Gender violence prevention is not only a corner case, but the pain that exists in everyone. Listen to the anti-violence manifesto of Anne Hathaway , Jennifer, Angelina Jolie Jolie and Hillary Clinton. From now on, to discuss the status of violence, find the pain point, everyone can end the sadness! (recommend: Sex Watch: I'm a mob victim, I live to fight the world )

In Taiwan, one out of every two people experiences sexual violence, and 246 million people worldwide suffer from gender-based violence on campus every year, and the United Nations announced last year that it had practiced gender parity for 20 years and that more than 3 5% women had been exposed to violence in the world.

Gender violence, not only the scars on women, according to the 2016 Gender violence questionnaire conducted by women fans in collaboration with the Ministry of Weifao, gender-gender-based violence victims (gender identity of the non-physiological sex) far more than physiological male or female, shows in the sex flow of the contemporary, We should see the gender wound in each individual.

How do we change the situation? The first step is to start the discussion and stop being silent. To see them come forward and light the darkness!

#HeForShe change hands: Emma Watson

"As long as there is a victim, the whole world should rise up and resist!" 」

Emma Watson is an actress, and a tireless social sports home. Starting with 2014 as the Goodwill Ambassador to the UN Women's Empowerment Agency, HeForShe's speech burst into the attention of the world's media about affirmative action. Two years after the United Nations speech, she once again stressed the practice of equality, must see the impact of sexual violence on the community, change rampant.

As an actress, she constantly transcends herself in character, and as a human being, Emma Watson is more focused on the future of mankind, with action initiatives and education. This year, she also launched the "Our Bookcase" program, by reading a feminist dialogue. (Recommended reading: no longer tolerated!) Emmahuasen United Nations speech: "As long as there is a victim, the whole society should rise to revolt")

Guardian of battlefield sexual violence: Angelina Jolie

"The victim is not disgraced, and the one who hurts you is shameful." 」

In addition to actor status, Angelina Jolie is also a well-known social philanthropist and United Nations children's Goodwill Ambassador. In addition to betting on philanthropy, caring for refugees and continuing to promote anti sexual violence, she set up a "Preventive violence initiative" in the capacity of the Special Envoy of the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees, and called for "ending sexual violence in the theatre".

Angelina Jolie has repeatedly denounced the prevalence of sexual violence against women in public speaking, and the perpetrators were almost pardon, and had vigorously criticized ISIS as a war policy, oppressive slavery. She has focused on the countries of war that we often overlook, and this year has been invited to the London School of Economics and Education for a new master's course in women, peace and security. (Extended reading: Angelina Jolie Jolie: The victim is not disgraced, shameful is the person who hurt you )

Take back the rights of women! Jennifer Lawrence

"Nudity is not a sex scandal, but sexual violence. 」

2014 Hollywood actress nude photo incident uproar, Jennifer Lawrence also received a positive impact! She talked about topless events: "Topless events, I don't need to apologize!" Topless outflow, it's not a scandal, it's a sex crime. "(The same field Gayon:" This is not a scandal, but a sex crime "jennifer Lawrence sexy debut, the first public talk about naked photo storm )

The positive attack on cyber-revenge pornography has changed the culture of "responsible victims". Jennifer Lawrence's justice temperament also shows her striving for equal pay for the Hollywood actress, against the economic oppression of women. Jennifer Lawrence is unwilling to ignore the violence and exploitation, whether direct or indirect.

A leader should not incite violence! Hillary Clinton

"Dignity is not a humiliating act of retaliation, nor is it the use of violence." 」

The 45th-term US presidential candidate, Hillary Clinton, is a model of contemporary women's quest for rights, and she encouraged the world's girls not to give up their rights in the 2016 election defeat. The candidate, Hillary Clinton, also put forward many LGBT affirmative policies and warned against "sexist opponents" that they should not be lightly inciting violence.

In the face of affirmative action, Hillary Clinton has been an open supporter of ethnic minorities and women, and has continued to emphasize the importance of equality in the field of gender discrimination and gender violence in her opponents ' speeches. (same field Gayon: What Hillary failed to teach us: the pattern of failure, courage takes us to the unknown )

Allegations of sexual assault victims: Lady Gaga

"We stand together and we are indestructible." 」

Lady Gaga has openly talked about her 19-year-old experience of sexual assault, stating the path of recovery for the victim, and the 〈til It happens to you〉 as an action song to reflect the American campus sexually abused documentary "Hunting Ground", so that the vast number of victims have been sympathetic to the comfort. This year's Oscar performance song, she and 52 sexual assault victims stand on stage, bravery is their roaring complaints.

In addition, Lady Gaga continues to pay attention to sexual assault issues, more evil female Keisha sexual assault case vocal. She has repeatedly stressed that what we need is a society that does not blame the victims, and that even in the contemporary United States, victims of sexual assault are in a different light and must change such fallacies before they can reduce the number of cases. (Recommend you: sing a song for the victims of sexual assault!) Lady Gaga Oscar show: I sympathize with your pain

Against malicious sex bullying! Anne Hathaway

"In the face of malicious bullying, get up and defend yourself to embrace yourself." 」

Anne Hathaway had platform "one billion rising for Justice to light justice, and hundreds of millions of anti-violence activities, she encouraged women around the world to become themselves. Anne Hathaway once said she believed in equality: "No one can tell me" because you are a girl, so you can't do it. 』」

In addition, she has long suffered from the network of public opinion bullying, but also the object of the media chasing ghosts. The rules of the world, she generous in her own community PO up a big belly, admitting that she was fat happy. In the 2014 she talked about her unpleasant experiences in "Allen," and finally she said, "What do you think is totally off my mind?" "Get applause. (same field Gayon: Anne Hathaway does not do spicy mom!) Pregnant not fat a few kilograms how enjoyable )

Combat gender-based violence, starting with everyone facing the facts of violence! Participation in the Gender Violence Decoding program, 11/20 focus forums to open gender and technology dialogue, Half-day thought Half-day Camp will give the richest gender leadership perspective, 12/3~12/4 two-day gender violence prevention Hacker pine, let your ideas produce concrete changes, as long as you want to, Your kindness may allow future children to live in a safer society!

Gender violence Prevention Hacker Pine

Science and technology, light the gender-friendly future, gender, freedom to liberate all mankind.

Invite you to participate in the Gender violence decoding program , from now on, your actions, your voice can flip the status quo, you are "living in a Better world" spark.