Trump is about to become the 45th president of the United States, and at this point, Michelle Obama , speaking as the first lady of the United States, reminds us that even in the darkest hour, we should not forget the power of hope so that young generations can continue to dream and pursue a better future.(Recommended reading: From girls to women!Michelle Obama: Don't let anyone stop you moving )

Donald Trump, the 45th president of the United States, will be officially sworn in as President Barack Obama, according to the Gallup poll, which shows that Trump's confidence has been the lowest in the US presidency.In a speech on January 7, the Michelle Obama invited people to revisit their hopes, as the people were in a slump.

is the last time Michelle Obama spoke in her capacity as the First Lady of the United States. She said it was probably the last time she publicly said: "Welcome to the White House" and she sang a song. She and Obama were able to come to this place because they had a partner in the same battle, and the honor belongs to the group.

speech, she reinterpreted the American dream, the so-called American dream, and the possibility of seeking a better future for each and every one of them.(Recommended reading: Michelle Obama's speech: "If someone is corrupt, we choose to stick to our beliefs" )

The focus of Obama's speech on Michelle Obama's speech on the beauty of beauty, the power of hope, the future of the young generation, perhaps the future, fear that still exists, but we can remember the light that we have in mind.

Hear people's voices: Different, let's be true self

I'm leaving the White House as the first lady to leave the White House, and at this point, I would like to say that this country belongs to you, regardless of background, regardless of occupation, for the young generation who was present and before the television screen.

If you and your family are immigrants, you are also part of the United States, and it is precisely because of the culture, the ability, and the ideas of the United States that the United States has generations to be able to make us so strong.

If your family comes from a poor family, I want you to remember that in this country, many people, like you, including me and Barack Obama, don't have much, but we use our hard work and education to exchange the possibilities of the future, including the president.I think this is the true meaning of the American Dream.

If you have faith in religion, I want to say that freedom of conscience is part of American traditional values.Whether you believe in Islam, Christianity, Judaism, Hinduism, Sikism, these religions are educating young generations, doing a decent human being, doing an honest person, being an honest person.I wish our young generations to continue to learn and to practice these values with pride.

The diversity of voices and different beliefs, colors, creeds, never threaten our nature, and instead make us truly ourselves.

Never let anyone tell you that you are trivial, don't let anyone wipe out the meaning of your presence in the United States, because you are you, and you have the right to be your true self.

And I must also say more honestly that this right is fought day and night.Freedom is not a matter of course, it is the effort of the generations to come, and now you are also the time to protect and preserve the responsibility.

From now on, you have to take a position on yourself, let your voice participate in national discussions; you must be aware of civic obligations and practical citizens' participation, and reflect the spiritual values of the United States in everyday life.And I believe that higher education is a path that makes you think, let you express yourself, let you have a job that can support yourself and your family, and make you a strong American force.(Recommended reading: The American dream belongs to everyone!"One day, we will shake the glass ceiling ")

Even in the darkest hour, don't forget the power of hope

And one day, when you're in trouble, and I'm sure that's going to happen, maybe a lot of people are going through, when you struggle and think about giving up, I want you to remember the "strength of hope." "— we are willing to fight for it, we can always see better."The power of hope, accompanied by the storm and the darkness of the eight-year tenure of Barack Obama, is supported by us in every segment of life.(Recommended reading: Hope, greater power than fear )

The power of hope should allow us to maintain stability in moments of doubt, division, fear, anger.Even at the darkest hour, we are convinced that, if we work tirelessly and continue to believe in ourselves, we can be everything we wish, no matter how many obstacles and limitations there are in front of us.We also believe that when people start to see real us, maybe they will have the opportunity to become even better.

We must leave the strength of hope to the younger generations.Because of the momentum that the United States continues to move forward, it is from our deep expectations of the future of our country, and our response to this expectation, our day and night efforts.

To younger generations: to set an example and never fear.

So, I want to send this final, simple message in my first lady's identity.For all the young generations, please don't change your mind about yourself because of anyone, and you don't think you're important.In American history, you are very important, and you are part of us.

So don't be afraid, do you hear me?Don't be afraid.Stay focused, keep faith, hope, self-empowerment.

Empower your own education, and use your knowledge and abilities to build a country that is worth your unending, after leaving the campus.Take the example of hope and never fear.I know I will be with you, take root for you, and I will give you my full support.

And that's why we're on the scene, educators and promoters from all over the country, our day and night, all to support our young generation.The reason we devote our energies is to make the younger generations a better place for the future.(Think about it: Why are our young people lost?)

So lastly, I want to say thank you.Thank you for everything you've done for your children and your country.It is my life's highest honor to be your first lady, and I hope that you will be proud of me.