Biansen no lover lost the house, the law indifferent, he alone live good hard, choose a leap, when can we really see, gay life situation of all the hardships?

On Sunday night, the 68-year-old French professor Biansen from the 10 floor of the residence slowly fell down, like his partner Zengjingshu died, he lived a year so long, Biansen very lonely, and then hold the hand of the lover.

Photo Source: Li Yanji FB

Biansen and Zengjingshu Life once together, the Republic of 80 they met, 35 years, like dots line grow daily, they in France and Taipei, Paris and the two sides of the same purchase production, want to get old.

To later quickly, unprepared, Zengjingshu cancer, he lay on the bed that moment, Biansen suddenly think they good far. As same-sex couples, they are helpless before the law of strangers, Biansen not have the right to express the desire, the real estate in the "civil law" under the law, the transfer to the elder brother, rather than such as the previous wishes, left to the intimate lover Biansen.

Biansen no lover, lost the room, suddenly nothing, he did not know who to protest, to the law that has been overdue? He was powerless, and a year later, he chose to fall down, knowing he would grow a new year for the Gay event book. (same field Gayon: written in Orlando Gay nightclub after shooting: give the gay a peace of mind to live space )

Biansen Student Li Yanji lawyer wrote, "Biansen in the heart understand, Zengjingshu hope that all the early end, the sooner the better." However, the physician's counterpart was a former family member who made the decision to be a family member because they were not married, legally, two unrelated strangers. After 3 days, had gone. That day, bi at home, not willing to eat, only constantly drinking vodka, lethargy, wake up, crying. 」

You watch and cry, but the story of Biansen is one of the most fortunate to be seen in thousands of stories.

Equality is not just a companion note: the previous one and the next Biansen

As early as 2001, the same old prerequisite Chi Jiawei for gay marriage Ping asked the chancellor to release the Constitution and was dismissed by the "no treatment" procedure. 15 years in the past, we did not wait until the bill passed, but until the "Nongan Street case" to "gay bar was ordered out of business" many blood-stained. (Recommended reading: The Deepest Love Manifesto: Why did U.S. judges decide to legalize gay marriage?) )

The 2015 Marriage Equality Act was a Cai Yingwente, and the president's candidate, who was on the day of the Gay Parade (10/31), uploaded the film to support marriage equality, she said, "Before love, everyone is equal." I am cai English and I support marriage equality. Let everyone, can be free to love, the pursuit of happiness. "has its epochal significance.

When Tsai took office, it was like the other world. The new law Minister Churtai 342, said the government supports the establishment of "same-sex partnership law", the amendment of the civil law is too complicated, so it will be "another law" for gay couples, a clear-cut distinction.

So far, gay couples are not equal to the marriage of "family" protection, only to wait until a slightly thinner gay sunshine notes. The sunshine note is that in May last year, the start of the household service system in Kaohsiung, a note of the good intentions, after note, you will receive a "The client has actually applied to note each other as a companion" letter of the official document. (Recommended to you: the true picture of gay love: love, have blood and sweat )

And the practical side, according to the note specification, if the two sides complete the note, they can be treated as "medical relations", in the medical law has a part of the right, priority after the spouse, relatives, so even if the note, the most understanding of your partner is still far removed from the ranks of your position.

I have been thinking for a long time, I do not understand why it is so difficult for gay men to fight for rights?

The Chief Justice Advocates amending the Constitution! Gay rights are not only marriage equality

Biansen's story, separated by three days, broke into Congress.

On the morning of 19th, the Chief Justice nominee Huang Ruiming a qualification review, DPP legislator Michen mentioned the Biansen, that the existing legal discrimination, violates the Constitution gives the people equality, freedom guarantee. Michen said: "The marriage system to both sides not only is the legal spouse, but also has the medical consent right, the tax preferential, the property inheritance, the child adoption question, lets the homosexual person not receive the fair treatment." 」

Huang Ruiming agreed that the "Gay couples Act" should not be opened outside the civil law, and supported the implementation of marriage equality through the amendment of the law or the release of the gazetted channels. He said that "the support of the marriage system should not be any discrimination against comrades, civil law marriage is limited to the opposite sex, violating the rights of equality protection." 」

Another nominee, Johnson, also expressed his support for same-sex marriage in the context of the constitutionality of the new law of the Times, with a view to asking "Churtai", and pointed out that direct amendments to the civil Law on the maintenance of the value of homosexuals, he is more inclined to this method.

Looking at the story of Biansen, people said with emotion, you see 35 years, heterosexual marriage is not so patient, gay marriage issues again on the stage.

But we cannot and should not forget that, as a comrade, their lives are far from being married. Marriage should not even be deified as a symbol of "equality", marriage is a link to protect the details of life, so that they do not stifle love, but life is always wider, hidden more difficult.

In October, the Huang Yufen of "gay bullying", asked the curriculum of primary and secondary schools to remove the gender-conscious teaching materials, after the death of Ye Yongji, how many comrades in the campus suffered bullying? Are our educational texts and educational environment really friendly? (Recommended reading: gay bullying heterosexual?) To Huang Yufen: You proved that we live in a hostile world .

Looking at the workplace environment, the Taiwan Gay and friendly Enterprise Alliance data points out that 15%~43% comrades have experienced discrimination and harassment in the workplace, 8%~17% comrades have not been hired or dismissed because of their sexual orientation. We only have a small number of gay and friendly enterprises with a joint anti-discrimination convention, how many comrades in the workplace to endure discriminatory language, to see their sexual orientation and gender identity is always prior to the ability to work?

2016 Taipei Gay Citizens Act

We should also ask whether the existing long-term policy, which is not yet sound, remembers the inclusion of comrades in the protection of rights and interests. How should our society be due to the gay and lesbian suicides? When does a comrade have the right to adopt and incubate a family from roots? (Recommended to you: anti-gay couples to the scene of the Rainbow siege: we want to understand the son's "Love")

Comrade Parade to the 14th session, this year's theme is "false friendly", to this time we are very profound reminders. Love is not omnipotent, sometimes only love is not enough, we can not use a "I love Comrade" slogan, continue to ignore the real needs of their lives.

Marriage equality is just a primer that takes us to see more details of their lives, there are so many deficiencies, but if we are willing to put our comrades ' lives in our hearts, we will return them to their rightful rights, from school, from youth to old age, from marriage to adoption, until then, we can say with a clear conscience, Taiwan is firmly on the road to gender equality. (Recommended reading: The same marriage bill passed, is LGBT really free?) American little boy's Tears Confession )