asked the service on-line, you found it? Listen to a woman fan launched a question of the heart, as well as a question of the heavy head asked: Women can take care of everything?

This year is a woman's sixth year of obsession, all the way, feeling a lot.

I often think of the reason why women fans were created only because of the simple but huge doubt in their hearts: should Taiwan have a media focused on women's lives and women's rights? Starting from the day-to-day, emotional, structure-oriented, if no one is doing, we should do, from the beginning, focus on the overall situation.

The question is simple, and the purpose is simple, to allow a woman to have a free life.

Several years to come, we remember the problem of consciousness forward, thinking about the intricacies of female identity, see the plight of women's role and breakthrough, writing negative views and gender observation , promoting the series of Gender salon and gender hacker Pine , see the word female force in Taiwan everywhere, Become an important force in promoting gender mainstreaming in Taiwan.

Several years to come, we also face many questions, some people ask us, girls entrepreneurship is not bitter? Taiwan's feminism is the most advanced in Asia, what good is there to do?

Many people see the results of gender mainstreaming, but over the years, we have heard more and more about the sincere confusion of life: I am a mother eager to return to work, and this road is farther than I thought; I've worked in the field for years, I've always felt invisible ceiling , and there's a world beyond my reach. , I want to pursue my own life, but I feel limited everywhere.

The pain and the hardship are so real, day after day, we see the importance of the problem. There is a question, ask questions is an important action ability, ask is not convinced of the reality, ask is also because of the need to understand progress, and progress this matter, women fans believe, get everyone together.

So, we gave birth to a new service, asked . From the perspective of women and gender to find problems, if the world with questions, may wish to leave a question, women have asked, we will answer, want to more acupuncture-style focus on the problem.

Why do women fans ask? Because we cherish each other's time

In the past days, women have spent a lot of effort to do the popularization and deepening of gender awareness, such as building a forest, planting seedlings, waiting for sprout growth, women's rights and gender channels have our immediate pain and care; we do emotional and relational awareness education through content, Accompany people through life frustrated and love lovelorn, we blush red, awaken each person's body consciousness, and then imagine suitable for their intimate relationship possible; We have invited President Cai to attend the women's Times in the classroom, politics is not masculine patent or men's game, female force of argument and participation is the opportunity for progress We opened the first sex hacker in Asia, and set out to be a better world by sex.

Women fans of the next step, to propose specific actions, comb the problem, focus on finding solutions.

We know that we live in a fragmented era, information scattered, time is extremely valuable cost, modern people too easy and too accustomed to distraction, but the time is constant, how greedy, we have only 24 hours, but there are thousands of problems to be solved. Women fans of the " one ask " service, through the proposed a core issue, the desire to provide a more dense, qualitative and quantity of a solid solution to you, because we cherish each other's time, hope that your time to spend valuable, I hope your time to spend meaningful.

Let us hear your story , understand your problems, respect your time, and give you the right solution.

The first question asked: Can a woman take care of everything?

The first question to ask is really big: can women juggle everything? Can women have it all?

This problem exists for a long time, but many people do not say it. This problem is also very big, long life, at different stages, the feelings of this problem are different, but also because of geographical, social and economic conditions, the difference between the pursuit of different conditions, there are differences.

Why do women fans decide to ask this question? is because the problem is closely related to many gender realities. For example, workplace ceilings , maternity leave systems , parental assignments , mother-in-law problems , surrogacy and frozen eggs ..., this is a fundamental problem, Structural influences on women's life initiatives and size decisions.

According to the questionnaires previously released by women fans, we again verify that

  • This is an era of common problems: Nearly 90% of people have tried to "take care of Everything", 20% of them think they have failed, 10% of them feel successful, and the rest are on the road

  • This is a question that defines the more open: 70% think it's time to talk about "everything", with nearly 30% thinking that everything is not a single character giving up the rest of life, 20% people think it's a sprint, a balanced relationship, and 20% think they can define success on their own.

  • This is a gender issue: most female respondents mentioned that women are expected to shoulder the services of the family, in the workplace is also required to exaggerated emotional labor, "take care of Everything" premise, more likely to allow women to embrace more difficult to solve the pressure.

Can a woman take care of everything? Is it just a woman that talks about everything? Have you thought about this question?

In 2012, Shirley Sandberg gave the world a kind of solution, the promotion of women fearless, the courage to pursue workplace achievements, many people are deeply encouraged, but found that the direction of the forward is too simple, the social structure has been slow to follow; the same year, when the United States Department of State Policy regulation of the head of the group-Slaut The unfinished business raises questions about why we focus on the workplace and neglect the achievements of our families. She thus advocated the principle of gender equality, sharing their respective responsibilities, and discussing all that could be a trend. (Recommended reading: Stand up and enter only half right!) Why do women always try to juggle everything? )

I look forward to the discussion and possible solution to our situation through the 揭竿 of " ask ", clustering the Asian scene and the Chinese women together.

A person to face the problem is lonely, a group of people face the problem is powerful. Women are fascinated all the way, always believe so.

The way of the past, you walk with us, kind of subconscious seeds, this time we want to invite you to join the ranks of action, you can

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The problem is very difficult, but the first step is to actively participate and work together to create a better era , and this path, we will not miss.