At the end of the year, Time magazine voted for the annual representative, Chuan Pu , the new president to split the United States. The other two influential figures of the year were also selected, Hillary Collinton and Beyonce, who, through the three figures of the year, recalled the 20,161 paths. (Recommended reading: The American dream belongs to everyone!) Hillary defeated the full text: One day, we will shake the glass ceiling.

Time Magazine elected 2016 annual representative figure, Trump Donald Trump. Time magazine cover shoot Trump sitting on the big seat, twisting back, brow brow, color temperature cold tune, Time magazine fell a title, "Trump, split the new president of the United States." "(Recommended reading: seek consensus rather than create division!) Trump, 45th president of the United States: "I will make America great Again"

Past Time Magazine's annual representative has elected Gandhi, Roosevelt, Chiang Kai-shek, Hitler, Elizabeth II, Mikhail Gorbachev, Bezos, Markzockburg, Obama, Francis, Merkel, selected the most influential people in the past year, regardless of good or bad influence, the chosen person may be individuals, partners, a group of people, Concept or place. (same site recommended:2015 Times Magazine, the Man of the Year!) Merkel: "The society in Fear has no future")

Trump, editor of The Times, said that the 2016 U.S. presidential election was an election that would not be forgotten, and that the controversy and influence in the world were more than expected, and they came to Trump's famous 66 floor luxury loft. When Trump interviewed, attitude compared to before the election, clearly appear to converge, "I have only me, my popularity from, I represent people want to hear the true opinion, I once to the United States again embrace warm hope, many presidents let me down, so I decided to come." 」

2016, Time magazine also elected Hillary Collinton and Beyonce as the person of the year. Time magazine described Hillary as an aspirant, her ambition left a good gender legacy for the United States, a desire for a young girl to dream of becoming President of the United States, while Beyonce was a messenger who returned to his black female identity as a music medium, sending out a message of gender friendliness. (Recommended reading: Beyonce: "Women can achieve anything, including yourself")

Hillary Collinton ambition to lead a woman to the promised land

"Hillary Collinton wrote the 30-year history of being a proponent of the first lady, the senator and the Secretary of State, and now she will be remembered as the symbol of the presidential nominee, a woman who once was closest to the president, a battle she eventually lost." 」

Hillary swept 2.5 million votes and missed the White House. The United States has gone through key elections, with many voters following their stance that this election is not in their minds related to gender. "Breaking the ceiling" should not be an election to prove that they could not elect the "wrong woman" in order to support women's rights. So while 70% of voters said they were troubled by Trump's gender differences, 29% chose to vote for Trump. (same field Gayon: Gender Watch: How far is the Hillary Collinton's female president?) )

Hillary's identity is complex, and she is the world's most admired, one of the most controversial women, Republican women hold a similar view of her: she is too experienced, too shrewd, too ambiguous, she is not sure enough, and not flexible enough, they know that her appearance may turn the political gender rigid, but they can not vote this vote. In this respect, Obama has commented that "people always like The shining star of politics, like they will bring new changes in the image of the power of long-term cultivation is accustomed to." 」

In any case, Hillary's candidacy and appearance represent the chance and possibility of the game being shaken. She used to be so close to winning, as she said many years ago, that "politics is what makes all that seems impossible." 」

Time magazine described her as ambitious, and she was not a perfect prophet, like Moses, who split the Red Sea, and led women to see the promised land on the other side, and more women were on this path in the future.

Beyonce's Black feminist messenger route

In the 2016, Beyonce made herself a sharp problem.

In February, she had no early warning of the release of the Lemon Special Edition album Lemonade, the image is vigorous, with women as the core concept, and to the African-American female community, to touch on power, race, gender sensitive issues. This heavy artillery album, the bitterness of politics and the status quo, into black women a strong shout, female force and the Kuroshio simultaneous attack, this is a we do not know of Beyonce. (Recommended reading: from girls to Queens!) Beyonce woman x Feminist path of Black Consciousness )

Lemonade MV, a blaze behind her, and she sings "only when I'm not around he wants me", talk about betrayal and infidelity, no longer be a smirk of the silver couple; in the formation MV, she sits on a police car in the Orleans, counting the black imagery, and asks, what's going on in Orleans?

When she had enough of the white pop music days, in 2016, she started out with a black feminist perspective, singing a song that pointed to the violence and conflict between the police and the black population, accusing society of indifference to the black workforce, and pointing out that the seemingly progressive United States still had long-standing contradictions between whites and blacks, a time when Beyonce Grow out of their own deformation.

After so many years, Beyonce finally can "no longer white", to black identity audible also be heard. She's no longer the American-shared Beyonce, she's going to be a black Beyonce.

The Rolling Stone magazine described it as one of Beyonce's most forceful and courageous declarations, and voted for the album of the year. She recognized her identity and embodied the feminist personal, political spirit, transforming the sorrows of the black community into actions that could be shared and supported.

Beyonce reborn from the ashes of the flames, as she said in a leading white, "Life may give you sour and astringent lemons, you can choose to make it sweet and good to drink lemon juice." 」