to take the gaze of his wife every morning and study the story of the two men from the beginning, and then put up a wall full of pictures and tried to return to her memory.For people with amnesia, all the stories and the sweet things between you and me are just learning, not thinking about it.(Sibling: [a memory of a memory] at the end of the world, miss the person you came home to )

As Christine was able to search for memory, the audience was astonishly surprised to see that class was not a caring husband for years, but rather a dangerous lover who used up Christine to tie her to her side.Not to be willing to make a showdown with my husband, I would have to hit the bloodstream with a bottle of wine; because it was sent to a sanatorium for memory loss, I would have forged a document to bring it out.No matter whether it is a marriage system or a medical system, we cannot take it away from me.

After the puzzle is known, the mask of the perfect husband appears to be broken, but in fact, the gentle husband and the dangerous lover are all him.I want to talk about a love story that doesn't belong to my own class. I want to say another lie that only a good marriage in his heart is class; it is Ben's fear and rejection of the class; once Kristen has the chance of remembering her recovery, she will be brutally hurt and also the class.(Recommended reading: Are you also showing signs of the six dangerous lovers?)

It is both depressing and deep, tender and dangerous, and if it is to rewrite a dark version of the "arrogance and prejudice", Mr. Darcy is like that.

:BL Harry Hallat

Do you want to spend the last day in this place, or do you want to fight fast?

If Mr. Darcy loves men?Perhaps, like Harry Hart, care has been hidden in a deeper place, and the eyebrows are even more distant.

Harry Hart first met Egsey, and in the bar he was defending him from a group of mixed-ups.Harry's suit pens, elegant and elegant, and the black umbrella in his hand is a killer. He lets the streets of the streets jump off the streets. From then on, they are willing to take the colorful yellow sport coat, quietly wear glasses and learn from their excellent examples.(Sibling: Women's remarriage issue!)Women's Screen Image of Secondary Two Marital Screens )

Harry saw the high quality of Egsi, even if his origins were different, he could not stop him, and he was determined to give Egsi an opportunity to enter the secret service.He was questioned by his superiors and asked his colleagues to wonder, that Egsi was not able to shake his will in a group of nobles.The suit, high salute, black and rain umbrella, and oxford shoes, which can be worn outside, can be looked at by Harry, but the soul of the Egsi.

film says that they are also teachers and sons, but it makes people think that it seems like love.Harry brought Egsey to the tailor's shop and planned to renovate his entire body, as was the case in the past." Have you seen the sparrow becoming a phoenix?A Thunderbolt?The Princess is a princess.Harry asked him so much about what he wanted to do for him."The Fair Lady?""In response to this response, the Scaulls and the" Dixie Lady " are all the stories of the ultimate love between the master and the apprentice, and in fact when you're trying to make a person live well, or you trust a person with all your heart and trust, no matter how much love is, it is a precious feeling.(Recommended reading: Looking for the same type in the Desolate Generation!)Chu Tien-niang: "Everyone has a lonely situation,"

After all the care and attention is hidden away from the light, if Mr. Darcy falls in love with a man, it will probably become Harry Hart.

What's your favorite, Mr. Darcy?

Regardless of the original Darcy's high pride, the low-key tenderness of the modern version, the intense volatility of the roll, the danger of a dangerous lover's version, the alienation of the vBL, and the different stories, different identities, and emotions, we see the consistent and charming character of the role that Kirin Fosse has shaped.It's a self-gram, but emotionally and emotionally contradictory, and that is the insight and concern that can always be seen in each other's unique strengths.

So, 20 years passed, Corinfords is still a man of many people's hearts forever.What about you?What's your favorite, Mr. Darcy?