Exclusive interview He Xiang and Wang Tianming, they together for more than 30 years, not separated, this way, I have wind and rain, but an umbrella look, only the eyes of each other.

He Xiang and Wang Tianming raised a dog, Dudu, with them for 13 years, and they have gone hand over 30, love more than One-third centuries.

The day of the interview, I drove to their new store home, the hillside rain, I made a phone call, "Big Brother I arrived," he said on the other side of the phone, "I come down to pick you up." 」

He led me into their house, very simple, very ordinary, light yellow dense, full of life marks, Doodle in my Side wag tail, Wang Tianming on the table hot a pot of tea, He Xiang wearing provisions sleeve shirt, swaying from the room, I glimpsed the cupboard after the table, full of bottles.

Wang Tianming with a little apology to me, He Xiang old, obedient may not clear, you wait for interview don't be afraid, shout him loudly. He Xiang moves slowly, motherly, smiles a face to be lovable. Wang Tianming brought him to his seat and poured me a cup of tea.

Life is like this, 30 years in the blink of an forget

The acquaintance of He Xiang and Wang Tianming was due to the advertisement of Isabel's "his article" two years ago.

In the picture, ordinary morning, He Xiang from being couch up, pat the side of the Wang Tianming, then to the first floor hot clothes, management environment, Cook breakfast, Wang Tianming then downstairs, watching the newspaper breakfast, a dog, a glass of milk, a kiss, two people. (same field recommendation: The true picture of gay love: love, have blood and sweat )

Wang Tianming smiled and said, "The advertisement, just know, originally we together to 30 years." Life is like this, time passed quickly, simply forget to count. "This year He Xiang 73 years old, Wang Tianming 55 years old, together, Wang Tianming only a senior, He Xiang is a gay circle of the day dishes, two people who have not thought, a walk is 30 years."

Met for the first time, at the gay bar. He Xiang wearing a flower shirt, white suit trousers, wearing sunglasses down the stairs, Wang Tianming look at him, intently, psychologically secretly expect him to come to his desk around. At that time, He Xiang 42 years old, Wang Tianming recalls, "he looks only 30-somethings, is my day food, he has been feeling very young." 」

He Xiang said that the second meeting, is to accompany friends to get mango ice cream, meet Wang Tianming a person, they all remember each other, so exchanged the telephone. "At the time, it was home phone calls. He Xiang chuckled.

Later, Wang Tianming graduated as a soldier, in the Kaohsiung Fengshan Chiang Kai-shek pre-school when the officer, He Xiang a free, take a ride to see him. "Fengshan I have not been to, I even good time, buy a Zhang, smiling eyes on the night train doze off, get off to call a taxi, to him there." 」

After the discharge, two people have been living together, changed a few quarters, but it does not matter, two people have been living together, never thought of separation.

To your own children is to accept, the real love Is this

Together not long, Wang Tianming Heart recognized He Xiang, a bet, take him home, side and home out of the Ark. Wang Tianming laugh thief, "I am a little scheming, first with my second sister revealed the Wind, two elder sister first with mother and elder sister said, they did psychological preparation." (Recommended reading: Apple CEO Tim Cook's full declaration: to be proud of being gay, this is the best gift of life )

I used the "I am ready to get married" mood, take He Xiang home, Connaught, this is my future to marry the object, I want you to see. Wang Tianming said, I am so, decided that is decided.

"Then He Xiang Ah, he is also powerful." That day he dressed decently, and understand the way of the people, and I chat with my mother, very well, in my family left a good impression. 」

He Xiang has a heterosexual marriage, the children's family are in the United States, he just a phone call, introduced Wang Tianming, said the two people to live together. Later, the family call back, will also special greetings to Wang Tianming, know two people have been together, also feel at ease.

"A lot of people say that gays are against tradition, and I never thought that was the reason," Wang Tianming said. You see He Xiang mother if in, how old, enough tradition, or Buddhism out of family. But to their own children, is to accept, true love should be so. My mother to me, his mother to him, that's all. 」

We talk about the ark, and it's all about admitting the word, admitting to yourself, to the person you love and the person who loves you. "What parents do with their children, they treat their parents like a mirror," she said. If the parents to the child's greatest expectation is that he is happy and healthy, then this child, must also have more courage to the family out of the closet. 」

To parents, if you are to the child's biggest expectation is that he is happy, then he is certainly the happiest; to comrades, sometimes, do not be anxious to first discriminate against themselves, do not default to your family and friends must not accept. (Recommended reading: anti-gay couples to the scene of the Rainbow siege: we want to understand the son's "Love")

We've been living together.

It's not easy to live together all the time.

He Xiang made a choice between affection and love, stay in Taiwan, not to the United States, and occasionally back to the United States to see children; Wang Tianming said that he had two short affairs, just beginning to feel fresh, the other side of the age, also know that they with He Xiang together, he had thought, maybe two people to take care of the future together He Xiang? It's not bad. Later found, really not.

He Xiang smiled, "I was going back to America, and I told him." You can go out to play, but don't play with your feelings. Otherwise old love, you will not know how to deal with the pain is their own. 」

Two people are very confessed to each other, one of the affair do not know how to end, or He Xiang forward, four two dials, the other side. Wang Tianming said that later He Xiang the principle of doing things himself when the Bible is reading.

He Xiang speech, "his lover said," Wang Tianming Ah, I will not destroy you two, I just stay ", I was a little unhappy, I said," Wang Tianming, I want to, I do not want, you can not destroy. 』」

Wang Tianming Rub He Xiang hand, is also two people, 30 years occasionally wind and rain, can take an umbrella to see, or hope that side is each other.

He Xiang says, oneself old, originally also advised Wang Tianming, perhaps go out to play a play, know young friend. Wang Tianming Disagree, "Now want me to go out to find, I am too old have no strength." The last affair was probably 2000, more than 10 years ago, then I realized, do not ask for trouble, I can not find another. 」

30 years good fast, meet that year, He Xiang socialized long soul, meet Wang Tianming University of Youthful flesh, Wang Tianming ride a motorcycle to carry him everywhere, He Xiang first eat pig blood cake, the first time to sing guitar singing, the day is completely different. These years they came, like Wang Tianming said, "Our bedside quarrel, the end of the bed and, do a love is OK." "(same field recommendation: Kangyong to talk about the lonely show out of the closet:" I have to work hard to prove that we are not monsters ")

He's old, I'm hurting.

"These two years, he is sick, aging quickly, otherwise, before he looked very young, at most 50-year-old." I say he is old, he will refute, now not, he himself is also recognized. "Wang Tianming's expression, not regret or give up, He Xiang in the side, silly Leng to laugh."

"I never thought he would be old, but suddenly he was old," he said. "A few months after Isabel's advertisement, He Xiang began to appear, shaking his hands in a daze, Wang Tianming thought, perhaps because of the side effects of his bronchial pill, he dragged a doctor and a medical examination before he knew it was Parkinson's disease."

"Seeing him sitting over there, I was very distressed at his old age. He was born a few days ago, I have been crying for two weeks. "Wang Tianming said.

He Xiang waved his hand and then said, "I'm surprised to get the message." Because I am a person, love beautiful well, want to fix oneself, but not. Now this home, to Wang Tianming, I want to help him also may be in trouble, I often pour a glass of water, hand flash, water is full out, I hurriedly grab a rag to rub ...

Said, He Xiang suddenly violently cough, stand up and walk, Wang Tianming Head also didn't return to know, to my eyes, "nothing, he took some medicine to eat." 」

See Isabel ads, netizens under the message, Uncle Ho good. Wang Tianming said, that is the advertisement, is the script, He Xiang is old, which is so powerful. But the part of the swap, our lives are almost the same. He Xiang walked back, Wang Tianming looked at him, and poured a cup of tea to me. "I know it's no use to him, to me, to tears, I want to take good care of him." 」

This year's birthday, Wang Tianming closed his eyes, his birthday wishes, left to He Xiang's health.

We've been together so long, he's in a situation, and I don't have a choice.

A few weeks ago, Wang Tianming was hospitalized with a minor stroke. He Xiang shook his head said, Wang Tianming always tough, never thought he would be ill, then hurriedly invited his second sister come, lest what emergency, must sign.

"You see we've been together for so long, but what's wrong with him, I don't have a choice." "He Xiang very sigh, comrade in life, what security is not, is the law and bed before the stranger."

Wang Tianming in hospital, He Xiang just a person go home, into the house, suddenly don't know where things put. "The family is Wang Tianming in the care, I can not find the shout he asked him, he was hospitalized, I was seriously aware that I am very dependent on him." 」

Also because of this, Wang Tianming says, the best way to take care of another person is to take care of yourself first. "You see if I fell on the ground, He Xiang must not lift me." I was sick, rather he did not see, he don't worry, so I don't let this happen again. 」

For the relationship between life and death, two people are slowly accepted, there is always a person will go first. Two of the eyes of the home is simple, because there is love, thus a family. Not happy outside, there is a home where you can go, anyway, at home to see each other, you can talk. Of course not 24 hours are talking about love, but each other has the responsibility to maintain it.

"But this kind of home is not fair to the comrades," he said. We have the concept of rights and obligations, we are gay families, we should do our duty, but we do not have any rights. "Talking about the Overdue marriage Affirmative Act, Wang Tianming is very helpless, from the simplest economy to talk," if we have the right to legal marriage, life can save a lot of money. Licence tax, income tax, that's all expenses. Many people do not care, but the reality is this. 」

The new government, such as amnesia, to push the gay couples Act, Wang Tianming Frankly unfortunately, Taiwan last year, the sound of marriage affirmative support, unexpectedly this year, but instead go backwards. "If Taiwan doesn't do it again, I think I might not be able to do it later," he said. "(same field Gayon: The marriage equality that was forgotten by Cai English?" )

Two people, one dog, that's a home.

"We've moved a lot of times, but we've been together and there's a love there," he said. There are a lot of partners like us, two people are a family. 」

We chatted for nearly two hours, most of the time, He Xiang cheerfully said, sometimes the situation jumps, from 10 years ago chatted to 10 years later, see I a bit can't keep up, Wang Tianming for He Xiang explain induction, he is this meaning. Doodle on the side obediently sit, do not quarrel not noisy, like very good child.

They said that the advertising, as a national out of the cabinet, feel the responsibility, let people see, the feelings between comrades, can also walk for a long time, not only the impression of the sexual immorality of others.

After Isabel's ad was dialed out, there was a gay life there, behind the label, that was flesh and blood. Wang Tianming heard friends to share, there is a lesbian partner, originally both parents disagree, insist that two people break up, accidentally read the ad, soft hearted down, ask her daughter, "you, will also like this?" Can you look like this? 」

Also have comrade friend invite parents to see advertisement, drop out of cabinet. Pointing to the TV screen says, "Mom and Dad, I'm going to be like these two people. 」

Wang Tianming said, he and He Xiang all the way, never met any really unfriendly people. He Xiang disease, the most let him feel the most sweet is He Xiang's big son, the video when sincerely looked at him and said, "Dawn brother, thank you for so many years in my father around him, take care of him." 」

A word of thanks is meaningful, life comes to the end, is willing to accompany. Hold the hand of the son, and the son is not a myth, but the day-to-day practice, leaving a little tears, a little fight, sickness and death sometimes, you take care of me, I take care of you to come over, forget to count.

Flash eyes, just to dinner time. I asked them to describe each other in a word, He Xiang a few miles to say a lot of words, said he staid, work has plans, inclusive of what they want to do what the personality, although Wang Tianming temperament stubborn, but always considerate of themselves.

Wang Tianming looked at He Xiang, "You are more than a sentence, in exchange for me." Our family He Xiang very kind, very pure, he is good to me, to friends, to the family, are emotionally persistent. "It sounds so spoiled.

Finally I took a picture. They sit on the sofa, Wang Tianming hand put up He Xiang shoulder, He Xiang rub own belly said, how to do this belly you look, two people's head, shallow to lean together. I call Dudu come over, two people a dog, the law did not give them a home, they grow a home of their appearance, very simple.

Wang Tianming sent me out of the house, said thank you, I hope you do not feel tired interview, I would like to say that I just thank you, so cool days, you let me warm in the heart.