Women fans and "Love Rock" to take you to listen to a single love song ! From Luo to Ke-min, independent musicians across the ages, hum the most sincere stories. Single lonely Sometimes, lively sometimes, may we do not covet vigorous, but can with their own steady. (Recommended reading: minority music in the mainstream!) Zhang Hang, chan, soda green Independent lyrical )

Being single is being patient and waiting for someone to deserve you.
Single, don't let the unfit person take the best you.
Single, nostalgia sometimes, weak sometimes, but no one can tame your pride.

Are you a single person, too? 1111 Singles Day is coming, you need a little love comfort. What could be a better combination of music than camping out in the wild? "Love Rock music Festival" in the autumn for the new words Strong say sorrow, for generations of men and women to bring a little love, love there are several elements, "Love and rock" set a few stage, from the "Lonely Heart", "hug", "touch", "Love" to "Love" to the strong tenderness of rock songs hum single narrative. (Recommended reading: from Petti Smith to Ono, rock and roll Soul Lovers )

Listen to a few of the singers who participated in the music festival for your singles Love songs:

Luo "You look": Love makes us not ordinary people

"What you do not understand is why you would rather let the dust carve you out, like the world that has already been lost, your name and my voice." 」

Luo hum the passing of years, the "You", is a life difficult to meet the like-minded, the soul of habitat. Recall has become futile, but we can not stop miss, Miss became the best remembrance, those who follow the sand Yang to the memory of the traces of our love, the thorns of the road have you proud walk.

Single people, the bottom of my heart to maintain a position, to the most profound traveler in life. We will carry the weight of that heart, continue to alone to life, because there is no regret to love, let us become a story of the people, the regret of love is sad, but also the only life. With these, a person is not alone. (You will like: single Diary: You are not waiting for love, but complete yourself )

Ke-min Smoked " This is My place": The heart is firm, not afraid of drifting

"Is there a night sky, peace and quiet only the Sky stars, there is no one thought, no shackles just want to go to freedom." 」

A person, you are located in the city to see the changes in the weather, feeling the season from the texture of love to comb through. You have more time to be alone, a lot of times, you're waiting. But not wait for a person to come, not to wait for love to feed, but to have the courage to run for their own.

You have courted too many lovers, but you have not pleased yourself, you are sorry for many nostalgia, but have never thanked yourself. In the long wait of returning to oneself, you like to know this person, stare, see through, pain under the wound. In the time of being loved, you have doubted your own excess, and now you understand, look at your firm eyes in the mirror and know that in this universe, the heart is the point where you land. No matter where, listen to the voice of the heart, all let you find the return place. (same field Gayon: single diary: I need not shoulder, but let me go to fly the bosom )

Wanfang "We are not always so brave": accept their fragile appearance

"You are always afraid of unhappiness when you are happy, and you are 19 years old when you are worried about the age of 20." You are afraid you love him more, want to talk but have no friends, lonely with a hurried past. 」

Dear, how do we feel sad when we have it? To you who are single, what we do is not to be better, but to accept that we are. Wanfang Gentle tempting, like singing a girl's youth past, those for love sad taste, lost eyes are true. Our sadness is not wasted, you should give yourself the right not to be brave when everyone wants you to be better.

Even if you are old, you will suffer from the pain of love, and the injury you have suffered is still the same. If you walk slowly, then let yourself not chasing not panic, pause, feel your fragile, know your weakness, you do so, is to forgive themselves, grow up to be able to accompany their frustration of the people. (You will like: single diary: From Your World pass, is to be in the best of times Love)

The quarterback's song about you: Miss is a must

"A lot of hazy blurred picture, think up all more painful." So who are more efforts to live, their own hurried to each other. Can not choose again, that initial hug. 」

You want to say to him, thank you for your miss, let my love song to hear so poignant. Occasionally, you will think of your hug under the stars, scrawled and rough love letters, winter his coat temperature. At that time clumsy sour and sweet, your Love has a title song, he is like your life in the first B, may not love the deepest, but is the most meaningful.

The city is so small, you each commonplaces live doings wherever, tonight, you in the crowd, a person aftertaste, thanks to have such a simple pure time, you can be desperate to love a person. Maybe he is raising his head and seeing the stars and thinking of you. (Extended reading: single diary: I Loved you, but time is always stronger than love )

Chen Grain "Wonderful ability song": I Don't want to fall in love, just want you

"I want a better, more round moon, an unknown madness, a sensual publicity, I want you." 」

Love to be single doesn't mean you don't want to love again. We all look forward to a coincidence, a possibility to make their lives more exciting him. Chen grain leisurely singing to love without disguise, if I love is to you. There is always that person, you see him, feel unprecedented, he is you have not met the magnificent scenery, he is you have experienced the best years.

No matter when the person meets, is the right time. The hobby is wonderful, can let the barren become lively, turns the dust into the castle. No matter how many time you hurt, believe in love, bastards. Relationship is such a beautiful thing, it will bring the desert star for the Little Prince, bring the Magic Rabbit for Alice, bring you new throbbing. (Recommended reading: single diary: "Your Name" wherever you are, I will go to see you again )

Five to the single person's good song, may we do not covet the vigorous, but can with own steady-flowing, may we go to meet a love song which only belongs to oneself, patiently sings.