Women are obsessed with the most important activities in the second half of the year! I'll take you straight to the ladies. In cooperation with the WEIFAO department, " Gender violence prevention and control hacker Pine " press conference scene, see Taiwan Contemporary Gender Violence prevention and treatment , if you expect a better world, now join us. (Recommended reading:"Gender violence decoding Program" you know?) It's not safe to live in this world.

This year, women fans and the Ministry of Weifao a series of gender violence prevention and control activities, invited Lara Liang Xenyi and Esther Liang City Sisters as the gender friendly ambassadors to jointly respond, call on the male and youth groups to engage in gender violence prevention and treatment work.

The Ministry of Health in promoting gender violence prevention and control efforts have been long, this time with women fans of science and technology as the fulcrum, stand on the wave of gender promotion, look forward to using the " Gender violence Prevention Hacker Pine " together to break the violence,

This year, especially in the spate from Taiwan to international sexual violence, Emmahuasen's speech at the United Nations is the concept of this series of events.

"As long as one suffers, the whole world should stand up and fight." "--emma Watson (extended reading: Emmahuasen The full text of the United Nations speech:" Not only to fight for women's rights, but both sexes can be free! " ")

Women fans and WEIFAO to break the silence, the day of the press conference on the scene we invite the Department of Health and Welfare Protection Services Division Linvian Deputy Director, women's chief executive Zhang Wei Xuan, Lara Liang Xenyi and Esther Liang and sister to fight for gender violence, now, let us follow the data to see Taiwan's sexual violence status.

Gender violence Prevention Hacker Pine : Surmount violence

WEIFAO, deputy director of the Department of Linvian, described the street-visit film on the prevention and control of gender-based violence: "From the film to see whether intimate relations, sexual harassment, sexual abuse, every day, sexual violence in our surroundings, may inadvertently we become victims, or perpetrators." The Ministry of WEIFAO, through a variety of ways to promote awareness of gender-based violence, through a variety of channels to call for universal efforts to promote gender-based violence, we hope that one day there will be no more victims of gender-based violence. 」

Linvian, deputy director of the department also said that this time with women fans, is to combine each other for gender awareness of the height, depth and breadth, so with " gender violence Prevention Hacker Pine " sounded the horn: "In the Guardian's observation, we found that the young population is very dependent on the network, The scientific and technological nature of the Internet makes sexual violence more quickly, and it may hurt someone without knowing it. So we want to focus on the young people, the network groups, usually not easy to touch the issue of those who, design a dialogue with these groups, we are very happy with women fascinated by this very good network platform, work together to design cooperation, promote the " gender violence prevention Hacker pine ."

Linvian, deputy director of the " Gender violence prevention and control hacker Pine " activities, that is, a group of people together to carry out a 48-hour brainstorming, the use of science and technology to solve the problem of gender violence, combined with different talents to discuss the preparation of procedures.

"We hope that through this competition, people who are concerned about issues or who do not understand the issues will be able to talk to each other and create a programme of action through brainstorming, hoping that one day, gender-based violence can flourish and we will not let each other hurt." 」

Places where gender violence is most frequent: family

Woman Fan founder Zhang Wei in the scene to thank the WEIFAO Department for a long time, but also look forward to the fifth year of women fans hold this grand event, can more "embrace diversity" of the original intention to help more people.

Zhang Wei is confident that media forces will make gender issues more widely available, also earnestly needs the concerted efforts of all walks of life: "I am very honored to participate in this event today on behalf of women fans, we and the Ministry of Health and Welfare to open up this event, the most important thing is that we need the strength of the media to let everyone know the importance of gender violence prevention." 」

On the scene, Wei Xuan shared the stunning data from the department's research: "One out of every three people has experienced sexual harassment, and every four people have had 20% of the mental violence of intimate violence and intimate violence." 」

"This is a number that you may not normally feel, but it's very painful when it happens to be a living person," she said. "Wei Xuan Share primary school when students around the sexual assault case:" She told me at that time, she did not dare to sleep, because every time the demon will come to sleep, the next morning, she will bleed. "Then Wei Xuan didn't know what that meant, now think of this memory, she knew that this is a heavy reminder of life:" At that time I told my mother, my mother said to the teacher, the teachers began to push children, my mother knew that it is a sexual assault cases of the family, so told I can not go to her home, can not play with her 」

Sharing this memory, she choked and said: "We see the most common occurrence of gender-based violence in the location, the most data are in acquaintances, families, this matter we have to let more people know that we must work together to break the myth of gender violence, we have to make the world better." We must do something, you do not know that the future of the victim will be your friend, your daughter, he will be you? I hope we can do something together to make the world a better place. 」

Can we not have the next victim? Women fans and the Ministry of Weifao together to put this sincere questioning back to the public, perhaps, from this moment began to act.

Listen to each other and break the silence: You owe yourself a brave

Action is to start talking and to change the situation by breaking the silence. As the establishment of the sister doll multimedia Lara and Esther, talking about the original intention of the two people, Esther said that the hope that women can accept their own physiological characteristics, negative characteristics: "Do not cover up the essence of women, brave to show their beauty." Do not need to because of fear of others to us how, but to hide themselves. "lara response Regardless of sex, we all should listen to their own voice, become more brave. (same field Gayon: courage is not not afraid, but in fear can still move forward!) Big woman Lara & Esther interview )

Lara and Esther and female fans, Weiford together to pursue equality, embrace pluralism, also to Lara new works "Sunshine" to this gender violence prevention and control hacker Pine as a theme song, Lara said in the background listening to the front desk to share, because such a gender concept excited to tears: " We are honored to be able to do this together, and we hope to use positive energy against these shades. 」

The two people want to the " Gender violence prevention and control hacker Pine " said is: "Listen to their own voice, defend their own voice, not just not." 」

Esther shared abroad, once said "no", as soon as the other party violated the second time, is definitely on the news case, there will be no "think good" culture: "I have a friend has been sexually abused, a long time dare not say, I told her:" You suffer sexual abuse should not feel their own fault, that night happened, How the boy treats you has nothing to do with the appearance of your dress. 』」

Lara said he is also learning the boundaries of the body: "I am a lot of male friends, to take the line is needed to learn, you have to ask yourself to which point feel uncomfortable, do you agree with him to do so?" Rather than condescend to himself. We are all hope the atmosphere harmonious girl, do not want to become nasty person, so let those boys eat your tofu, go back will blame themselves, why I do not say no? 」

Lara also for example when he entered the showbiz, the face of gender jokes: "There will be a senior in the way of joking to ridicule your appearance or talent, you will even doubt yourself, he played such a joke, I want to follow laugh?" We should not be silenced by the transmission of violence. In particular, Taiwan's social culture, we can easily silence and then doubt ourselves, we need more dare to speak of power. 」

They believe that gender violence is not only happening to women, that any gender is likely to be harmed, and most importantly, we must be brave enough to speak out and be brave enough to say "no" and be a person who knows how to refuse. It also stops condemning the victims ' ethos and avoiding the two-degree injury inflicted on the victims. (Recommended reading: Gender Watch: From the South Korean "furnace" to the Southern Special schools sexual assault case )

In the face of gender violence prevention, sister doll multimedia and female fans, WEIFAO department, eager to cluster more power, to find a better world of people, from now find possible solutions, using two days of intensive thinking and creative time, to make the first step of practice.

"It's a long road, but it's not going to change forever," he said. 」

" Gender violence Prevention Hacker Pine " -gender violence decoding program , now start! Invite you to come forward now and participate in this era of change.

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