The new drama "Dark Please close Your eyes", Koshanian is the director and screenwriter, bold attempt to Taiwan's rare suspense reasoning drama, there is a local reasoning , mining the dark side of the taste of human nature, in the love of small fresh theme, to kill a way out. Human nature is very fragile, as long as a gentle push, it is possible to fall. (Recommended reading: young lady's soul!) Interview Jiang: If just like my appearance, please do not ask me to act .

This day, originally expected and Jiang together Koshanian director, because busy in "dark Please close your eyes," the post-production, in Kidman book lasted more than half an hour after the debut. Kidman book says, Core is desperately Virgo, pay attention to details, even if busy every day to die, or even dress up have not forgotten. The Core's new drama, "Please close your eyes when it's dark," conforms to her consistent style of digging up the dark side of human nature, which is rare for female directors, who are more rare to shoot depressed, tangled works. (Recommended to you:"Wednesday women's Day" women should know, fighting for feminism three female directors )

The eight best friends are easily crushed by a scandal, jealous of each other, and the accumulated trust and friendship of the past become empty. The original link between people so fragile, everlasting, always have to be together commitment, how difficult to comply with? "Dark Please close your eyes," said, is human nature, because of an unintentional joke, causing eternal injury, trying to repair the process, but also a series of horror accidents, so that this group of climbers because of the acquaintance of friends, are like lonely only left.

Sensational from the too idealistic

"I have always liked to take pictures of this kind of social realism, I like to keep people in a certain place, filming the entanglement between people." That helpless, helpless is real life. Core said few girls filmed this type of drama, but she loved it from a young age, and wrote a script that rarely started with a feminine perspective, but rather a male perspective.

Referring to the romantic love style of Taiwanese idol dramas in recent years, or the soap plot that has been formulated, Core says that all problems come from our idealized life. (Recommended reading: Why I can't swallow the current idol drama: Women are not hysterical, is the love of good car )

"Sometimes I think, in the creation of the time, or watching the idol play, if you think the content is very sensational or Zhang, it is because of too idealistic, too dream." Love is not only love, affection, love, friendship is mutual, in fact, each person's relationship with each other will flow between these three kinds. If you think the drama is realistic, it is because their relationship is a bit like a friend, and a bit like family, but also a little love sweet things. Creation, or is connected with life. 」

The real life in the works

Core's works, including the "Nameless Horse" selected for the Golden Horse Film Festival, and the Taipei Film Festival's short film "Drowning," are all about real life, perhaps less perfect, but absolutely honest.

"Girls shoot This type of play is relatively few, such as fighting drama, or homicide, corpse, reasoning suspense, because I am interested in this kind of thing, I like to see the reasoning novels, like to see Sherlock Holmes, Jin Tian one, so want to say try." 」

"In the past, I prefer to use male characters to tell stories, but this" dark please close your eyes, "there are many female characters, I like the women to be smart, intelligent, courageous, I put these characteristics in the role of Kidman book play. She has been in the play reasoning, has been running, very hard, thank her for helping me to complete the girl in my heart. 」

The way of female director

It is not easy to stand firm in a woman's minority director environment. Core that in recent years the overall environment has been a lot of friendly, as long as there are opportunities for ideas, "Girls may not be physically fit, but to put forward some willful, unreasonable requirements of comparison will be accepted." She smiled and said that she would sometimes meet a boy who thought she was a girl and wanted to "teach" her something.

"Before the hydroxyindole of the" Tea in the theatre "in the said, women to choose feelings, family or work? But I think finding someone who can grow with you is not necessarily a choice. If you have a goal, he also has a goal, but can work together. Core said that in the face of his inability to work nine to five, the person who is looking for may not be a banker, a civil servant, or someone with an established expectation of affection or family. (Recommended reading: interview Xu Xian court: Do you want your own happiness, or someone else's envy? )

"To do this line with the average person's expectations of the feelings may be different, to grow together, if you add points, not with each other." Core said, but I just feel that no matter what to do, if you can find to learn from each other and grow up with the object, it is a good thing.

Girls are too great, the next life only want to be the land public

Core smiled and said that he did not like "Sister ㄚ", the ideal woman in mind to have intelligence. " I asked her if she enjoyed herself as a woman, but she said that when she was too bitter, she would only want to be a man and worship the land of the public.

"Girls are great, I think it's too hard to be a great person." Girls have a lot of boys do not have the characteristics, but at the same time there are a lot of male characteristics, such as gentle, strong, and can be very tolerant, and also more sensitive and delicate. Girls are more complex, complex and hard, think too much, too tangled. 」

"Next Life I hope I have a more relaxed, want to be a land public, I want everyone to worship me, let me feel what did not do anything on the feeling of being worshipped." 」

See Core said easy, but I for her to offend the land public and pinch a cold sweat. She and Kidman books are very straightforward people, the head is full of, although joking said the woman best life, should come to practice this trick, but I know they can not do. The man who really appreciates them is really worthy of them.