Women's Yao Jin era, female economic empowerment and gender equality of the road, but we are willing to be the pioneers of the group of stubborn pioneering, leading the world to see female force Yiu.

The heart, lead us into the era of women's glory

Women are many, and you are the only.

Woman fan

Women fans with such a heartbeat, from the gender consciousness, the original intention of women's independence, to pay attention to gender equality, the desire to liberate social labels, through the hope that each girl will know more love their own "525 I love My Festival", Asia's first "Gender violence prevention Hacker pine" to today to lay the height of gender media "women Yao Jin" activities. Women fans can become the media pioneer of gender equality in Asia, from the small daily current affairs for gender awareness, in the need for someone to change the wind in the world of the era, the female fans would like to be the efforts of the wings of a group of people, in every need to declare women's autonomy, gender awareness of the moment to see the social vision, proclaimed the great Age of women (Recommended reading: Leading women's political New Yoan!) Sex hacker pine scene moved straight hit )

Female force: Pull up the sleeves to make the world a better power

With this international 38 women's Day, sponsored by the Ministry of Health and Welfare, the consortium of Women's Rights promotion and Development Foundation and the Asia's first female media "women fans" media co-organizer, "Women Yao Jin: A good era of innovative economy", conveying the core concept of the event: "The female force in our hearts, is rolled up the sleeves The power to make the world a better place. 」。

This activity emphasizes three key words "female force", "innovation", "economy" means creative women bring more economic growth force for society. Through the six-dimensional industry female entrepreneurship group, including "Agriculture", "hand", "energy", "Travel", "New Media", "Science and Technology", which extends the five experience party, which contains "3d print pen," hand-generator "," cross-stitch "," Agricultural diy"," Tourism talks ", by assembling the exhibition and experience of women's entrepreneurship, lectures, in response to the 2017 United Nations Commission on the Status of women to set the theme" The Economic empowerment of women in the workplace economy ", let society see the rise of Taiwan's female power, innovative thinking to bring the economic era of Yao Jin.

President Tsai: Promoted talent as a priority, not gender

As Taiwan's first female president, President Tsai also attended today's Women's Day event, personally participating in the initiation ceremony of "female force Yao Jin", I am very excited about the future of Taiwan women's vigorous development, and look forward to seeing more female force to enter Taiwan industry, for Taiwan's socio-economic and international thinking to open a different window of the world, starting from Taiwan, Towards the International. The ceremony to turn the "female force" key as the starting idea, symbolized into the female power era, Taiwan's women's innovative economy into the flash "Yao" forward time. (Recommended reading:525 I love my free Festival hit: Four workshops, start the small revolution of life )

President Tsai: "We must acknowledge that in Taiwan at this stage, women's power is still being oppressed in some way." Women's labour participation rate began to decline after the age of 30, and it was important to promote women's labour participation through policies, but to enable all women to practise their ambitions and contribute to the prosperity of society was the real goal behind the labour participation rate. 」

We walk in the pursuit of gender equality, the emancipation of the freedom of the sexes on the road, this long road requires social attitudes to change, the stereotype of gender discrimination, so that women through affirmative participation in economic activities, to find the value of self-realization. In the process of educational social and cultural understanding, the Government will continue to implement the concept of gender mainstreaming at all policy levels, creating a generation that allows all individuals to live free.

President Tsai: "While the elimination of prejudice promotes equality for a long time, we are a little closer to the goal when there are people working in every field." Those who have dreams, and those who strive, persevere, and make the society move towards the direction of gender friendliness. 」

From the six dimensions, see Taiwan Female force temperature

The morning of the reporter will open up the female force to join the creative economy of the field of vision, the exhibition area we also saw when the idea of a group of people in a series of temperature. Capture all walks of life female Force shuttle figure, Women's innovative power, not only industrial innovation, more is the ideological exchange links, for women voice, promote environmental conservation, arouse the land emotion, etc., these for "others" better, and hard work force, gentle and firm. (Recommended reading:"Live direct strike" woman fan Salon: You are more beautiful than you think )

Energy: reducing expenditure and increasing income, creating green economic life by women's innovative thinking

The Environmental Protection Foundation of the Consortium of Housewives for Taiwan's first non-profit organization that promotes environmental protection with the role of women, she has long been committed to the practice of environmental concepts in life, the possibility of saving energy in life, and to break the public's sense of power without changing the quality of existing life, without requiring a large budget. Also in the last year, through the public fund-raising approach, the development of civic power plants, the use of solar roofs to build electricity, so that more people can participate in the development of renewable energy.

"Green rattan Life" by the Liao Yiwen and the other two co-founder of the establishment, for Taiwan's third internationally certified B-type enterprise, more than 70% of them are women; co-founder and chief of Operations Liao Yiwen said: "Women's economy is based on altruism, women into the chi industry, the environment, others, different gender, to create a better life." 」

New media: Starting from the original intention, the unrivaled female force unfinished road

"Women fans" through six years, "Hope for gender Freedom" is our beginner's mind, these years uphold such a heartbeat, from the gender awareness, see the social gap in the situation of women depressed. "Women fans are committed to breaking the stereotype of gender stereotypes and taking the lead in responding to gender equality policies," said curator Zhang Yixuan, chief executive of the exhibition. In cooperation with the Department of Health and Welfare last year, the first Chinese sex violence prevention Hacker Pine, the first Asian men and women to participate in an equal proportion of science and technology competitions, highlighting women in the field of science and technology, and also hope to solve the problem of gender in a scientific and technological way. (Recommended reading:"Female leadership column" Don't be afraid to be the light because the world is dark. )

The growing obsession with women has been a reminder that our influence should be on topics that need the world's attention. If you have a pen in your hand, speak for others, and if you have influence, bring it to society.

"The time of Tujia women" was founded by five girls from political universities, with the love of Turkey and their own professional, the establishment of Huashin the largest Turkish exchange and information sharing platform. Read the society feel that there is no way out of the department, five female students must be stubborn to go out of their own way, claiming to be Tujia, the spirit of the Earth woman and fascinating Turkey into the public audio-visual.

Agriculture: Turning the traditional industries upside down and creating new agricultural economy by female forces

"First eel Wave Workshop" founder Kanguiying The Eel Culture technology, promote eel production and marketing of the system, and sustainable management for the Enterprise mission. The general populace cognition traditional agriculture is mainly male, "First eel Wave workshop" hopes to take its own example, flip the female restricted stereotype.

"Stoop farmer Market", jump off the former farmer farming income method, build green consumption platform, devote to promote "small-scale farming", "green consumption", "grain Independence", "in the land agriculture" idea, bring new exchange and share for agricultural products. (Recommended reading: give up high salary entrepreneurship!) For children, the Diet revolution cannot wait. Exclusive source Natural Agriculture founder Fan Yi )

Hand: Cultural integration of the economy, driving local women's creative power

"嫄" for the consortium and the Women's Rights promotion and Development Foundation and the aboriginal women's groups work together to promote the Yuamin characteristics of Taiwan's traditional crafts works, 嫄 more uphold the spirit of fair trade, profits back to the tribe, hoping to continue the traditional Taiwan heritage of the precious tradition of crafts, hope to promote the economic status

The exhibitors also invited the Taoyuan Government social Bureau-peach Sister lattice shop, Tainan Government social Bureau, Kaohsiung Government Social Bureau-a good visit to the Happiness Museum, Zhanghua County Government Society and so on, the assembly of local women and hands for expertise, together to create women's economies of scale, the activities of the scene brought hand for cloth bag, wear beads works.

Technology: She Maker! Demonstrating women's creative power in science and technology

Cao, a teacher at Taipei University of Science and Technology, promotes the "She Maker" plan to provide a friendly working space for female-created people, a work that aims to solve problems, and a combination of science and technology with art to bring in more warm and caring design concepts with feminine views.

Travel: See Taiwan, seven-year girls reproduce the beauty of Taiwan

Dear B&b was founded by two seven-year girls Minchelle and Rae, spent 4 years visiting more than 500 accommodation in Taiwan, and at the same time creating more than NT $400 million worth of travel and accommodation. Through the field visit sincere words and photographs, the Taiwan's beauty is passed to all corners of the world.

The consortium's Women's Rights promotion and Development Foundation and the Songshan Community University jointly promoted the "Female community learning map and landmark trip", hoping to build the tourism characteristic theme route through the local female stories, and inviting the people to actually visit the female cultural landmarks, Experience the historical traces of Taiwanese women's struggle across different eras of land.

Live experience Parties, in addition to the idea is more practice

Combining the core concepts of the six dimensions above, there are three experience parties in today's activity exhibition area, so that people can actually experience the concept of female force creators, not only listening, but also directly seeing the idea being practiced through face-to-face and warm dialogue and experience activities. The transfer of these temperatures is the warmest picture of the event.

Women fans, for the ideal of practice constantly with the times, in this woman's rise, with the practice of action concept, write the Annals of Maid.

Bending Party: Agricultural DIY-cloth sanitary cotton

The original intention of bending the bazaar is to lament the urban life, the relationship between people and land increasingly alienated. Let people experience the production of early cloth sanitary cotton, in addition to environmental awareness, but also want to arouse people's nostalgia for early life and gratitude.

Hand Art Party: Cross Stitch Cup mat

Female power can have a lot of appearance, science and technology, literary creation, traditional innovation and so on. The women's hand crafts also show the embodiment of the beauty of women, the art into the daily use of the coaster, to live into a taste.

Women's Road Travel party lectures: female landmark micro-travel xdear b&b

Travel is no longer just a Chima, I hope people will visit every corner of Taiwan through depth, and cherish the beautiful land of Taiwan by experiencing culture. See Taiwan, not only the beautiful scenery, but also the most precious warmth of human feelings, the establishment of social links to the land.

Walk with the action, let the female force blossom everywhere

Through these years, we are convinced that "female power" can bring good and positive economic impact value. After one day of thought agitation, I heard how female entrepreneurs in various areas of Taiwan survived the entrepreneurial path of self-doubt and social discrimination, leaving flowers in the lower areas to make women sparkle in a field. As the president has encouraged everyone, the road may be long for women to create a new era, but as long as each of us take some action to go, the idea into practice. The women in the road there are companions, we are not alone.

The existence of feminism is to give people freedom--Emmahuasen

Like Emmahuasen, women fans believe that the goal of gender equality is to open up more people's freedom. (Extended reading: Emmahuasen comeback: "The existence of feminism, is to give people freedom")

Every step of gender equality is hard but steadfast, and women's economic autonomy is also a road that must be opened up.
Through women's economic empowerment and economic independence, women are allowed to choose their own career in a free and carefree way and carry out the future of Taiwan's economy, so that women's power and Taiwan's development will come together.