With the eyes of Pakistan's battered victims, we think more about the victim's image flip and action. Gender violence exists in our daily life and invites you to become the force of change.

This year's Pakistani fashion week is special. In the evening of Tuesday, surrounded by models and designers, there was a face of simplicity and shame shyness in the crowd.

Wearing a pale green embroidered sari, the same color scarf gently wound hair, her name is Mukhtar Mai, 44 years old, she was a victim of the rounds of violence, she survived. (Recommended reading: 16-year-old girl gang rape in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil: We must remind the world that justice has not yet come )

She said she had not forgotten that the day 14 years ago, still like the haunting nightmare, the injury came to a shady.

Mukhtar Mai was born in the middle of Pakistan, called the village of Meerwala, one day, the tribal chiefs told her that your brother and the higher the surname of the woman adultery, your family is guilty, so you have to punish for him, they sentenced her to a violent punishment.

Many men forcibly pressed up and ripped her clothes, and she repeated no, but no one would listen. Two hours of misery, she got down, closed her eyes, she heard the onlookers outside the house loudly applauded, applauded. After the rounds, they want her naked to the streets, people pointing point, said her body dirty and evil, she cried for a long time, always do not know what is wrong.

14 years later, she went to the runway with a shallow smile, and said, "If every step of my way can help a woman of any similar situation to rekindle their hopes, then I am willing to go forward." 」

It is still the same body, with a lot of strength and scars to go forward, in the flesh, and may soothe more victims still in the dark corner. (Recommended to you: the most painful letter from an Iranian girl to the world: I was raped but sentenced to death )

Face injustice, don't lose hope

"In the face of injustice, we stop crying, don't lose hope, I believe that one day justice will come and must come." "mai said.

In Mai's tribe, rounds of violence are often judged. Mai suffered a bout of violence a week ago, another woman chose suicide because she was overwhelmed by the rounds of violence. Mai took the wound down, knowing that her brother had been falsely accused and had spent more effort appealing to the Supreme Court of Pakistan. She wants those who hurt her to understand that a woman's body is not a playground, not a battlefield, and that no woman should continue to be treated this way. (Recommended to you: love of madness and injury: Five books to uncover the war of women's body )

14 men in the tribe were prosecuted, including the rapist and the tribal ruling elders, who were acquitted after the event.

Mai was not discouraged, and her path to fight for rights went further. She set up Pakistan's Women's Rights Foundation, also in her hometown Meerwala, founded a women's school, from education to lay the foundation, she became the voice of the feminist ambassador, to international attention to see Pakistan's feminist situation.

When aggression and injury come too often, Mai wants to say to Pakistani women living in the shadows, "If you've ever had a misfortune, it shouldn't be the end of your life." We are not weak, even in the darkest hour, do not lose the desire for justice, I am here. 」

Mai in 2004 won the Time magazine as the Asian heroes, looking at her, I think the so-called hero really should be like this, willing to use their own suffering soft world, if injured, then to think about the future of other people will not hurt the action possible.

There are still many people in the world who have not survived.

Mukhtar Mai with her story on the stage of Fashion Week, add more real life thickness, I would like to say is that I do not know how many people around the world have not survived, how many people are being educated, if you encounter gender-based violence, it is you deserve. (same field Gayon:"Gender violence decoding Program" you know?) It's not safe to live in this world.

We've heard so many sad, inspiring, difficult stories, and they're all really happening in the world, pointing at the problem of gender-based violence that has been ignored for years.

Gender violence may be a savage tribal verdict, a round of violent sentencing, a family honour bundle of individuals, and the use of the name of justice to injure women, often in remote tribes such as India and Pakistan.

Sexual violence may be a child marriage, depriving a woman of childhood and the right to be educated, before the body and mind mature, the first mother, hereditary poverty, let women become silver goods versus goods.

Sex violence may be the rose Boy who has been ridiculed for her sex temperament, may be a stigmatized transgender identity, may be from verbal to physical workplace sexual harassment, may be the victim of the night shop to pick up the corpse is always bear a "you deserve" joke.

Gender violence may occur in a foreign land, or it may be hidden in our lives. Gender violence is often a gender bias that depresses a person's most basic human rights.

The issue of gender violence is not "they" but "we".

If you look more seriously, you will know, you will find that in Taiwan, there is a gender violence every 3.5 minutes, 1 people in every 2 people have experienced gender violence, 1 per 25 people are sexually abused, and those who suffer from sexual violence are even more physically and physically male.

If you listen more carefully, you will hear stories that are afraid to speak out. He said that in the face of verbal harassment, because of fear of greater harm, she said that her family had threatened her with sexual assault news cases, that she should take care of herself; He said he was afraid of losing his job in the workplace. She said I didn't agree, why his hand still stuck in me, violated me, hurt me? (same field Gayon: sex Watch: We could all be her!) 16-Year-old Argentine girl abducted and killed by rounds of violence

Gender violence is not far away, we would like to invite you to stop and take a look. By acknowledging the current state of gender-based violence, we want to awaken public awareness and change through concrete actions, and we wish to invite you to participate in the Gender violence decoding program , from now on, your actions, your voice can flip the status quo, you are Live in a better world "a spark.