Women's fans [ gender perspective ] notebooks that inspire themselves and influence the environment will be shared by a short piece of current affairs observations that are based on gender.The Washington Post released the film, and Trump spoke about how women could be flippin, "grab women's privacy, and then you can do something about it." He apologized openly, saying that he was just saying, "I never really realized it."Let's talk about why we shouldn't accept Trump's "changing room talk"?(Recommended reading: Will your vote be Trump or Clinton?)

Grab their privacy, and then you'll be able to do so."Grab them by the pushsy, you can do anything."

"If you are a star, they will let you do whatever you want. Everything you want to do is done.""And when you ' are a star, they let you do it." you can do anything. "

" I tried to dry her, and she was married, and I launched an aggressive campaign against her, waiting for her like a bitch, but I couldn't get him.In the last few years she has seen her, and she changed her face, and her boobs became fake and big." I did try and fuck her, She was married. I moved on her like a bitch, but i couldn't get there. She's now got the big phony tits "

" I want to eat some chewing gum first, and I think I couldn't help kissed her in a moment.You know, I have no resistance to the beauty, and I'm going to go directly, like a magnet.Just a little kiss, no waiting." I just start kissingthem, it's like a magnet. Just Kiss. I don't even wait. "

In 2005, on a bus, Trump and television host Billy Bush talked about it, and Trump was confident about flirtaing with women, and seeing pretty women wants to kiss. Anyway, he was right before going to the private sector.The three-minute video, disclosed by The Washington Post, has caused an uprooting worldwide, with Republican backers who are no longer in the position of Trump.

Trump issued a statement, saying it was a "dressing room joke" and that it had been a private conversation that had occurred many years.And it is alleged that Bill · said that more bad jokes, worse things, worse than they were.Finally, he said, if some people feel offended, then he apologized.

In the apology, Trump wrote, "I said I was imperfect, and I wouldn't pretend I was the perfect person."I did say that, but people who knew me would know that those words could not represent real me.I did talk stupid, but these stupid things still make a lot of difference to what other people really do."

Aloweary to the event book: Every person has a conungrunts of Trump

All the time wondering how we should evaluate Trump?

When we knew him, he was a billionaire, a real estate mogul, a Miss America board member, and Columbus Circle in Manhattan. He remembers his daughter on many occasions, saying she was sexy, saying she wanted to be with her, as if she was sexy as a woman's greatest complique.(Recommended reading: Why I don't swallow at no time: women are not hysterical, that is, they love luxury cars )

He has been an outspoken image of the United States, calling for the construction of a wall to block foreign immigration and become a Republican presidential candidate.

March, he said, "The woman who had an abortion should be punished." In April, he attacked Hillary Clinton outside Clinton, saying, "If Hillary Clinton can't even satisfy her husband, why would she think she can satisfy the United States?"In September, he ridiculed Miss Universe, Miss Universe, that she was a "Miss pig".(In the same place: A child who is pregnant at the birth of the child?Black Monday for Polish Abortion Act )

Trump's insatiable remarks can be written in a long event book, and every time someone is defending Trump, "at least he's real", "he's not covering up", "We chose the president is not a teacher," and perhaps it is precisely: We are too used to a society where there is a widespread love, and there may be an appeasement of Trump

When the disrespect is rationalized to the gossiper of the dressing room

The controversial film was raised in the second presidential debate, and Trump apologized at the same time, and also directly anti-Clinton. Do you want to see what really bad things your husband has done?I didn't do anything.

In response to the film, Trump's position was clear. He said I was just chatting, I never actually realized, I was innocent, and you can't talk about my sin in private.

Trump's response is interesting, and whether he does it or not, what I'd like to ask is, why has Trump rationalized the "humiliations of women" into "dressing rooms"?What causes our society to allow such "casual chats"?And who has this kind of "idle talk", which has been met, and what has been consolidated?

Of course what we want is not to shout "politically correct" on the surface, turn off the microphone, go down the stage, a woman is a pig, and a woman has the money to be a good society.Gender inequality is always in life, and Trump's "centreless language" is more important than imagining, because it is the daily routine of women struggling to counteract day and night.(Recommended reading: Subscribing to Women's Gender)

reason that rape can be hated is not to destroy a woman's name because it damages her life, but because it violates individual physical sovereignty and violates his personal space rights -- regardless of the intimate or unfamiliar relationship between the perpetrator and the victim -- whether it is a woman or a man, or a child or a violation, " says the article."

language of rape continues to be condoned in daily life, we may raise a society that condones rape and sexual assault, and we should rise up resistance, not to protect the woman's position, but to respect each person's body sovereignty, and to stop having the next person, to think that he can reach out to others without asking.(In the same place: Iran Girl gave the world's most painful letter: I was raped but sentenced to death )

How do we want a candidate we want, what future we want

Many say the U.S. presidential election is too tough, and Trump and Hillary Clinton are at worst.

Hillary's feminist stance wobble, like a chameleon, she always explains why she doesn't know what the mail door is. Is the Rainbow Banner that she's holding high, doesn't she know whether it's a show?Trump's ethnic differences have become a classic one. He says China is a thief and doesn't let them rape the United States again. He says he wants to build a wall, and bring America back to glory. Many people dare not imagine what America would be like.

People often go back and think, how can the US come to this stage?

I want to say this in my Michelle Obama speech to some of the distant ideas, "we chose not the Democratic Party or the Republican Party, not the left or the right."No, this election, and all the elections in the future, we are all deciding who will be able to form the next generation of life.(Full text: Michelle Obama's speech: "If someone is corrupt, we choose to stick to our beliefs"

Of course we don't have that American presidential vote, but the same, every single day of expression, is extremely precious. Who would you be willing to give the country a chance to lead?What are you willing to give to a person who is not good enough to learn?What kind of ideology are you taking?What kind of an injustice do you resist?What do you want to imagine tomorrow?

Daily selection is a one-game election.And, aside from the war of words and squid wars, a leader will lead a country to what kind of future, darker, and more light, and I think that is the most important thing in the election.