To make up for everyone's inability to participate in each workshop, women fans are especially prepared to report on the scene, to see what interesting things have happened.

May 23, woman fan 525 I love my free festival at the W Hotel warm debut! In addition to a large speech event with more than 600 people gathering, there are also practical workshops that can not be neglected. Free Festival Day, although the activity start time is nine o'clock, but eight o ' clock on land continued to have a lot of women fans into the entrance, these early to line up the people, many many are in order to first win the workshop and come!

This free festival, women fans for everyone prepared four workshops, the quota is limited, the first person will be able to sign up, the registration area by our female fan editor audery guarding, he had a long time to warm body, ready to take everyone's enthusiasm! This workshop the most lovely small bright spot, is a woman fan and Moya together socks, make four different color hair circle, as the admission Certificate of four workshops. (except for a little surprise workshop, admission voucher if you take the little surprise away ~)

The blue hair Circle represents the 3D printing workshop, the Purple hair circle represents the brand establishment workshop, the red is the briefing production, the Orange Is the body workshop, each woman fan can through the hair circle, finds with oneself participates in the same workshop's good friend, together enjoys 40 minutes happy time. Nutrition workshop content, coupled with cute hair circle of the blessing, free day open enrollment not long, audery through the intercom told all the work partners: "The workshop is full!" "(same field Gayon: The gentle philosophy of a strong woman: listen to women fans, CEO and editor-in-chief chat work )

We know this news makes a lot of late people a bit sad, so, women fans in particular for everyone prepared a "workshop direct hit report", so that no participation of women fans can also be absorbed through the text to the workshop's Sun and Moon essence! What was the interesting thing that happened in the small and beautiful workshop Hall of the day? Let's take a look.

"I hug the Body workshop": Practice intimacy with yourself and others ' bodies

Free section of the first workshop, from the "small production" to lead the people to stretch their bones. Because of the day's activities very early, nine o'clock must come to W Hotel, the weather overcast, a little drizzle, perhaps because of this, just into the workshop of everyone, seems a bit silent, a little slouch.

In a quiet, I embrace the body workshop from the small production of the performance kicked off, small pieces of the production of limbs, soft and soft, not like a performance, but like a close dialogue with their own body. In the performance process, the small production occasionally randomly pull up the participants hand, inviting everyone up to dance, just started to be pulled up girls, looks a bit shy, a bit not open, but in 40 minutes, I saw very different of them.

At the beginning of the workshop, under the lead of the little things, the girls stood up from their chairs, moved around randomly, or had a group of two people, leaning on each other and practicing trust. Gradually, the tranquility of the scene disappeared, the workshop, as if all the bodies have come to an awakening. (Look together:525 I Love Me: Four surprise workshop, let us practice )

At the end of the workshop, which led to the little things, there was a round of applause and a big smile on everyone's face.

With a sweet smile, the couple black and white, holding hands to participate in the body Workshop:

"This is a very special opportunity, usually not to explore each other's limbs, the two people have to learn to cooperate with each other." 」

Small production--Jianhau:

"This event is very special, probably because most of them are women, and the theme is love themselves, with the previous outside with a different, there are men and women, sometimes compared to open." Today everyone is full of relaxation, the action also dare to do. 」

Small production-Product text:

"The main hope is that through such activities, we will enhance our sense of consciousness and existence and the perception of the space around us." 」

Small production--Lotus:

"Nowadays people are often too polite to touch a limb," the workshop was conducted in a two-person way, allowing everyone to practice touching each other's bodies. 」

"Small Things", is the most ordinary things, is a habit of life, and these things become the most important thing we know life, hope that all people from the heart to love the true self, and this is definitely not a trivial matter.

This is the original intention of making small things, I hope that everyone from the heart to love the real self, so simple, so like a small matter, but this little thing, but few people can do. In my hug body workshop, the participants touch each other's shoulders, touch each other's noses, hold each other's hands, the original person and people can be so close to the distance. in this short 40 minutes, we all together in the same space to feel each other breathe, thank us every day in the use of this body, we all need a little more intimate with themselves and others, need more time and dialogue with themselves. (Walk with you:16 small exercises for Me time)

"Workplace brand Building Workshop": Unlike others, is your best asset

Liu Daowei Sarah, the founder of Little Girl Big Dream, who flew back from Australia to Taiwan in order to be a fan of women's activities, in today's first challenge in Chinese for 40 minutes, at the beginning he was a little nervous to say I hope everyone understand his Chinese is not good, but also very cute they prepared a small copy, but in the next workshop , Sarah and we don't have any barriers to language.

He has been very experienced in establishing the brand image and shared his career experience with us. He mentioned:

"I found that young women were not cultivated in the workplace. Many women do not want to stand up, do not want to be different from others, often think that their efforts to do, the company will see my efforts, and will not take the initiative to fight for themselves. In the workplace, it is clear that the boys do five will put themselves to 10, but girls even do 10, but also dare to speak their own five. 」

"Unlike other people, it's an asset, not your debt!" Different from others is your advantage, should be magnified such advantages, rather than spend time to fill strong weaknesses, weaknesses, how to complement the weaknesses, the strength of the business into their own brand, the most important. 」

Sarah stressed the importance of "building a personal brand", and he first asked the people at the scene to write, "What would it be if a coworker described me with three adjectives?" A girl wrote, "Quick, enthusiastic, careless," and someone wrote "friendly, optimistic, late Love". ' This process can help us define who we are, and defining ourselves is a key thing in the workplace, ' she says.

"Define yourself, and if you don't, someone else will do it for you." Define yourself. If you don ' t, they Will."sarah said so.

We should not put the definition of self into the hands of others, I think, a violent swing is better than standing by three strikes. Sarah constantly insists on using the concept of "pie (perfromance, image, exposure) to manage the benefits of self branding, insisting that it is the only way to maintain competitiveness in the workplace. (Extended reading: Australian entrepreneur Liu Daowei sarah:"The good world doesn't appear in thin air, but we can start by changing ourselves.)

"Be yourself, for all the other characters have been played away." be yourself, the everyone else is taken. " Sarah is so encouraging, he says, to listen to what he's sharing today, it's not important, it's important to have a real take action after listening.

Participants peky in their eyes and said:

"Very enlightening. Although the original is full of self-confidence, but after listening to Sarah's share, feel should be more to develop their strengths, believe in themselves, digging themselves, really take more action. 」

Just stepped into the workplace for more than a year Amelie, a bit confused about the workplace:

"I think it is very helpful, just into the workplace of young people, often a lot of confusion, feel the mind of a lot of ideas, but do not know how to implement." After listening to Sarah share, she will be more courageous to give action. 」

after the wonderful sharing, Sarah asked everyone to write down three new adjectives, this time, to write about what the future would be like. Perhaps the previous three adjectives, and now write down the three still a little gap, but we have to work hard in that direction. " Knowing Yourself, being true to yourself, and constantly striving and developing your own unique qualities," says Sarah, "to truly achieve what she is dreaming of."

"Briefing Workshop": Remove the noise, the briefing should be clear and simple

"To start with, you don't have to be great, but it's great, you have to start first." To start, you don ' t have to be good. To being good, you are have to start. "The Briefing Art Bakery" was given to anyone who wanted to make the perfect presentation.

every time you do a briefing, you always don't know what to put in it? Put a pile of words look dizzy, do a bunch of animation seems very rich, but also feel very disturbing. "Briefing Art Bakery" tells us that the main thing to do is not to use a specific approach, but to focus on "how to add effective information", take off the briefing on the idea does not help the "noise", not too greedy, do a briefing, really can be very simple. (Look together: the job to understand the basic skills of the workplace "You do not express clearly, do not blame others misunderstood you")

If you're still working on the left side of the text, pictures on the right side of the machine briefing, "Briefing Art bakery" suggested that you can use the "full version of Bleeding" layout skills, do not be boxy the page frame to live, so that the picture out of range, more can create a visual impact, to attract audience attention. hands-on demonstration teaching in the Briefing Art Bakery , such as a process of translating a newsletter, allows participants to be more seamless in their ideas and presentation, faithfully showing the idea of not discounting.

In the selection of pictures, but also pay attention to the audience's "field of vision Flow", if your text on the left, do not put an eye is looking to the right side of the portrait, because it is easy for the audience to follow the portrait of the eyes to the right. In addition, if a single page in the picture or material too much, you can use the shielding function to overcome the fancy background, so that you want to express the focus clearly presented.

Introduction to the Tools for better presentation:

  • Picmonkey: image editing software for image revision and color change.
  • Clipping Magic: For the picture to the back, can upload pictures, directly in the online operation.

at q&a time, the Sufi witch asked: " is it better to send a PPT directly or a Word file when mentioning proposal? "

" first with the PPT suction eye, detailed data and then use Word file attached, to catch everyone's eyeball first. "The first impression is clear, can arouse others to our curiosity, then produce want to understand our desire more."

" The Briefing Art Bakery" stressed that when we are too greedy to put a lot of elements in the newsletter, it will be more difficult to fit the layout, we must focus on every "now", that is, each of the existence of a newsletter, has its meaning. In the briefing, we often because of eager to express themselves, and easy to ignore the "briefing" the most original meaning, to Jane, to refine, to a glance, give away unnecessary unnecessary information, can truly convey our core ideas!

"3D Printing Workshop": Flat print is not cool enough! Become the 3d"of the self-creator"

I love my free day, in the public relations media area next to the long table, with a bit like Transformers machine, always can attract the eyes of people passing by. That's a 3D printer! Maybe every one of us has heard this cool word more or less, but he knows very little about it. We often think that 3D printing is super High-tech, common people difficult to approach, but this day FLUX to tell us, in fact, 3D printing is not so difficult to close, and can become a part of our lives!

Perhaps we are easy to think, to make a good 3D printing products, we must have the foundation of design. But in fact, FLUX and we share the little secret of 3D printing, that is now there are a lot of available resources on the network, many designers will be the design of their own network, we just find their favorite things on the internet, then print down on it! Looking at the FLUX with the 3D printer printed on the cute little things, so many people now have ignited the desire to buy a consumer 3D printer. (Recommended reading: from smart dress to sharing economic times: when technology becomes a very temperature thing )

Participants Patty excited to take FLUX to send the small crocodile:

"I used to think 3D printers must be expensive and I can't afford them." Only now found himself on the 3D print too little knowledge, the original printer also has a separate consumption type, professional type, etc., consumer printer price is not high, good want to buy a to play. This is the first time I have seen the actual operation of the 3D printer, through FLUX movies, pictures and implementation, let me have a deeper understanding of this technology! "

Cool participant ya blue says:

"Before have heard 3D printing, but not deep understanding, today after the explanation, think 3D print really cool." The original printer and materials did not imagine so expensive, can even use the program on the phone to operate on the network can also find templates, very want to play their own! 」

Hey, honey, we always think new technology is far away, right? But try to take that step, to know, to understand, perhaps there will be a very surprising discovery!

May 23 The day, women fans with you, four full harvest workshop, three lectures, two performances, a forum. And the design of the workshop, in fact, hope to be able to use a more practical way to empower women, give participants different energy supplies, the actual take some what, in every ordinary day, let oneself keep growing, strong into the heart of the most want to become.

Workshop Small and exquisite form, so that the speaker can interact with all, but also because of this, the quota is limited, everyone can only participate in one. Hopefully, through this workshop, you will be able to take away some of what you have to live in. Thank you for taking part in this day, this is a very important and important day for women fans, and hopefully for you too.