WEIFAO Department and woman fan Cooperation " Gender violence decoding Plan ", by Focus forum open discussion, Ally Day dialogue, hackers loose the day to start the issue! We saw an inspiration from our allies on the day, from sharing experience to proposing action plans, we saw the light of the gender-fulcrum and technological dialogue. (Recommended reading: Women fans first gender science and Technology Focus Forum: Use dialogue to create action )

WEIFAO Department and women fans of the "Gender violence decoding program" Ally Day, summoned all the way to women fan paradise, a thought of communication and action practice, we use two hours, through the nine Sudoku task and brainstorming will each person's ability to maximize, and will resonate voice! Woman fan executive Wei Xuan and WEIFAO department director Zhang Xiuxi also participate in Hacker Pine Prelude, provide ideas and gender perspective of good advice, put up a gender and technology dialogue!

This hacker pine we take the pluralism as the thought, the collection "c.o.d.e.g" five kinds of ability vector, respectively: C creativity, O organization ability, D design Force, E Science and Technology Force, G gender force. Look forward to people from all over, with different personalities and professional background, a bright gender spectrum, but also hope that we gathered together, can let the force multiply!

Next, let's take a look at the scene of the five-force media together!

Hacker decoding Nine Sudoku: multiple viewpoints, creative fermentation

Woman fan host Annie said: "Know yourself, has always been the hardest thing, nine Sudoku game first step, let us say our own three keywords." "In the tradition of female obsession, we hope that on the day of our allies, the coming hackers will understand each other more quickly, find teammates, and agitate for new technology practices." Participants from different backgrounds, sitting in different professions, in the process of mutual understanding, let the relationship between people closer.

Director Zhang Xiuxi also participate in the game, stating that their key words are: sex, control, violence, women fans, Zhang Xiuxi Director said: "Many people will use sexual control of others, violence, this is a very need to pay attention to the issue, so the Ministry of Health and women fans together practice." 」

Contestants have put forward their own keywords: travel, entrepreneurship, psychology Department, user experience, software engineers, strange ideas, IT, gender ... All sorts of traits have driven the hacker's diversity, allowing inspiration to ferment across borders.

Gender violence in life: girls have access to the door, boys can not cry

Participants exchanged observations of gender-based violence, sharing their personal photos uploaded to the Internet, and the recent rethinking of the issue of marital equality in discrimination against gay groups ... The observation of gender-based violence is visible everywhere: the nightclub culture, girls have access control, boys can not cry, unequal treatment of work, transgender people in the social situation.

Participants further referred to the recent news, "This photo leaked the secret Ding Tai Fung Tung seat force invited 32E flight attendant reasons," media reports focused only on the stewardess figure, did not see her real ability, is undoubtedly a sex bullying.

In fact, the United Nations has a clear definition of sexual violence, and in 2006 the United Nations Economic and Social Council (ECOSOC) defined gender-based violence (gender-based violence) as: "Differences between men and women based on social definition, Any act of harm done against him by the will of a person. (Extended reading:"The declaration of Anti-sexual violence" Emmahuasen, Anne Hathaway, Jennifer: The victims are not disgraced, shameful is the person who hurt you )

Zhang Xiuxi said: "The beginning of the gender is a stereotype, in our culture, that women should be weak, men should be strong." The end is to use the means of violence to end. "She also explains that many of the neglected sexual violence is" mental violence ", or even typical victim imagination, giving the victim a soft and tragic feeling and often two injuries to the victim.

Woman Fan CEO Zhang Wei Xuan Response: "This is the purpose of the Gender Violence Decoding program, identify problems, solve problems, so all the people present are actors." 」

The chairpersons summed up the current situation of gender violence and found that the existing system could not change the sexual violence in Taiwan, and suggested: "If the existing system of the system cannot be solved, can we create this route through the sex hacker?" 」

Brainstorm: Brainstorm and find answers

Therefore, we set up the "mental storm" process, through divergent thinking and cross speculation to allow contestants to propose possible action. A large data crumb was proposed, the use of existing resources to track individual behavior patterns, the use of data to outline and track potential offenders; many people have a consensus on "cardiac pacemaker detection", hoping to detect emotional responses to mobile devices and have specific warnings for help, and to change the revenge of erotic lovers limited camera ...

Finally, there are several groups of gender-friendly science and technology devices in depth: the "furnace" and the Southern special sexual assault of the SOS APP, hoping to help the sexually abused but not audible deaf people. Sex-friendly maps and a friendly night-shop evaluation system, the girl who expects to let the night go home without remorse. The public discussion area on gender issues gives a more holistic view of each topic.

Contestants exchanged views on each topic, put forward better possibilities, let the proposal have a more in-depth extension, but also gathered a team of interested allies, to find the force to change the world's teammates!

In the process of brainstorming and deep development, everyone has become an important part of promoting gender friendliness, because they have come up with thinking, seeking answers, and become real practitioners. Many of the contestants who were worried about the high number of hackers also said that ally Day let them discover the importance of team strength, individual proposed their own professional, the difference is the original answer to the success of the elements.

12/3, 12/4 Gender violence decoding program will be officially launched, but also the important day of Taiwan's gender milestone, we need more professionals in the field, see the pain of gender, and move forward together to a better age.

Every body has traces of the system, but also the victims of the system, Ally Day, we have a deeper understanding of unity: A person walking fast, a group of people go far, everyone is a gender-friendly future important force. (same field Gayon: sex Watch: I'm a mob victim, I live to fight the world )