2017 I love the powder day, for you to restore moved, is your stop to accompany us back to the original intention, your applause let us also want to practice more. The future, dear fans, let us continue to love each other for a lifetime!

In the fast-changing media, in the era of fragmented reading, female fans stand firmly here, day and night change but also everywhere, and you, dear readers, is you in such a torrent of information toward us, we prepared with thin tea light wine only waiting for you, at this time we happened to meet, Eileen Chang described the love has a vast magnificent , and you, the love that brings to the woman is the more deep firm waiting, we overlap each other's life experience, to talk about an endless life topic.

May 21, 2017 we decided to invite you to stand by us, take part in the annual important day of women's fans, want to see your appearance, well look into your eyes, to say sincere thanks, thank you for being with women for six years, with us grow together, and we experience each unforgettable moment.

Woman fans of Powder day, if the dear you are not in the scene, let us for your restore moved.

With the first crush, every smile is hard to forget

May 21 10:30 A.M., with bright daylight, women's fans sit around and drive their last fan day. Each detail is only to be with the Dear fans have the most beautiful one encounter, thinking of Wei Xuan before the end of the meeting said: "Enjoy today's process is the most important, there are mistakes are okay, We went through it together. 」

Yes, no matter whether there are any small mistakes in the process, the day that can be experienced with you is more important than anything else and more precious than anything else.

One to one o'clock in the afternoon, we looked at the glass front of both feet waiting, the scene of the moment I still unforgettable, I think I saw trust, companionship and love.

1:10, the glass door open, the fans began to pour in, each reader's eyes are always difficult to hide the excitement, such a look I seem to see the light. With the crowd increasing, the woman's editor is also the day of the host--audrey began to talk with readers, in which she asked the reader, know why today is called Fan day? You said it was a day for women fans, yes, this is a special tribute to your day, nor is it, women fans and you are not like fans, more like intimate with each other grew up friends, "we believe that women fans and readers are infatuated with each other, we want to have a good understanding of the importance of you." 」

Dear fans, Welcome to the female fans of the fan day, let us love each other for a lifetime, grow together, remember each other's appearance!

Nine Sudoku: We cherish diversity, embrace each other's unique

Fan powder Day from the beginning, by women fans designer Merci bring a quick hot and know each other interactive games: alone nine Sudoku.

What is the Sudoku nine? By talking to people who meet in a woman's space, and finding the same preferences and answers in a nine-grid problem, the fastest completion of the nine-grid answer is the achievement of Sudoku Nine.

Looking at the room full of readers eager to look, the beginning of the game after the original quiet space began noisy, some readers happy even eager to know each other, some shy to the eyes after the open smile, some in the process of conversation burst hearty smile, everyone's color different, but all overflowing warm sincere dialogue with others, Share yourself.

At the end of the game Merci said such a passage: "I believe that you find some problems in the process is very simple to find the same answer to your people, some are very difficult, but it does not matter to have a unique idea is very good, this is also the woman fans have always cherished the place, in women fascinated us to cherish the views of different people, Everyone's opinions and uniqueness are important, we embrace diversity and believe that gender is flowing, and finally want to give this spirit as a gift to everyone. (Recommended reading:525 I love my free verse: Love your own five keywords, you will always be your own full version )

Dear fans, please believe that because of their unique to create your unique, never forget to hold yourself to embrace diversity, live you want to live.

"Wang Yu Salon": Solitude is a state of mind and an ability

Wang Yu dyed a pink curly hair, the head with exquisite hair belt appeared in Paradise, and the woman mystery editor sit shoulder to face, one afternoon to leave the white, solitude of the talk from the start.

The chief editor asked about the importance of love himself, Wang Yu crooked Head, as if love himself this matter is still a doubt, choking in her throat: "In fact, in this everyone tells you that you are not good enough in the world, it is a very difficult thing to love yourself at any time." But I think at least to make yourself comfortable and uncomfortable with yourself, it doesn't necessarily make you fall in love with your own bad, but think about the cause that makes you miserable and question it. By feeling your state over and over again, you can find a way to make your life more comfortable. 」

"Yes, when the idea of loving yourself comes out, it's hard." "The warm voice of the editor touches every longing to love his own heart," once did not like their looks please put your hands high, do not like their own way to get along with others, do not like their dislike of certain things and do not try, do not like to know that they can do but escape, do not like their unique, I don't like the ⋯⋯"of my nose.

I watched the girls at the scene raise their hands, but some people have not put down, just because love oneself is very difficult, we thus tangled even and oneself tear, this practice and the road of self reconciliation is still long, but dear you, let us embrace own imperfect, because these bump only then accomplished the life complete. (Recommended reading:"525 alone Season" solitude declaration: The day to talk to yourself, lost has become a get )

"Love yourself may stink, but women fans are willing to spend 10 years and 20 years trying to find ways to love themselves." "When you say this, Audrey eyes are firm.

From the love of their hands, solitude to comb themselves, and finally, we want to accompany you to understand their doubts, through the listening, to find their own heart voice.

To talk Finally, the editor and Wang Yu Open the reader to ask questions, I remember the last girl with a straight hand, asked her bottom of the question: "Alone will start to think about their own life, when 20 years old still did not find to let oneself very love things, find a specialty, so feel very panic when what to do?" 」

The girl said that the lost people have experienced, or is going through, the chief editor please have lost people raised hands, and almost full room of the hands aloft, life may be in confusion and determine between the balance, but confusion is always good, it allows you to start thinking about the direction you go.

Zhang Wei Xuan: Dream, is the distance of your desire

Talk about the dream, woman Fan founder and CEO Zhang Wei Xuan can not help but want to share with the scene of the fans, their own on the entrepreneurial road encountered hesitation and confusion, let her achieve the moment and everyone sit on a porch dream.

"I want everyone at different points in time, will rethink what they want, what they like, I think you are great, in such a young time to the life of their own doubts, women fans are constantly doing the question of thinking, we ask ourselves questions, but also to the world questions. 」

"I was very confused when I graduated from my own institute, at that time, the first thing I did was start to think about what I love, to explore their own interests, with the end of the education process, life suddenly a large number of blank, the road is so broad and vast, as if can do anything, but also can screw everything. 」

The world's vast expanse in front of us, a lot of direction and fortune in the road of life ups and downs, how to find their own direction to go forward? There is a saying that the desire of the heart is the direction.

"I want to share three things with all of you sitting here," Wei Xuan's eyes like the dim light in the mist, faintly flashing.

"First, find what you like: The next step in life to find what you like, if you are a student that too good, you have plenty of time to try, a lot of youth to sway;"
Second, do it all: in the process of those attempts to enlarge your feelings of each new contact things, what makes you rather hard, do a little more, but also willing to achieve that love;
Third: Focus and keep doing it: After finding this stubbornness, focus on persistence and perseverance, and this is the most easy to give up the stage, because when you progress, you encounter difficulties and setbacks will be greater, this time remember to think back to your original intention, adhere to do, so that they continue to fall in love with their favorite things. (Recommended reading: One day, we are not to get the dream, but to become our own dream )

"The way to practice the dream does not mean that there is no ebb, but in retrospect, everything is worth it, these three things should try to do, to find their own dreams." I think, the dream is actually what you want to see in the distance, our life is now, and the dream is the distance of our desires. 」

"Solo Salon" Raipexia: The only thing I need to please is myself.

"To know yourself is to face yourself honestly, be honest to yourself."

When Mrs. Perry arrived at the salon scene, not anxious to sit down, but face the reader, look at each looking forward to the eyes, Mrs. Perry always give me a kind of self to detachment of the calm, such a comfortable not to abandon the secular quiet, but open themselves to embrace all, detached from the distractions to fully feel the present.

To talk of the Fan from the honest face of their own beginnings, "it's hard to be honest with yourself, when we have a confidant to stop, to confess our shortcomings, if the life of the confidant can listen without criticism, let you honestly to talk about their issues, you can help you find yourself. "Voice down, only listen to not criticize, listen to simple, but Ms. Perry said, it is difficult to do."

Listen to Raipexia teacher to talk to us about intimate relations, the original intimacy in the independence, to be honest with themselves, aware of the beginning of themselves. To listen to each other also listen to themselves, hear the parents recites behind the warmth of love, see the partner jealous under the surface, care about your emotions. It's never easy to practice independence in intimate relationships, but when we begin to perceive the world, you will find that everything has a different perspective, just how you watch it. (Recommended reading:"good times Straight hit" Raipexia: True love, is to let go )

In this talk, everyone hears a different feeling, and the eyes of tears, a reader very distressed to ask the way everyone in the intimate relationship will have the complex emotions: "You love parents, but there are always some time do not want to follow their instructions to do, parents and thus the emotional blackmail how to do?" 」

Said her tears fell like this, see is very tangled, and in the scene of us, the heart also followed up a bit, so that mutual love but also hurt each other relationship, everyone's intimate relations have such contradictions, have such a self pull, how to find solutions? In fact, everyone's heart is asking.

"Mother and daughter, parents and children, the only way to let parents change the time is our own to mature, they are relieved to let go."
When we know how to tolerate the mother, in the mood to give the mother some support, understand the hard work of parents, know how to respect their parents, cut the umbilical cord this matter to do from their own, to parents to do, it is really not easy. 」

Raipexia teacher here The umbilical cord, I think is the father and mother to the child will never let go, the umbilical cord held us far away, occasionally hurting each other, so that we had to go a long way to love, too intimate too close to the umbilical cord will be accidentally tangled into a group, in each other's hearts highlight a purposeful knot, that knot is clearly the appearance of love , but choking each other, became difficult to solve the knot.

"Cut the umbilical cord, we can respect each other, parents have the kindness to us, can see in here the kindness and inheritance bred, from the daughter of the identity of adulthood, with more mature intimacy, get more respect among each other." "Try to put each other in the heart, listen to his fear and fear, will be assured of each other, mature face, mother-daughter relationship will be another kind of sublimation." (Recommended reading:14 pictures to bring you to know emotional blackmail: because of fear and concessions, not love )

"It's also a terrible subject for parents to grow up and they're struggling," he said. I'm not going to talk about love here, but I'm talking about respect. Psychological transformation, learn to tolerate each other, learn to be detached from mother-daughter relationship to see parents, sublimation to another view of the relationship between the space, with a "cherish" mentality to respect parents. 」

Intimate relationship with parents, let us try to cut off the cord of the tie, with love and respect to treat their parents, when you jump off the child's identity, many parents of entanglements and topics you can understand, and then with those troubled reconciliation.

Dear, cherish This person, this space, this world, but, this cherish is need to practice.

I love I said: The original other people's mouth is not a reality, it will be a reality

Fan day, we saw many readers in the table tears, it is your heart and some of the emotional Pengpai, thinking of the same sentimental, kind, embracing the diversity of the characteristics of our assembled here, this day, women fans can meet you.

Women fans have love for you, so willing to accompany each of you happy, lost daily, and your love for women, we open our ears, let us together to recall the encounter with women fans, what is, so that you are willing to walk side by shoulder with us?

Woman fan partner Xiao Lan: Feel not to do will regret, then rushed out

"About meeting, I want to talk online from the line." "This is the woman who cares for the team, Xiao Lan, who is as gentle and slow as anyone,

"I am from the word to know women fans, women fans of the article seems to know more than I myself some, so I can see different aspects of the face, to explore a deeper self." Until the big Four o'clock, is about to graduate, I am very confused, I do not know what I want to do, what I can do, what I should do ... this time I just saw a woman fan internship program, thinking, since I like it, why not let go? "(Recommended reading:" Women's Obsession Weekly diary "work, do not give up the life you originally want to have )

"Looking back at the reason I was so brave, I knew I would regret it if I hadn't made the choice." If I can accept the worst, then try to fight and get out first! "Listen to this," said Xiao Lan, "My heart also has the same heat, that is willing to love things and try all the stubborn." "Later, I always remember, June 6 8:19, I was informed by telephone admissions intern, it is like a dream come true feeling, it seems to tell you, if you have a very want to do things, then rush out!" 」

"The fact that other people's mouths are unrealistic will be a reality!" It's great luck to meet a woman's fan. 」

Dear Xiao Lan, women fans can meet you, but also very big lucky!

Woman fan Partner Annie: Life, in the way you believe

Hey Hello everyone, my main job is business development, the job is that I need to tell brand customers, women fans believe the value. "Woman fan partner Annie, can be professional also can be funny, rarely listen to her so seriously to share the story of women fans meet."

"I did business for a year after graduating from college, and I had a very confusing time in the course of the wall, I have been saying that I do not know what I am saying, I have been conveying it, but I do not know what I am conveying. Later, I had a chance to chat with Wei Xuan, Wei Xuan let me put my standard words to say to her again , speaking of half, Wei Xuan interrupted me: "Dear you stop, you did not believe what you said." 』」

Annie says she immediately tears, she found her wall, "I have not believed that I have to tell the value of the people, and the woman fans bring me a sense of trust, the woman fans let me know, I should say what I believe." (Recommended reading: The important things are troublesome!) Hayao Miyazaki: Work to pursue value, but also to enjoy it

"The Life you live, the way you believe, the words you say, in the way you believe." and women, let me say I believe in words, do believe things, live a life of trust. Thank you. "Also listen to listen to the nose sour up, we are all for ourselves to believe that the things gathered here, is a woman fans let us believe that we can pursue the value we want to believe."

Women are obsessed with readers: emotions are waves, and you are the sea

In addition to the female partner, we would like to hear how the fans of the scene met with women, "I very much like to see Osho's book, which has a sentence that previously did not understand, grow up to understand, but also through continuous reading and dialogue with the self to get the understanding." It is said that, "the mood is the waves, and you are the sea", if you are the sea you see it flow past, the waves will not always be waves, it is a wave, try to accept yourself. 」

Look at the power of words that affect a person's life course, I think this is what women fans have been doing, want to convey the value of, from the beginning to know themselves, to pursue their own pursuit of things, with a love to live, to retain the self also embrace the diversity of love the world, and then in such a process, to live into a unique self.

A woman's Secret "Reading companion salon": From online to offline, we read and study.

In the end, the most intimate whisper will be with the dearest you.

Women are obsessed with the upcoming offline activities of the reading companion salon, "We have always believed that Sharon is the place where one's own value is heard," write down the Abby of many warm sentences and share her feelings through Sharon, "I am also a person who does not like to participate in the offline entity activities, Until last year I identified a series of independent women's Salon, invited girls to leave a night for themselves, in a night of the question and answer time, a reader said, thank you for such a night, so that she can leave the mother to come out. (Recommended reading:"read the salon" from the old sister to the city girl!) Independent Women's Reading Festival )

This is what Sharon means to us. Be able to leave a blank for yourself, abandon your identity, and be free to be yourself in your thoughts.

Reading Companion Salon: Everyone can be read a good book, read people also read,

Like a woman fan you must also know, we believe that the weight of words, people-oriented, not only reading we also read people.

Each person's growth thread and thought can not be replicated, and this is "read people" interesting place. Through the line of reading with the Salon party, you will meet the things you did not know, and then dig more self, understand the world more.

Dear you, May 30 woman fan will send a letter of notification, so that you are interested in overlapping with other people's lives, colliding with each other and stirring up a better thought of you, together to join our online reading companion salon.

We would like to invite dear you, together with the offline reading companion salon, in the past Abby once for the relationship between female fans and readers wrote this sentence, "a person's wings are taken off, a group of people flap the wind is changing the direction of the world." "And we are all here because we believe in goodness and trust in freedom, and by gathering together, let us do more for the world."

Back to the beginning, you make us want to practice more

After an afternoon, from the beginning to see the need to wave goodbye, women fans of Powder Day you bring us more power, the end of the campaign, women Charming founder and CEO Zhang Wei Xuan also have some words want to share with such important you.

"I think the feeling of sitting here is very powerful, and I find that everyone looks at me with hope, trust, confession, directness, a lot of curiosity, thank you, I feel very powerful." 」

"This is our last few years, the smallest activity, that this year we do not want to do a lot of activities, but some things need to come back here, our starting point of our original intention, together cherish to look at each other, and then move forward." No matter where you go, the important thing is you.

Ladies and gentlemen, you are the waves, and the woman is the sea. is because the sea can continue to grow, constantly challenge farther coastline, beating higher reefs, if there is no waves, the sea is just a quiet water, can not lift any magnificent waves, with no more, spray splash and see the Rainbow. 」

Lined with traffic and horn sound, this is the daily in the female fan work will be the background sound, while the manuscript, there are still a lot of tears can not help to tears in the eyes. Wei Xuan said so finish that day, the presence of you with a smile looked at each staff, reported warm applause, and I think we in the female fans of all efforts, is to be able to accompany you, through the various ups and downs of life.

"Such a moment makes me want to cry, dear people, the real applause is not the request." 」

Back to the starting point back to the original intention, is that you make us more powerful want to go farther, practice more. Is you let us forever can turn back, see someone for our efforts waiting for, is your stop and applause, achieved our every time tears.

Dear fans, let us, continue to be infatuated with each other for a lifetime!