Everyone said Chan Ethereal, invite Chan choose a book, just found she live to join the WTO. She said that even if she likes to read literature books, the reference books help her more than the imagination, they guide her to another way of life, so that she can be more aware of their own and imagine living, over and over again gentle subversion.

"Each song, marked for a period of time, with a feeling, so these songs became part of my life, they provide me with the index, let me know in the past, what is the reason I am brave to fly, and what is the reason I even go to the alley strength are not." Chan "Instant lyrics notes"

Chan songs, whether happy or injured, whether failure or farewell, are particularly honest. Many times, as listeners, I would like to know what Chan thinking, those songs are always in some magical moments come to my life, habitat, thick life.

I always think, only enough honest to face the life of the people, can look like cloud light to write those songs, to the seemingly complex life to speak simple, can use a soft heart to face all the difficulties. (Recommended reading: be honest with yourself, don't just be a person you like )

In an interview, I know that Qi Zhen is a continuous life of the people, the world to her is the operation of the stars, there is a fall, there is Sheng, there is never only one order, so she can continue to imagine themselves.

Open the Book of Chan, each book opens a parallel universe, she said, "literature books often accompany me, but later I found that what really changed me, is a tool." They remind me of another way to live, to open my new mind, and the world can be like this. 」

The world can also be like this, not only an answer, a living way. Chan's five books have the power to know oneself, to communicate, to think independently, to create and to live, to be gently subversive from the inside out.

"Physical balance, good mood": Separation of body and mind, is the main cause of disease

"Sometimes we have a lot of doubts and opinions, but what about our inner self?" Body and mind, I often have no way of myself. No one has taught us how to love, and no one has taught us how to solve a problem if it arises between people. --chan

"The balance is to make a reasonable distribution of things outside of yourself and within yourself," she says, "and this book teaches her a lot."

The original life is a need to practice, especially in the "Good Life" is considered a luxury of the contemporary, we read a "time management" and "workplace communication" book, but few people are willing to communicate with themselves. (same field Gayon: A woman living alone: Learn to be honest, forgive the world and yourself )

The author, Raiyufan, writes softly in the preface that physical and mental separation is the main cause of modern disease. "In the physical and psychological field, I think the common problem is to think that feelings and emotions can be controlled." To be healthy, we have always been the only choice, is to accept and affirm their feelings and emotions. 」

If you can, Chan said, I would like to introduce you to know your own tool, because know oneself, how important.

"Learning": Communication, not only a strong and powerful voice

"The network many bullying incident, the victim is powerless, the bullying person is unreasonable but does not know." If the facts and emotions are confused, bullying and the bullying, will not be free. --chan

The recent era is very messy, the network of several of these events, so many people are injured. Qi Zhen said that one of the learning of the internet age is: How to make speech into a real useful, to help people's intelligence, while accepting the differences between each other, learning to coexist.

The so-called communication, not only a strong and powerful voice, but let different discourses can be soft. The Book of Learning provides a system of communication and a way of life for her to live in the present.

Learning to "Ask" itself is also the process and structure of learning to think. Such a seemingly stiff book, with a soft feeling inside. When you are willing to learn how to issue a question mark to the world, you are not thinking of yourself, but of the people who receive your message. The matter of freedom, perhaps, comes after a setback in communication. (Recommended reading: walking through bullying and depression: The first Life Marathon Jin Reborn )

The common sense of poor Charlie: The importance of independent thinking

If you knew Peter Drucker, you might know Charlie. Montgo Kee-Jeong smiled and said, sharing the past of his philosophy department.

Freshman Philosophy Department, there is a course called American analytic philosophy, let her understand the importance of independent thinking, "Poor Charlie's Common sense" is an approximate book, and more easily understandable. Kee-Jeong has raised a few questions to us, have we ever thought about the fallacy of life? For example, why is it easy to believe that the majority is true? Why 92% of people are sure, on behalf of this is a good product?

"When most people think this way, if you are a minority, you may feel that you are wrong." Human nature has a lazy part ah, if you are too lazy to think, it is easy to follow the words of others to do. 」

So when people whisper in her ear, you become famous to the early, you quickly take advantage of the red time out of the record, she will think, this is true? She suddenly smiled, "everyone has a lot of opinions, but if everyone's opinion is so persuasive to me, I probably can't get to the present." "(Same field Gayon:"woman fan X sincerity goods station "Nine philosophers said:" No thinking, not life ")

Common sense may also not be ordinary, inviting you to be accustomed to the days and rules, a little more questioning.

"Home Change": Everyone has the ability to create

Wang Seven years to boil a home change, 13 years to achieve a shear wing history, Chan said watching Home change feel shocked, feel nothing strange.

Wang care about the tone and details, reading in addition to the content of the spirit, but also the arrangement of words, tone, picture... And so many intricate details. Wang Once read his novel, The novel must have the characteristics of short stories, details can not be ignored. Like architecture, details are a piece of piling up. Details piling up, but also to see the big structure. 」

Debut so far, has always been the crown maverick Seal of the Wang in the works, see the creation of lively power. Wang, Walking is an angel afraid to walk the road, gave me a lot of courage, originally this is the creation. "Kee-jeong smiling up her eyes and thinks.

Creation is the reactionary to the rule, is not admit defeat to collide, the world is not just like this.

"The daily life of the Creator": A thoughtful person who does not treat life unfairly

Kee-jeong like this book, always feel a little peeping the bad taste. This is a private book, written in it, Hemingway even the night before the first day, and then six o'clock the next day, Kafka likes in the late evening, everyone is asleep when the creation, Jung is workaholic, David Forest sat, hatched inspiration. (Recommended to you: an interview with "Transtextuality Niang" screenwriter Xie Hai Union: "To be a back to the audience, the creator to withstand loneliness")

Kee-Jeong has organized herself by watching the lives of other creators. "There was a time when I didn't know how to distinguish between work and life, and I felt uncomfortable about it," he said. Want to rest, I do not dare to rest, at work, I feel that there is no clear standard of time, do not know when to stop. 」

She then clocked in at home, occasionally in the middle of the night from the bed bouncing, can not help writing down a few notes, will not help but ask themselves: I do work? The book "The creator's Daily life", through the collective creator's daily experience, let her puzzle be answered.

What are the few beds, what to eat for breakfast, how long in the afternoon, what to do before bedtime, how many coffee beans to drink in the morning? These seemingly unimportant rituals in life are an important element in balancing life and creation.

"I got the balance because I didn't look down on the simple things in life: eating, sleeping, chatting with friends, and I used to think of these things as being evasive or indolent. Later I know that people with ideas, ah, will not underestimate the things in life, will not be mistreated life. 」

This book to her most is liberation, not only the spirit of things is the highest principle of all, do not live up to their own life, you can give yourself a great gift.