Sex-induced attacks lurk in our lives for four weeks, women fans invite you to feel into action, save for yourself for five minutes, participate in daily major surveys, and use action to decode gender violence!


In 2014, Emmahuasen a shocking #HeForShe speech at the United Nations: "No matter what gender can be found in his society is not allowed to show the part, and become more sincere and more complete himself." "At the same time get a lot of Hollywood star solidarity support.

2015, looking at Caitlyn Jenner 65 years of experience tells us: "Transgender people deserve to be respected by all, respect from a society with empathy." If you don't like yourself, go and be what you like. "Listen to Jolin in the concert to share the rose Juvenile Ye Yongji, transsexual teacher Zengjia The story of the core, as well as Patricia Siaya at the 87th annual Oscar for the discrimination, small Jennifer, Kate Blanche relay solidarity.

In Taiwan in the 2016, the fermentation of a major sexual assault was more like a declaration of urgency: There were too many people in the world, weeping, helpless, and trying to look out, and not even expect to have a friendlier environment. (Listen to Chen Jie said, auxiliary big sexual assault case of no longer silent: Everyone has a lonely heart of the child )

Let's take a look at some numbers,

The United Nations Population Fund, United nations Population Fund (UNFPA), estimates that one out of approximately three women in the world has been beaten, forced or otherwise abused.

The Ministry of Health and Welfare released its findings on the eve of the 3/8 Women's Day this year: 4 people in Taiwan, 1 of whom have suffered violence from their partners throughout their lives.

This May, in the sex survey of women fans, 42% of people chose to pretend to be okay when they were sexually abused or sexually violent, and up to 70% chose to take them and not tell anyone.

Dear ones, gender affects everyone's thoughts and actions, and that's why sex is so important and deeply affecting us. Women go to the fifth year, when everyone is talking about gender, at this moment, we should step forward, not only for ourselves, but also for the change of the Times.

The real freedom is to be fearless.

16 years ago, "gender" was to me the word "female" written on a data card, or to the toilet, to the direction of the "skirt" logo.

16 years later, because of sexual violence, read the story of the 2000-Year-old rose Ye Yongji, only to find that the world, there are many people are walking in the old road Ye Yongji. In order to become a "normal" system of norms, to be "in line with other people's expectations of this role", we are constantly seeking recognition from a variety of roles, such as children, parents, lovers, working partners, good friends and so on, but often forget that these roles are a complete individual, "I". (who is he?) the world has lost Ye Yongji, we have more Ye Yongji )

From the sense of absence, because more important than sex, is to become pure self.

I expect, one day, that you don't have to be afraid to tell your partner that you're not a virgin; one day, you don't have to worry about what "this sex" is not going to do; one day, the values of society no longer determine what you are;

You are really free. Because you know who you are.

The world is too, and you are standing in the center of the world. This is your world, trust your power, feel how to live for yourself, believe that you are the power to change the world, that we should all be empowered to be what we want to be, and that we can do what we want to do.

Today, is now, want to invite you, give yourself five minutes, participate in the daily Big survey, to understand gender violence as a starting point, to a better world!

Ask yourself, if it wasn't for me, who would it be? If not now, when would that be?

Emma Watson

Please stand up and let more people live in a free and reassuring society.
" Gender Violence decoding program "Together with action, embrace a better future!"